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My Girlfriends sister and I

Author - Anonymous
Published - 06/08/2020

I'm not sure what to do at this point I was just so sure that kiss a few weeks ago would have worked but I underestimated her will. Now I know she's Leslie's girlfriend but I'm very sure my sister didn't deserve her. Yes I'm only nineteen but I'll be twenty really soon and that would only make her 2 year older than me. Age shouldn't serve as a huge factor, should it? Jessica is so sweet, amazing, and I wanted far more than just sex. I'm in love with her and it was magic from the time we met to that kiss. The way we met wasn't on such a romantic term but I was sure she felt what I felt. My sisters, Keri, Roxy, Jamie, of course Leslie, and I always had these sibling dinners at one another's houses. 

Last month it was at Leslies and to make a boring story short my asshole sister Keri was being rude and homophobic, which is confusing and irritating for reasons I'll probably explain later, and Leslie went ballistic on all of us including Jessica. Whatever Leslie did to Jessica sent her packing the same night as the dinner and she showed up at my parent's café at midnight when I normally sneak and work. She didn't give me much detail but a week later Leslie is at Jamie's crying her eyes out telling us Jessica left her and a bunch of other bullshit we knew better than to believe. Apparently she forgot we knew her better than her friends and associates so she was out of luck with the sob story. I met with Jessica later that day and found out my sisters attitude didn't change for anyone not even for her lovers.

After that brief lesson I decided to tell her some things about the Fillmore girls that she most likely had no clue about. First I explained everyone but Leslie was adopted which is one reason she acted the way she did, our father was a multi-millionaire who gave us, especially Leslie, whatever it is that we wanted or needed, and Leslie has always been a ticking time bomb waiting to blow all the time. The last part was for my benefit though it may seem immature and wrong I was determined, still am. I wanted her so bad that I would risk any and everything even my sisters "love" to be with her. With ever page I turned in the magazine I was skimming I grew more restless I kept thinking about the kiss and telling her how I felt that afternoon. I am very glad she just stood there silently instead of shooting me down instantly. After another failing five minutes of distracting myself I finally pushed the magazine away and spread out on my bed. I couldn't stop myself from letting my knees fall apart and my hand slither down to my warm and sensitive center. I couldn't have her yet but I did have myself and a memory that I wished so badly to become my reality. Our Reality.


I was so angry at Leslie I couldn't even cry. I couldn't believe she would do that to me. 

Oh sorry about that before I explain how upset I am let me tell you why I'm so upset. My name is Jessica Moore. I'm not super gorgeous but I'm a brunette with deep blue eyes, a slim yet athletic build, 32C breast that sat up quite nicely, saved me a lot of bra shopping for summer, my skin was pale and smooth, and to top it all I was 5'8. Like I said not drop dead but I had enough for someone to do a few double takes. For the last 2 years I've been in a semi abusive relationship with a woman who is the definition of "looks can be deceiving".

Leslie Fillmore was the love of my life for about a year and a half. Why just a year and a half and we've been together for 2 you ask, well that's because she began to change dramatically. We were considered the perfect everything to all of our friends and her family. I didn't have much of a family but that's another story. We yelled and screamed, fussed and fought, well at least she did. I honestly didn't put effort into it anymore it was pointless to argue with her. To make a long explanation short all we ever did was fight and it was killing me inside. I loved her but I couldn't deal with her anymore. Today was the last straw for me and she proved she didn't give a damn about me.

Here are a few details so you won't be too confused. I packed up and left about three weeks ago, sleeping in my car and in hotels, after spending a little over a grand I figured I would stay with a really great friend of mine in a nearby city about thirty minutes away. That entire week Leslie texted me, called me, left me voicemails, emails, any way of communication she used at least once a day until the last two days. Her final text begged me to come home and talk to her and she would give me time. I did some serious thinking and debating and finally decided I would hear her out. I wrote Jake a note telling him I would be out for a while, Jack went on a business trip, and these were my really great friends by the way. I drove the long way to the home we shared giving me more time to think. I went through a million and one scenarios before I thought to go inside. 

