Sexy costumes for the perfect role play

Sexy Costume Ideas

From time to time we all need a little surprise in the bedroom to give us a kick up the bum. Relationships tend to fall into a routine and sexy costumes are the perfect way to break these boring habits with very little effort on your part.

Try something new and seek out new experiences with your partner and don't be shy... be honest and tell them exactly what it is you want. 99% of the time you'll not disappoint them. By wearing a costume you'll find yourself taking on a new persona that will have it's own fantasies and traits. In fact, it's a well know fact that role play turns on over 50% of us who try it. Need a little inspiration…not sure where to start, then why not run through our list of the most loved sexy costume themes we stock here at SeriouslySensual.

1. The naughty nurse sexy costume:

One of the most well know costumes for couples are sexy nurse costumes and we can see why. Wether your playing the nurse or the patient role you'll have wonderful fun with the added benefit that all you'll be needing is a bed. Let's set the scene… The typical scenario is where the nurse (played by the women) carries out a physical examination on the patient (the man). It starts off quite timid and slowly becomes more and more sexual. The nurse might start by taking the patients pulse, then listen to their heartbeat. Some sweet whispers in the patients ear and then maybe the patient reacts and the nurse notices the strange bulge under his gown. Lots of innocent brushing up against the patient will go along way with the addition of a slip of the uniform, revealing some sexy offerings. When it comes to the outfit we've provided a couple of suggestions that will go long way in fulfilling this new fantasy.

Irall Hot Nurse

Naughty Nurse 

Provocative Sexy Love Nurse Costume

 Sexy Love Nurse

2. Naughty Schoolgirl:

Since we all reached sexual maturity during our school year it means that many of us have fantasies revolving around this unique time. With the additional fantasy of teacher pupil it all becomes very naughty and prohibited, which only makes it more exciting between two consenting adults. The most well known fantasy is where the schoolgirl seduces her teacher. It could start by the schoolgirl sitting on a chair, waiting outside the bedroom for the teacher to call her in, to be reprimanded for her bad behaviour in class. The flirty schoolgirl begins to try and avoid any discipline by trying everything she can. The teacher resists initially but eventually gives in to her and his animal instinct takes over, leading to a passionate sexual encounter. This is a fun outfit and you can be as creative and as detailed as you feel like. The following 2 styles will give you a good head start.

Shirley of Hollywood School Girl Set - 96956

School Girl Set 

Irall Schoolgirl Set

School Girl set 

3. French Maid: 

This is a classic fantasy, one of our favourites. It focusing on power play, skimpy revealing outfits and a gorgeous sexy french accent. This begins with a sexy young maid that's new to the country and speaks very little english. The maid to asked to show how she cleans, for ease lets start in the bedroom. The man leaves and when arrives back in the bedroom he catch her reading one of his naughty magazines he left by the bed. As she become more aroused she begins to masturbate, not knowing he is at the door. She then realises here boss is watching everything she doing. Since she's been caught already she continues to see his reaction. He approaches her and helps her achieve orgasm. The costume is the classic black and white look with lots of frills. The outfit teases the onlooker with low cut tops and high hems revealing every delight as she bends over to dust off the ornaments. Here are 2 of our best sellers to give you the idea:

Irall Naughty Maid

Naughty Maid  

Me Seduce Flavia French Maid Costume

French Maid Costume 

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