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Stockings are incredibly sexy and look fantastic with a variety of outfits, making them a must-have accessory. When it comes to a night out on the town, there are fewer accessories that can enhance your outfit than a cute pair of stockings.

Better still, stockings are a great option for working too, offering a professional yet fashionable way to dress those legs. There are countless styles to choose from, whether it’s classic all-black stockings to modern hosiery with stunning embroidery detailing, there certainly no lack of options. In fact, it’s worth having several types of stockings in your underwear drawer to accommodate different outfits and occasions.

Whether dressing to impress for a hot date or looking for a gorgeous work outfit, the right style of stockings makes all the difference. It’s one of the reasons we stock such a huge collection of gorgeous stockings here at SeriouslySensual, with styles available to suit all preferences. So, if you’re looking to add some sexy stockings to your lingerie collection, be sure to check out some these hot favourites from SeriouslySensual:

 Stockings You Need to Own Banner Image

Ballerina 383 Stockings Nero

Part of the Smeraldo collection from Ballerina, these stunning black stockings are perfect for many outfits. The deep black design is very versatile, letting you get plenty of use from the stockings whether it’s wearing them with your work clothes or as part of a sexy outfit for a night on the town. There is a gorgeous piece of detailing at the top section of the stockings, just above the knee, which will remain hidden with most medium-length skirts. However, if you’re wearing something like a cocktail dress or miniskirt you can show off this cute pattern as part of your outfit. Buy the Ballerina 383 Stockings Nero here >>

 Ballerina 421 Hold Ups Nero (Black) Banner Image

Ballerina 421 Hold Ups Nero (Black)

Another stunning set of stockings from Ballerina, this time as part of the Hush Hush collection, these stockings are actually a type of hold-up. This basically means they don’t require suspenders or a garter to keep them from falling down, which many find more comfortable and convenient to wear. The top of the hold ups has an attractive trim that is darker than the rest of the stockings, which are a lower denier, so it’s a nice contrast that really stands out. The most stylish part of the stockings is the imprinted design running the length of each leg. Small criss-cross patterns are found along the length of the leg, with a much larger and thicker criss-cross pattern running down the back of the leg. It’s a more unique style than a classic seam, which is one of the reasons we love it so much! Buy this Ballerina 421 Hold Ups Nero (Black) here>>

 Bite Me, Whip Me, Tease Me Stockings Main Banner image

Bite Me, Whip Me, Tease Me Stockings

The seam of a stocking is where a lot of new designs are being found, and this one if perhaps one of our favourites, and for obvious reasons. While the thigh high stockings look like a normal light-denier hosiery from the front, the back seams have words ‘bite me, whip me, tease me’ embroidered in a white font. It’s a naughty message for sure, which is why these are a great pick for a more risqué outfit - maybe combine with your sexiest black lingerie for an unforgettable night with your partner. Buy the Bite Me, Whip Me, Tease Me Stockings from SeriouslySensual >>

 Lace Thigh Highs Main Banner Image

Lace Thigh Highs

These stunning lace thigh highs feature some of the best embroidery work you’ll ever see on a set of stockings, with a gorgeous lace design running the length of the garment. A lighter denier style, the rose patterns a darker shade of black, making them less sheer but eye-catching all the same. Great for work, school, or a night out! Purchase the Lace Thigh Highs size here >>

 Me Seduce ST01 Stockings Black Main Banner Image

Me Seduce ST01 Stockings Black

Stockings such as these are probably best saved for those naughty nights in the bedroom - which is exactly why we’ve included them on this list! You need stockings for every occasion after all, and these are one of the most alluring styles we’ve got.

Funnily enough, they aren’t too revealing, with the black metallic-like finish being completely opaque, resembling something similar to wet-look leggings. They’re held up with an elastic band around the thigh, with a small chequered pattern found right at the top! You can buy the Me Seduce ST01 Stockings Black at >>

Gabriella Calze Gala Stockings Main Banner Image

Gabriella Calze Gala Stockings

These stockings are so cute that they simply had to be included on the list - plus they come with a great price! Almost entirely transparent, these stockings show all your legs in their natural glory, finished off with a nice decorative pattern at the top. Not just stylish, Gala is very practical for those wanting hosiery for work, with an invisible reinforced toe and 9cm wide lace and a double silicone strip included! You can buy the Gabriella Calze Gala Stockings at >>

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