I prepped myself for whatever she would say or do, Leslie was a sneaky devil. As I made my way to the door I realized it was slightly ajar. I proceeded in with caution and high alarm hoping she just ran in to grab something she forgot, she did that often. I checked the den, the backyard, the kitchen, and the bathroom. The front of the house was empty. I headed down the hallway pushing in every door to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. I realized once I hit the end of the hallway that I didn't quite prep myself well enough because I wasn't ready for this. I stood on the other side of the source of the noise that shattered my heart and two years of whatever you want to call it.

Standing at the entrance to the bedroom that we would no longer share I cried silently as I slowly pushed the door further revealing a sight that created a deep burning rage within me. Tears streamed down my face as I watched him pump relentlessly into Leslie from behind. I couldn't speak or breathe, my chest tightened, my tears dried as all my emotions shifted to anger. I listened to her scream in pleasure as he continued his assault while kissing the back of her neck with a tight grip on the long blonde mane that was once mine. He caressed and kissed her with such familiarity that I realized this was not the first time this had happened or that it only began recently. He pulled her up to him and his hands roamed her body continuing his shower of kisses. 

"Thanks babe I needed that. It was amazing, you're amazing." Leslie said softly as she reached around and stroked him gently. "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too babe." He said in a deep raspy voice.

That voice sounded very familiar and that's when I could shed no more tears and rage set in completely. My ex-boyfriend.

"Mark." I couldn't hide the anger in my voice.

He looked up at me and stood with a smirk on his face, as for Leslie nothing but shock and embarrassment. 

"Jessica Moore. Well isn't this embarrassing, for you at least."

"Mark stop, now. Jessi it's not what you think" She said to him.

"No it is not what I think it is what I see but Mark go to hell you're just a guy with a big ego and average sex. You think you've accomplished something big well news flash she's bisexual you dick. Just because we are together doesn't make us lesbians you prick. Goodbye to you both you two deserve each other." I said turning to walk away.

"Jessi wait please." Leslie begged.

"You no longer have the privilege of calling me Jessi." I spoke lightly and walked away.

I listened as their arguing and yelling after me faded but I ignored them and continued on to my car. I didn't want to cry, I no longer wanted to hurt, and I didn't want to go to Jacks. That left me the option that put a smirk like smile on my face. It was time to face my fears and except my desires. I sped from one end of town to the other. It was a long and nervous drive but the more the previous replayed in my head the more confidence I gained. I put more pressure on the gas and pushed 85. 90. 100. 110. "Treat it like Montana!" I thought to myself. I was so content with speeding down the highway I almost missed my exit. The moment you made it off the exit you thought you had entered a different world all together because nothing was small or average everything was extravagant. I drove passed all the markets and outlets until I hit a large gate. It was a huge circle of estates incased in a concrete wall about six or seven feet high. I finally made it to the gate where the security guard asked me for the password. I reached in my purse and read the code to him from the scrap of paper. He typed it in and once he was finished he stepped outside the booth handing me a card with an address on it. He gave me brief directions to the address giving me flirtatious gestures that I ignored. Pretty cool technology. 

I thanked him and followed his directions until I came to this dark blue house with a spiraling driveway with two black cars, amazing models, and a motorcycle in between them. It was so beautiful that all I could do was stop and stare at it. The yard was so neat and simple with just a few decorations and a lemon tree with a bench beneath it. It looked like something out of a magazine or those southern postcards. I was so fixated on the décor I almost walked into the door which would have been quite painful. "So this is what she meant by I have no clue what Leslie was really about and who she was." I thought to myself as I knocked on the oversized Alice in Wonderland type door. I was starting to see where Tim Burton got his ideas for oversized and dramatic personalities and objects. Thinking of Tim I got a silly idea to cover the peephole as I heard footsteps approaching the door. My silly side faded as I hoped there would be no more surprises I really needed her right now more than ever. I wanted to face my fears and test my strength because I was really hurt and in severe pain. I felt bad at first but now I feel no remorse and today she would be mine.

"Who is it?" Her voice was light and sweet.

I didn't say a word and withheld my giggles. She made a frustrated sound and began to unlock and open the door.

"That's so not funny T..... Jessica, what are you doing here I was just thinking about you?"

