Here at, we understand how difficult choosing sexy lingerie is. With so many great choices out there, it can be hard to settle on just one or two items, and if you don’t shop for lingerie often it’s a rather daunting process. Now, imagine how stressful it is to buy your bridal lingerie! Your special day is about getting everything perfect, and what you wear underneath your wedding dress deserves to be the best and most attractive bridal lingerie you can find. Not only does this make you feel very confident and sexy come your big day - especially when it’s time to celebrate with your new husband - but it can impact how your dress looks on! is home to some of the best bridal lingerie in the UK, so we know a thing or two about buying bridal lingerie. Here’s everything you need to know:

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Bridal Lingerie

Understanding the importance of bridal lingerie

It may be surprising to hear how important bridal lingerie is. Yes, it’s good to feel sexy on your wedding with with your husband, but many just assume any type of lingerie is suitable for the wedding day.
This simply isn’t the case, as your bridal lingerie needs to be carefully selected as it will impact how your wedding dress looks and how comfortable you feel. For instance, you don’t want visible bra straps, so if you’re wearing a wedding dress that reveals your shoulders you need to get a suitable bra or even a corset. There are many great styles of bridal lingerie here at, so choosing sexy bridal lingerie that compliments your dress should be simple enough.

Always buy your dress first

So, given the importance of matching your wedding dress with suitable lingerie, many people are unsure what to buy first. For most, they rightfully decide to buy the wedding dress first, which makes sense as you can find the perfect dress and then look for suitable lingerie to match it. This means when you shop for lingerie to wear under your wedding dress, you know what types of bras and panties will work well with the style and fit. A good idea is to take along some different bra styles when shopping for your wedding dress, as this gives an idea of what styles are a good match for your wedding dress without having to buy anything first.

Bring your bridal lingerie along to your dress fitting if possible

Once you’ve decided on a dress and lingerie, it’s a great idea to bring your underwear along for the dress fitting. The reason or this is that dress fitters can alter the dress to accommodate the lingerie, which may be worthwhile to ensure everything looks perfect. For example, you can have your lingerie sewn into the dress, which is very useful for certain styles such as complex necklines that require a specific style of bra. Also, when choosing your sexy bridal lingerie, always have your measurements checked to get a proper fitting bra. If lose a few pounds for the wedding day, remember there is a chance you need to be remeasured.

Wearing a bra can be optional

Many brides as this question when looking for sexy lingerie for their wedding day - do I need to wear a bra? It depends entirely on the bust of the individual and the type of dress they wear, as some styles don’t require a bra to be worn with it. For example, dresses with a fitted bodice offer great support so a bra may not be needed, although ladies with a larger bust should still invest in a bra to ensure they get enough support.

White isn’t the only colour for bridal lingerie

When you shop bridal lingerie, white is the most prominent colour available, but this doesn’t mean you have to wear white underwear for your special day. In fact, a popular approach for choosing the colour of bridal lingerie is to match it with the dress, which isn’t always white. Other people like to match their lingerie with other colours found in their wedding theme, while some choose to go for a slightly different tone from the dress. Always consider the colour of the dress when choosing the colour of the lingerie, as you don’t want anything to be visible through the dress. For instance, creams are often a good choice for white dresses as it’s not visible.

You can use multiple sets of lingerie throughout the day

Brides-to-be have a lot on their mind, so it’s easy to forget about the small things that might be a big help during the wedding. For instance, there’s nothing stopping you from buying multiple styles of lingerie to wear over the course of the day! The reception and ceremony can be rather taxing, so you may prefer to go for a more comfortable style of lingerie that is functional and save something sexier for later in the night. Wedding dresses can limit your choices of bridal lingerie too, so if you can’t wear something sexy during the day, bring it with you so you can change into it!

If you’re wearing holdups or stockings, then be sure to bring some spares along as there is a chance getting an unsightly ladder! Don’t forget about the honeymoon! Your bridal lingerie will ensure your first night together as man and wife is going to be memorable, but don’t think it has to stop there! When you shop for lingerie for your wedding day, be sure to grab a few pieces for the honeymoon! What better way to start your new life together than many romantic nights on your honeymoon? Sexy lingerie certainly helps with that! has some of the most gorgeous bridal lingerie in the UK! You can buy a wide range of bridal lingerie online at our store, so you should have no problem choosing sexy lingerie for your wedding! Buy bridal lingerie today >>


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