Teddies and Bodies

Teddies and Bodies by Seriously Sensual. The Teddy can also been known as a Body or Camiknicker. They cover the main body and crotch in one garment and are similar to a bodysuit or one-piece but are more sheer. They tend to have buttons to allow visits to the toilet but some of the more erotic styles can be more provocative and are crotchless. As they are tight fitting and sheer they are one of the more erotic lingerie styles. Are you feeling naughty tonight?

Introducing womens sexy teddies and bodies.

SeriouslySensual ensure we offer you the widest range of sexy garments suited for all occasions and if you’re looking for something daring and erotic, look no further than our women’s Teddies and Bodies.

A very provocative style of lingerie, teddies and bodies are some of the sexiest items on offer and if you are looking for something to get blood pumping and help passions soar, then our sexy teddies and bodies are perfect for you.

Although named differently, teddies and bodies are the same style of underwear, yet share different names. Like most of our ranges here at SeriouslySensual, there are a wide variety of styles and designs, so we confident we have something to suit everyone’s own tastes. So why not check out our broad selection today.

What is a women's teddy and body?

A woman’s Teddy is one single piece of lingerie and is very similar to a bodysuit or a one piece. The material usually covers the crotch and parts of the main body – but both can be slightly different depending on the particular style. Women’s teddies tend to be more erotic and alluring than similar styles of lingerie. They tend to be quite revealing, either through sexy sheer materials that can reveal as much as you want, or something a little naughtier, like a cutaway crotch. Women’s sexy teddies are also very tight fitting and with the sheer material and delicate designs; they really do hug your figure. This helps to highlight your body in all of the best ways imaginable leaving you looking simply irresistible; the only problem will be choosing which sexy body you like most!


Sexy women's teddies come in several styles at SeriouslySensual

So why should you think about picking up a sexy Teddy for yourself or that special someone? Well nothing quite set hearts racing than some of the sexy styles on offer here at SeriouslySensual. Whether you have a special occasion that you want to make bit more special or just something you want to treat yourself to, you will not be dissappointed by just how gorgeous our women’s teddies and bodies will leave you looking. They really are perfect for anyone who wants to feel and look amazingly attractive. Maybe you fancy trying out something a little more risqué than you are used to; well a sexy teddy is a great place to start for anyone who is looking to experiment with some promiscuous lingerie, and with so many different styles to choose from, you will not struggle to find the perfect one for you. Even within our collection of women’s teddies and bodies, there are so many different looks, that every type of customer can find something that will have thier body looking spectacular – It’s always down to personal taste with these things.

Erotic teddies can be very sexy lingerie indeed

Some can be wilder than others and we have the perfect selection of woman’s teddies to suit those needs. Some styles of sexy lingerie are more daring than others; we just want to cover all bases! Perhaps you want to let your wild side out. We have styles that leave little to the imagination, with revealing body areas made up of skimpy straps with minimal coverage. A little bit of sheer material can help add a little tease to proceedings which ensures this type of sexy lingerie is guaranteed to excite! If that isn’t wild enough we have some of the more erotic styles on offer, some of these are just down right kinky, which is why we are happy to provide all styles! Maybe you want to cover as little as possible; we have some of the most revealing styles of women’s teddies and bodies, with some designs barely covering much at all. We also have more themed styles, such as leopard print and even one inspired by nurse’s uniform!  A great choice to add bit of fun into your private life – who doesn’t enjoy a little naughty dress up now and then? That is not to say we don’t offer teddies that are more modest in design. The great thing about the figure hugging designs is that even styles that cover up more of your body do not lessen your sex appeal.

The best womens teddy designs

We have gorgeous designs made of the softest lace, with beautiful embroidery patterns that accentuate all the curves of your body, achieve the same erotic look but in a totally different way. Take one of our long sleeve designs; they cover most of the upper body, including the arms. The black sheer material still makes it a really sexy piece of lingerie. Every style comes in various colours, which adds even more to our already massive selection. Everyone has their preferences as to which colour suits them most, so our range of women’s teddies will guarantee to enhance your best assets. Maybe you fancy something that will give off an air of innocence before you get naughty? Why not try a sheer white body with flowers on it, it looks amazing and still achieves that real sexy look. Want to look at your seductive best? Nothing quite achieves that look that a sexy Teddy in an alluring red. Or perhaps you are looking for something luxurious and extravagant? Some designs come with gorgeous decorations, from stain ribbons to cute little bows; we have plenty of styles that look amazing before they have even been put on.

Each design varies in style. From straps to halter necks, corset styles to fishnet ones, we have all bases covered. You might want to reveal all, or maybe you just want to offer a little tease, no matter the look you are after, we know we have such a fine selection of woman’s Teddies and Bodies, that there is something everyone here at SeriouslySensual.


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Items 1 to 12 of 191 total

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