"Oh you were, were you and what were you thinking about exactl......y" I trailed off when I realized what she was wearing. The only thing that covered her was a thin silk robe from her shoulders to her thighs and a pair of skimpy black panties. For a brief second I was speechless and motionless. "You answer the door like this?" The only thing I could find to say at that moment.

At first she was confused at why I had frozen in time until I made that comment. In a matter of moments Desari went from sweet and innocently confused to a smirk and a lustful look in her eyes that made me shiver.

"It's mostly women out here but even that's not a good excuse for it. Truth is though most of this block is my sisters and our parents' friends. But just to let you know I may answer the door this way but I don't like to flaunt so please come in will you." She explained to me.

Desari grabbed my hand and led me inside her home. I was even more catatonic now that I could see her backside. I had never seen an ass like that on a girl her size and it was perfection. She spoke but I was barely listening as I studied her body from behind. I was disappointed yet on fire when she let go of my hand and made her way around the long island. When her ass finally was no longer in view I came back to reality when I heard a question.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Would you like something to drink?" She repeated.

"Sure that would help right now."

"What would you like?"

"It doesn't matter anything will do."

"Well it's a bit past four I was just about to have a glass of wine, would you like some?"

"Yeah that sounds great."

"So what brings you here now, though I have been trying to get you here for weeks since I gave you my number and address?"

"I just really wanted to see you that is all. We haven't really spent any time together since that day at the café except a few texts or you catching me having lunch. I figured it was time for a visit." I said with a grin. I couldn't believe I was here right now.


I couldn't believe she was sitting in my kitchen with me. The girl I had dreamed and fantasized about since my sister brought her home to meet the family. I knew Leslie was a jerk but I thought she would at least be nice to the outside world. I thought she had up until about a few weeks ago when Jessica was at the café my parents owns, the one I also work at, at around twelve a.m. looking alone and sad. She explained the long and agonizing relationship between the two. In awe I listened to Jessica tell me things I was far too familiar with when I was younger.

Leslie was a mean spirited person and through the worst of tantrums when she didn't get her way towards everyone including our parents. Thanks to her attitude I had the most beautiful woman I had ever met sitting in my kitchen. Her blue eyes captivated me in a way I couldn't describe, her smile lit up my day, her lips made me shiver in suspense only because I was waiting patiently to find out what she could do with them, her body was amazing, and her hair was the most intimate part of my fantasy. Why her hair right well because I just want to run my fingers through it when we kiss or make love. That was my main goal I wanted to make love to her. What's stopping me you ask, I'm Nineteen and she's twenty-three. Not a huge gap but to some people care about those type of things. 

I kissed her once and that was the day we met at the café when she first left home and I haven't really seen or spoke to her since that day. I noticed how she was looking at me at the door and right now so I decided to take my chances in teasing and seducing her. I made another move by making my way around the island exposing more of my breasts and stomach to her. I sure as hell hoped this worked.


As she walked back around the island with our wine I couldn't help but notice her robe had fell away some more showing me her smooth and flat stomach. Most importantly it revealed her beautiful plump breast. She was slightly larger than me by a cup sized or two so I'm guessing a 32D. Her nipples were a dark pink color and I longed to taste them as I watched them harden. I hurriedly sipped my wine, well I can't call that sipping more like gulping, as she moved closer to me. I could barely contain myself but this wasn't helping. I was losing control quickly and I felt my body heating especially between my legs. 

I wanted so badly to taste her. She once told me she may be young but she knew what she wanted and right now I wanted to put that statement to the test. She was talking but I was far from listening yet I heard her body language loud and clear. Before she could finish her next sentence I was on my feet with my hands on her bare breast kissing her like I missed her and that I did. The kiss was intense yet sensual as our tongues intertwined with deep passion. I rolled her nipples between my fingers then pinched them with what I thought was too much pressure until she moaned into my mouth. I trailed my fingers down her body until I reached the rim of her underwear. I fingered the lace until I found the courage to slip inside them. Not to my surprise it was smooth and very wet which further turned me on fueling the fire inside. Now I was surprised at my strength and boldness when I lifted her onto the island and began sucking on her nipples one by one. First I sucked with ease but by the way she squirmed now wasn't the time for soft and subtle. I released her nipple so I could slide her panties off. She looked into my eyes and I into hers as I completed my task. She bit her bottom lip while watching me intently, she was so beautiful.

