Secret Santa Gifts for This Christmas

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Secret Santa is always a fun experience, providing you manage to choose a good gift within the price budget, which is often easier said than done. Whether doing a Secret Santa among friends or co-workers, choosing a fun gift does require a bit of research to get something good, otherwise you’ll end up giving the same cliched gifts that won’t be remembered long after they are opened.

So, we always think it’s a great idea to get a cheeky gift for a Secret Santa, as it’s always supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience rather than getting the best present possible. Plus, with tight budgets usually in place, you tend to be limited in finding a fun and original gift. Check out our top five Secret Santa gift ideas for this Christmas - we guarantee you’ll be giving he most memorable gift this holiday season!

Tickle Me Feather Tickler

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Ticklers are a fun item that will certainly get a good laugh during the exchanges, with this Tickle Me Feather Tickler being a cheap and cheerful idea for this year’s Secret Santa. Of course, once the laughing is all done we’re sure that the recipient will get plenty of use from the tickler at home! For instance, tying someone up and whipping out a tickler is a great way to try out a bit of light bondage, as the skin is incredibly sensitive to the sensations the tickler provides. Sensors in the skin go crazy when caressed with a tickler, especially when targeting the erogenous zones, so it’s a fun gift that also encourages some sexual exploration! Consider this as both a joke gift and something they can get use from - although they may not be willing to admit it at first!

Flash Star Nipple Jewellery - Silver

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Got a friend that loves their boobs or have an ongoing joke about someone’s assets? Then be sure to treat them to this funny nipple jewellery! Again, this is a fun gift that will also get some serious use in the boudoir, working as a great bit of body jewellery that attracts attention to the boobs. We’re sure anyone wearing nothing but these star nipple decorations with look incredibly sexy to their partner, while they can also be used as part of a raunchy outfit, offering a unique substitution for a bra! Better still, the glittered star-shaped nipple jewellery is completely reusable!

Sensations Massage Candle

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Candles are a great choice of gift for a Secret Santa, but why not take things up a notch by introduction some sensual massage candles? These offer the same pleasant aromas as a traditional candle but with a nice addition - the wax melts at cooler temperatures so they can be poured onto the skin! This is quite a kinky gift so consider it for someone you know has a wild side, as massage candles are a welcome addition to any bedroom. These candles from Sensations are cheap and come with rich vegetable oils and gorgeous perfumed scents, so can be used to create the perfect ambience for a sensual massage or to get doused over the skin during foreplay - we recommend doing both!

ID Glide Lube

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Here at SeriouslySensual we believe everyone should be using lube. Whether having some solo fun or enjoying a sensual evening with your partner, there is nothing that can’t be made better with a bit of lube. So, why not give the gift of lube for your Secret Santa this year? We guarantee it will get plenty of use! ID Glide Lube is the top-selling water-based lubricant in America, so it’s certainly got a reputation for doing the trick. It’s a long-lasting lube that leaves no stickiness behind, making it an ideal choice for sex. In fact, it’s well known that water-based lubes improve sex quite a bit, as it lasts much longer than natural lubricants produced in the vagina, so such as this she’ll have a lot more comfortable and enjoyable time. It’s also great for sex toys and can be a good choice for anal sex, so it’s a versatile lube that should see plenty of action!

Becca Nipple Tassels

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These Becca nipple tassels are a great gift for anyone that loves to seduce. They are worn over the nipples and make for a fun, spontaneous addition to the bedroom, making the wearer look every bit a burlesque star. We suggest wearing them on their own but they can also work great when part of a naughty lingerie ensemble. Of course, they are also a great gag gift to be passed around in the workplace to get into the festive mood, although we are certain the recipient of these heart-shaped nipple tassels will want to try them out at home too!

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