Buying sexy lingerie for the woman in your life is certainly rewarding, as both people certainly get enjoyment out of it! However, buying sexy lingerie that she will actually like is a whole other matter, as many people have no idea where to start.

Nothing is quite as daunting as buying sexy lingerie when you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, and it can be especially risky as you may end up getting her something she doesn’t want. So, to ensure you get the perfect lingerie for that special someone in your life, here some tips and tricks for getting the best results:


How to Buy a Woman Sexy Lingerie


Knowing her lingerie size is the most important thing

Before you even think about buying sexy lingerie for your girlfriend or wife, you need to know her sizes, otherwise you could be heading towards disaster. Buying the wrong size lingerie will mean all your hard work choosing something has been a complete waste of time, and you don’t want to appear insensitive either, so always make sure you get her sizes before you start shopping.

There are a few subtle ways to find this info out. The simplest way is to have a quick search through her underwear drawer to see the exact sizes of her underwear, but if this isn’t possible then you could attempt a quick look next time she removes them in your company.

Another method is to check her jeans for a precise measurement of her waste, although the only way to get her bra size is to check the bra itself. Once you have all her sizes worked out, you are ready to start shopping for some killer women’s sexy lingerie.


Understand the different styles of bras

Many men are surprised to hear there are countless types of bras out there, which shouldn’t be too shocking when you consider they need to accommodate many types of breasts. Certain styles of bras are more suited for certain busts, while women also have personal tastes and preferences when it comes to bras.

This often makes it more difficult to find the perfect sexy lingerie, because if you get the wrong style of bra then she won’t be wearing it any time soon. For example, balconette and plunge bra styles are suited for larger breasted women, while triangle bras look very alluring on smaller breasted women.

As knowing styles just from looking at her bras will likely be difficult, be sure to ask any retail assistants for help, as they will know suitable styles based around a rough description of her size.


There are better colours than red for sexy lingerie

A common misconception when buying sexy underwear for a partner is that red is the best colour to buy. This simply isn’t the case, as not every female likes wearing red lingerie, although some will certainly appreciate it.

Plus, red sexy lingerie is somewhat of a cliché, so don’t be afraid to buck the trend and go for any other colour - there are plenty to choose from after all! You can go for bright colours that ooze confidence, or go for a more understated shade that exudes elegance; go for colours you like but also consider whether she might like it. Check her current underwear for inspiration!


When it comes to sexy lingerie you can never go wrong with black

While you may feel bold enough to choose a more daring colour for her sexy lingerie, there is nothing wrong with playing it safe. The easiest way to do this is to check out black women’s lingerie. It’s a timeless style that will forever be sexy, as black garments offer a sophisticated yet subtle style that will look simply amazing.

Virtually every brand has sexy black lingerie available, and you will find a variety of styles and fabrics to suit her tastes. Whether you want something classy or naughty, you can’t go wrong with black lingerie.


There’s more than just bras and panties out there

Bras and panties are the go-to garments when it comes to women’s sexy lingerie, but there are certainly many great choices beyond these items. In fact, if you’re struggling to get an idea of her bra size and preferred styles (which many do) then it can be much easier to go for something different.

Bodystockings, babydolls, chemises, teddies - there’s a lot of options out there when it comes to sexy lingerie, so don’t feel pressured into going for the traditional bra and panties set!

These garments come in gorgeous styles and will look incredible on her. Erotic lingerie is certainly a great option to go for if you’re seeking something a little naughtier to worn in the bedroom - just make sure it’s something she is likely to wear!


Don’t forget about accessories to go with your lingerie

Bra and panties are a fine choice when it comes to sexy lingerie, but you could make things even better by adding on a few extras. Why not go for something really tempting like a suspenders or stockings?

Maybe spice things up with a delicate blindfold or sophisticated night gown? Sexy lingerie is only the beginning, there is so much that can be added to the ensemble that will make for many memorable nights in the bedroom!


Remember - you know her best

At the end of the day, you know your girlfriend, wife, or partner the best. Don’t buy her something that you know she probably won’t like, and always take the time to think about her overall body shape, measurements, and personal tastes.

Of course, don’t forget to go on your gut feeling too. The point of buying sexy lingerie for that special woman in your life is so you can enjoy it together, so make sure you take your tastes into consideration as well - what would you love to see her wear?

You might be surprised what sexy underwear she will like, so have fun shopping for her - and have even more fun when she wears it! 


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