I was so afraid at first but now I was in a world that made no real sense to me yet I liked it and was enjoying it. Her legs slid over my shoulders easing me lower into her hot centerfold. She smelled so delicious I could hardly stand just being inches away and not tasting the sweet nectar awaiting there. Desaris fingers stoked my hair lightly encouraging me and comforting the thought of this happening. I felt hesitation leave my body as my tongue ran over her clit making a moan emerge from her lips. I allowed my tongue to slide deep inside her, and it was all that I imagined and all she said it would be. The few time that I entertained her sext messages all her statements and promises hold very true. At this point I didn't just want her I needed her and it may sound selfish but I needed everything she could give me. I licked and sucked on her clit with aggression and speed hoping she would come very soon because I wanted more. I didn't want to stop. Ever.


I was in pure bliss as I watched Jessica masterfully bring me to an amazing and much needed orgasm. I had never felt anything like this before. I didn't want her to stop but we had to I wanted a little more than this. It felt so good I wasn't sure how to go about making her stop yet I'm not sure I want her to. I felt another orgasm approaching and I couldn't bring myself to stop her now. I shivered uncontrollably at the feel of my orgasm consuming my body completely. I could no longer contain my moans nor could I keep myself from squirming on the cool marble beneath me. 

"Jessica wait just a second please." I said to her.

"Call me Jessi." She said quickly then returning her tongue to my sensitive clit.

"Jessi baby please just give me a minute."

She ignored my request and slid a finger inside me setting me on fire. I then felt a second finger enter me and that fire became an unexplainable blaze. I moaned in anticipation, waiting for her fingers to make a move.

"You're so wet and tight." She said to me in a sultry tone. "I could fuck you all night if you'd let me."

I couldn't help but let out a deep sigh at her words. I felt my body betray how I felt. I had never been so wet nor have I ever wanted to fuck someone this bad. My lust was growing and my patience was dwindling.


I let my fingers sit in her wetness for a while making her squirm and beg.

"Jessi please I can't wait any longer." Desire pleaded.

"Please what?" I asked.

"Please fuck me. I want you so bad."

"Is that so, well I guess we better fix that?"

I plunged my fingers deep into her pussy making her gasp. I moved at a slow and steady pace. Gentle and slow I fucked her. 

"Don't tease me Jessi fuck me."

Her demand turned me on beyond belief but I did as I was told. I went faster and harder letting my fingers slide in as far as they could go. I looked up at her wanting to see her eyes in their lustful glow. She was turning red and biting her lip to what looked like the point of pain. She looked as if she was trying to contain herself. I stopped and stared at her.

"Why did you stop?" She asked breathlessly.

"You looked like you're having an issue up there."

"It's nothing really. I just don't want to be vulgar or anything like that. I have actually lost partners because of my vulgarity." She giggled at her last statement.

"Be as vulgar as you like I don't mind. I would prefer you be yourself."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Very sure."


She stared at me with caution and curiosity in her eyes as well as a little hesitation. I wasn't sure what was about to take place but I waited patiently. I continued fucking her still waiting to see what herself is like. I stared starting to give up on seeing what she was like until she opened her eyes staring me down. The lust and fire in her eyes made me feel like I was in serious trouble and I couldn't wait. 


Being in love was harder than I thought and it was killing me to except that Jessica was gone. As the weeks went by I realized that I may have really lost her. I hadn't even heard from her since the day she stormed out of our house, after catching me and her college boyfriend in our bed, never looking back. The only thing I could do was talk to my sisters even though they hated me, for very good reason, hoping they would at least pretend they cared. I don't know why but I felt the need to call Desari first.

"Hello". She answered sounding a bit winded.

"Hey sis, how are you? I haven't heard from you in a while".

"Oh I'm sorry I've been really busy. Is everything okay"? She asked probably catching the tone in my voice.

"Yeah just kind of bummed out about Jessica".

"Have you heard from her"? It seemed she was giggling.

"Yes". I lied

"How did it go?" She asked her tone changed in a way that made me uncomfortable.

"Not so well. She just isn't interested in talking to me".

"I wonder why that is Les"? Desari laughed then mumbled something I didn't quite understand.

"Are you busy"? I asked her.

