The teddy is one of the sexiest types of lingerie available. This single piece garment covers the chest and crotch, although how other coverage is provided depends entirely on the style! Some feature very little while others offer plenty of coverage, ensuring there is a sexy teddy style to suit everyone.

Finding plus size teddy lingerie online

Plus size teddies are also widely available, providing a seductive lingerie garment for curvier women. Styles are varied, with incredibly seductive outfits and more modest nightwear offerings available, all of which are designed to accentuate the bodies of plus size ladies.

Choosing Plus Size Teddies

This means a plus teddy works as both seductive lingerie and practical underwear. For instance, if you want to provide a sexy peak beneath ordinary outfits, then a plus size teddy looks amazing when combined with layers of clothing, revealing just as much as you want. Also, the very alluring designs of other plus size teddies make them a great addition to the bedroom for those wild nights in.

Materials tend to be sheer and lace, making them look beautiful and seductive at the same time, whether you’re wearing it to feel confident and sexy or as a treat for that special someone. They also pair well with other lingerie and nightwear - just imagine the look on your partners face were you to step out in a stunning plus size teddy, wearing robe that barely clings to the skin!

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