Buying plus size lingerie is much easier than it once was. Granted, not every lingerie store stocks garments for curvier women, but there are many great online retailers that provide a wide range of plus size lingerie products. Now, women that struggle to find plus size lingerie have as much choice as anyone else, allowing them to look and feel just as sexy. This is great because it means that curvy women can choose from a variety of plus size underwear to suit their styles and preferences, but it often means finding something takes even more time and effort!

Tips for Choosing the Best Plus Size Lingerie

Buying Plus-Size Lingerie:

To make choosing the best plus size lingerie that bit easier check out some of these handy tips!


When your shopping for Plus Size Lingerie find the best fit you can

When it comes to plus size lingerie, there are a huge number of sizes available, so knowing what will fit you best is often difficult. If you don’t know them, get your size measurements down to a tee – it should make getting that perfect item much easier. Remember, just because it’s plus size doesn’t mean you need to go for the biggest size, as finding the best fit possible is most important. Not only will the right fit look great, but it will help make you feel more comfortable. Feeling good in lingerie is half the battle, and as soon as you feel good in what you’re wearing you begin to exude confidence. For anyone that is unsure of the body measurements, just drop by your nearest lingerie store – they all offer free measurements!


Go for a style of Plus Size Underwear that makes you feel great

Both tight and loose-fitting garments are available in plus size lingerie, so be sure to choose whatever fit makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful. This will be different for every person and is mostly down to personal choice. Don’t be afraid of highlighting your favourite body parts, and go for styles, colours, and materials that excite you the most. It doesn’t need to be revealing either. You can look and feel just as good in chemise or babydoll as a skimpy bra and panties set, it’s all about finding something that you feel great in!


Don’t think you should only be wearing black lingerie

There is often a misconception that all plus size lingerie needs to be black. While known for being a ‘slimming’ colour, there is absolutely no reason why your plus size lingerie needs to be a certain colour. Go for whatever you like most! You will know from your wardrobe what colours look best on you, so be sure to pick any colour of plus size lingerie you want. As mentioned, there is simply a huge selection of styles and colours, so it is certainly easy to find a gorgeous item in the colour you love most. Consider going for colours that complement your skin tone!


Fabrics are very important when shopping for Sexy Plus-Size Lingerie

Certain types of plus size lingerie need to offer more support, namely bras and other garments that need to support the chest, so a quality material is always needed. Thankfully, quality plus size lingerie still utilise silks and laces, but with added support when needed. Fabrics area also important for comfort. The better plus size lingerie feels to wear, the more confident and sexy you will feel, so think about the types of fabrics that you prefer the most. For instance, lace, silk, and satin are all popular choices, although cotton and synthetic fabrics like polyester are also great for lingerie.


Think about the clothes you wear over your sexy lingerie

When buying plus size underwear you should also think about the clothes you normally wear. Not only is this important if you want to coordinate your underwear with the rest of your wardrobe, but for selecting appropriate lingerie for your own style. Of course, you may just be looking for plus size lingerie for a special night with your partner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it any other time! Whether it’s for a one-off occasion or adding to your underwear collection, thinking about how your lingerie matches your wardrobe is always a good idea!


Don’t forget about accessories to go with your Size 18+ lingerie

Not only is there plenty plus size lingerie worth buying, but many great accessories that will complete your gorgeous look. For instance, garter belts and stockings make for a great combination, especially when paired alongside more revealing negligées. Also, think about footwear. While they may not stay on long, there is nothing sexier than wearing a stunning pair of heels to really set the pulse racing! Try to avoid cheap products Now, this applies to all lingerie, not just plus size lingerie – don’t buy cheap products. It can be tempting to do this as lingerie is rather expensive, but there is a reason for this. Lingerie products use some of the highest quality fabrics and textiles, so they naturally cost more.

This is a good thing though, as it ensures the best plus size lingerie is going to be very comfortable and will last. Of course, take advantage of sales and discounts whenever possible, just be mindful that buying cheap plus size lingerie will mean they are likely to fall apart much quicker! Now it's time to start shopping for Plus Size Lingerie at



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