"Yes and no." Desaris' voice was now filled with lust.

"What are you doing Desari"? 

"I have to go sis... love you...bye". She moaned in my ear, grossing me out.

"Love you to sis". I said to the dial tone in my ear.

I sat there speechless not sure how to take what just happened to my ear. I couldn't quite process it. My little sister having sex. I shuddered and sat the phone down as I rose to head to my kitchen; I decided I needed a really strong drink. Before I could finish pouring my drink my phone rang. I ran into the living room with an ounce of hope.


"Hey babe I haven't heard from you".

"Hi Mark." My tone was dull and lifeless.

"You don't sound too happy to hear from me". 

"What do you want Mark"?

"I just wanted to see what you were doing tonight, geez".

"I'm busy". I yelled and hung up the phone.

That phone depressed me further which drove me to take the bottle to me bedroom and drink myself to sleep.


I kissed Desari goodnight as I cuddled up behind her in her plush king-sized bed. I haven't been back to Jacks house since I chose to grow some balls and come over here. I felt Desari squirming in my arms.

"Are you ok"? I asked softly.

"Yes just a little angry".

"Why are you angry"?

"Leslie called me today and lied to me."


"She said she spoke to you, but you have been here for a few weeks now and I haven't seen you take a call or text."

I chuckled and we continued to talk late into the night. I realized I had never been able to do this with Leslie because she was always tired or didn't feel up to talking. Desari was so different than Leslie and her other sisters. She was smart, funny, sexy, though they all were, soft and feminine. I felt myself around Desari, she brought out something different in me, and she was helping shift back to reality and life. 

Leslie was controlling and mean spirited, but Desari was the opposite. I did worry a little because Leslie didn't go from the love of my life to my warden over-night it took her a few months.

I was so lost in thought I hadn't realized Desari was sound asleep. I held her closer than I did any other night. She felt so good against me.

"I think I love you." I said to the dark room as I drifted to sleep.

When I awoke I was alone in this huge bed and a familiar feeling washing over me. I smelled something delicious and I went down the stairs. Once there I saw a woman on the other side of the island taking something out of the oven. I crept over to the island and when she stood I startled her by accident.

"Hello, you must be Jessica. Ms. Fillmore asked me to give you this note and to prepare a small lunch for you."

"Thank you so much. I didn't catch your name."


"I appreciate it Seana."

She seemed a bit put off by my politeness so I stayed silent as she organized the food on my plate. When she was finally done she placed the delicious food in front of me, I thanked her and she walked towards the stairs. I consumed my food quickly realizing I was hungrier than I thought, but I also had never had such a succulent piece of salmon before. I hate asparagus but whatever Seana did to it made me try it and I loved it. I sipped my wine and read the note, it said:

Hey Hun sorry I left without a word but I had to work.

Be ready I have something planned for us later

See you soon

I smiled wide as I made my way up the stairs. When I reached the room Seana was laying clothing on the bed. I took in the sight of the clothes and I could tell, though it looked simple, it was very expensive. She smiled when she noticed me and went on to explain that Desari had some outfits delivered for me to choose from. She then informed me that she had drawn me a bath and that it was almost 6pm. I thanked her for the thousandth time and this time she said you're welcome before exiting the room. I smelled something divine and it caused me to strip and drift towards the bathroom.

I was stopped in my tracks when I opened the door to what now seemed like a dream. There were candles all over, rose pedals floating in the water, and the sent grew stronger as I neared the bubbly tub. I sank into the steaming water loving the way it felt on my skin and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. I had been so lost in the amazing feeling of the bath that I didn't even hear Desari come into the bathroom.

I got the feeling I wasn't alone anymore; I opened my eyes and almost pissed myself when I saw Desari sitting on the other side of the bathroom staring at me.

"You scared me."

"I'm sorry I couldn't help myself, you look amazing." Desari explained to me.

"How was work?" I asked actually interested.

"I had a good day like I always do." She spoke as she stripped.

"You are an heiress, why are you a waitress?"

"I may be an heiress, but I like working more than I like sitting down doing nothing all day long."

"I can understand that."

"Are you enjoying yourself in there?"

"Yes I am and I am waiting for you to hurry your cute as up and get in."

"Mmm yes ma'am." She said as she slid into the tub with me

She made her way over to me and kissed me gently straddling me in the process. I couldn't help but touch her, to feel the softness of her skin under my fingertips. She moaned into my mouth when my hands found her breast and fondled them gently. I couldn't control myself anymore; I had to have her even if it was for a moment. I broke our kiss and lowered my mouth to her nipples anticipating the taste of her.

I flicked my tongue over her nipple playfully when I saw that she was trying to break away from me. I held her in place and covered it with my lips sucking it lightly.

"No Jessi wait. Later okay, let's do dinner first." She said pulling away with real force.

"Okay I'll wait."

"Believe me I want you too baby, but I've had enough sex for now. I want us to go on a date."

"You are right a date is what we need."

We bathed each other, kissing here and there trying to resist the urge to cancel our date. After drying we dressed in separate areas to surprise each other with our wardrobe choices. I stepped into the bedroom from the second bathroom with my jeans and my blouse, I had chosen to pair my outfit with some black three inch Jimmy Choo heels, which I found out were damn near $1000 shoes, that made my legs look long and toned.

When it came to make-up I was never a big fan, so I went with some cherry red lip gloss. I was ready and waiting for my lovely date.

When she emerged from her closet she looked gorgeous. From head to toe she was in Marc Jacobs, the Black Velvet Sweetheart dress, the black Marc pumps, and a Marc Bijoux clutch. The only thing that wasn't Marc was the Blue Nile 18Kt white gold Harry Winston studs in her ear, over all; my new lover was wearing $4000 or more. That was more than I anything I had ever seen on any person. Before you say anything, yes I love fashion, but it didn't love me until now.

"You look amazing Desari." I told her with a huge smile.

"And you look good enough to eat." She said to me with a lust filled tone.

"Oh no you don't, let's go before we never make it." I laughed

Before it got physical fast, practically running down the steps, I made my way to the car. Desari was constantly surprising me and I was wondering would this ever end. I couldn't help but smile and stare at the limo before me like a star-struck school girl. I felt her touch my shoulder and guide me from the spot I was stuck in towards the stretch car. She laughed at me as I stumbled down her driveway and into the car.

"She's new at this Carson." Desari explained to the tall older man.

"I remember your first time in your parent's limousine; you had a similar look on your face." Carson told her.

We rode in silence as I examined the vehicle, checking out the mini bar, the stereo, and the sunroof. I noticed that she was studying me intensely; I continued to look around the limousine trying to avoid the conversation coming, trying to figure out how to approach me with the subject. I did love her, though I was not in love with her, she's a great girl, and a good lover. I knew she wanted to talk about this whole mess; I just didn't want to do it now. 

When we reached our destination I realized it was lifeless inside. What in the hell was going on here? Before I could ask she spoke.

"It's just us here tonight love, I thought you might like that." Desari stated.

"I've never had anyone do something like this for me before."

"Now you do, enjoy it Jessi."

We walked inside hand in hand with smiles on our faces. We were greeted but a beautiful waitress with long flowing blonde hair, a bust line that most women got done surgically, an ass that looked great in her uniform, greyish eyes, full lips, and a very slim waist. She explained that her name was Dessie while leading us to our table. Once seated in the middle of the restaurant Dessie disappeared into the back of the bar. When she returned she handed me a piece of paper with ever wine and exotic drink they offered. Dessie then offered that the best of the best was their Patron margarita. Desari and I accepted the suggestion hoping it was as good as she made it out to be.

"So are you enjoying yourself so far?" She asked with a smile.

"Yes I am thank you. Are you?"

"Yes I am."

I was about to comment until Dessie showed up with our drinks. I sipped it lightly and it tasting wonderful. We both thanked her as she informed us she would be right back with the menus. I wasn't sure if I wanted to open the door to this conversation or if I was ready to discuss it right now. That's when I had to except that I would probably never be ready for it, that I would never want to really know what this was and how it was going. When Dessie returned with our menus she stated she would give us a moment to look it over. I bought myself a little more time by carefully studying every item on the menu. Though I was a slim woman I loved to eat and I saw some tasty things to choose from.

Desari seemed to be choosing her course carefully as well, which made me feel that she wasn't sure she wanted to go down this road either. When I grew tired of browsing I decided I was going to have a classic, steak, potatoes, and shrimp. Desari announced she was having the Smoked BBQ platter with the chicken, spicy sausage, and brisket slices. Looks like I'm not the only one that likes to eat. I soon learned liked was an understatement. She then announced that she wanted her sides to be Mac&Cheese, Garlic Roasted Potatoes, and Semisweet biscuits. The girl dressed from head to toe in the finest of Marc Jacobs was the opposite of her dress code.

When Dessie returned we placed our order and thanked the beautiful freckled-faced waitress once again. Once she was gone I knew it left only one option, talking.


Jessica sat across from me looking just as terrified as me. I think she was thinking the same thing I was. I think she knew what I had been thinking for that last few days, where we stood.

"We can't avoid this forever so let's talk." Jessica blurted out

"Okay, what is this?"

"I'm not sure exactly. What do you think it is?"

"I would like it to be relationship hopefully taking a serious turn." I explained with a straight face.

"Are you sure you are ready for that? I mean your sisters, your parents, I know you don't want to hear this and I'm sorry to say it, your age". Her voice trailed off on that last statement.

I laughed softly at her cautiousness before saying, "I'm not worried about how people feel, I have already told my parents, and you don't seem that concerned with my age. Are you concerned with it?

"No I'm not concerned with it; I am only two years older than you." I retorted. "And when did you tell your parents?"

"I didn't want Leslie to have them too worried about you, so after a week at my house I called them up and told them you were with me. They were actually relieved that you were safe. I think my parents are smitten with you." I laughed after that last comment.

"Wow I wasn't expecting that."

I giggled when she noticed me blushing at knowing her parents liked her a lot. Before I could comment another secret emerged with our food. It smelled divine and looked just as delicious as it smelled. She placed everything in front of us filling our table with the various foods. I could tell she plated it to make sharing possible, which was good. We thanked her once again and began looking over our meal as Dessie asked us to enjoy.

We were silent as we tested out entrées to see if they were to our satisfaction. From the way Jessica began to dig in I was guessing it was. My food was marvelous as well. The meat was smoked to perfection, the Mac&Cheese was to die for, the biscuits were buttery and fluffy, my margarita cut the richness of the food, and the potatoes melted in my mouth. I was in heaven when I ate here; it was my parents' restaurant after all. Now was the time to break the ice for the next discussion.

I sipped my margarita and cleared my throat before stating my secret. I wasn't sure how to say it so I just said, "Dessie is my sister." I said quickly, but I knew she caught it.

"Excuse me, what did you say?"

"You heard me."

"I thought you were.... adopted." Her voice was low.

"I am, but my parents never kept me from my other siblings. They encouraged me to find them and connect with them; it was just my bio parents they wanted me to stay away from."

"Can I ask why that is?"

"My dad was an abusive sexual drunk who sought out his children for his desires, my mom was a meth junky who approved of his escapades when she wanted money to get loaded, and one of my brothers was dads' protégé by force. I know I say it like it's nothing, but truthfully it happened, I can't take it back, and we all made it out."

There was a sad look on her face but my last comment brightened her up a bit. I had opened the door to my life and I was hoping she took the bait to walk in.

"How many were there, besides you and Dessie?"

"Desmond, Lander, Phil, Jamie, Dessie, me, and Sierra and Seana."

"Seana is your sister too?" Jessica was confused and amazed now.

"Yes she is. I try and help those who need help in any way I can."

"Will you ever cease to amaze me?"

"I hope not." I chuckled

Dinner was more than a success for us and I was happy that she didn't freak on me when I opened up a little. Dessie joined us once I told her I had spilled the beans to Jessica and that added another side of the story that was cloudy to me since I was so young at the time.

"We all protected Desari with our lives as well as Sierra and Seana. Our dad tried hard to break the barriers but he couldn't and we would have never let him. We lost the battle when he recruited our oldest brother Desmond to help him. When he refused he held a pistol to his head and forced him to beat us and tie us up. The moment he got to D and the twins, we helped them run away the next day. We ran until we made it to the nearest hospital, where they ended up examining us all and calling the police and Child Protective Services." Dessie explained

"We were taken and separated that day, which hurt us deeply." Desari continued, "My brother went to a juvenile center until we cleared his name and our father ran. He didn't make it far though; the police caught him in a whore house just a few hours later. He was killed in prison shortly after he was sentenced."

We talked well past 10. I was happy to let Jessica in and I wished she opened up soon.


My week had been horrid and tonight was even worse. My parents invited me to the family brunch, but I wasn't sure I was up for the happy cheery Fillmore family. Mark had called me several times tonight trying to get laid. I refused him again and again but he wasn't taking the hint. I knew I was drunk and I knew I was in no condition to drive, but I didn't care I needed my sister.

20 minutes later I was at Keris'' home stumbling out of my car. When I reached the door I could barely stand up yet I managed to knock and stay upright.

"Hi sis." I attempted saying, but I knew it was slurred.

"Leslie, what are you doing here at this time of night?"

"I needed someone other than an empty house to talk to."

"Are you drunk?"

"I only drank a little."

"Get in here now." There was anger mixed with worry in her voice.

Keri helped me stagger inside her home to the couch. My limbs felt heavy and everything seemed to be going in slow motion. She eased me onto the couch then called out to someone to bring me coffee. I looked up at here confused and a bit embarrassed, she had company.

"I'm sorry Keri I didn't know you had company. I'll just go." I said to her feeling my face warm over.

"No, you're not going anywhere Leslie." Keri said sternly.

"Keri what do you need coffee for?" A mysterious voice asked from what seemed like a distance.

"My sisters here and she drunk".

"Oh my, is she ok?" The voice was closer now.

The woman stood above me with a mug of steaming coffee. A look of concern on her face, but I didn't recognize her because I knew all of Keris' friends, or at least I thought I did.

"Will she be ok babe?"

"Babe!" The shock prominent in my voice.

"Leslie this is my girlfriend, Shannon." Keri said with hesitancy.


"Yes girlfriend," she turned to Keri, "You didn't tell her?"

"I haven't told anyone Shannon. No one knows except my parents."

"She does now." Was the last thing I heard before I passed out.


When I checked the clock it was almost 11. We had been sitting here sharing our lives for hours. After finding out who Dessie was and more of their life story I opened up myself. I told them that my dad left when I was young, my mom left not far after my dad left leaving me abandoned in our apartment for two months. I was only 8 when my parents left me alone in that ran down infested shack we called home. I went on to explain that once I ran out of food and the utilities were being cut off, I wandered the streets in search of food, clean clothing, and a warm safe place to stay.

I slept all over town, in bushes, in bus stations, parks, and other public locations. No one really cared about the homeless, kids included, enough to help or give a damn. I roamed around until I was 18 with all the local homeless men and women. They weren't as bad as they are made out to be. Some used to be successful lawyers, doctors, and things of that nature but most were just like me, left to die or survive. I searched relentlessly for a job but because of my lack of address it was hard.


When I rolled over the next morning, it was almost 10 A.M, the sun was bright, and I felt amazing. I smiled as my thoughts traveled back to barely 9 hours ago to a fabulous dinner and incredible sex. I slid out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom trying my best not to wake Jess. As I began washing my hands I heard someone stirring in my bedroom, Jess was awake. 

I was alarmed when I heard a slight gasp then a faint whisper. Then I heard her voice and I grew very angry at such an invasion of my privacy. I emerged from the bathroom with a soft scowl on my face wondering what caused this visit; the brunch wasn't until 11:30.

"Hi mom." I stated flatly.

"What is going on here honey? I was coming to talk to you about a phone call I got this morning. What is going on between you and your sisters?" She said in a soft tone trying to ease my irritation.

"What phone call? What happened?" I replied slightly worried.

"Leslie crashed her car at Keris and was driving drunk and I think it has something to do with this young lady here?" My mother pointed at Jessica.

I was about to respond until Jessica spoke up. "Mrs. Fillmore if you don't mind me saying, how about I get dressed, and we discuss this properly. At this point, I believe we all have questions and we would all like answers." Jessica said to my mother calmly.

"That sounds like a good idea. Oh and Desari your father is here with me, he is down stairs waiting. I will tell him the plan of action." Her voice faded as she descended the steps.

I asked Jess was she ok, she nodded and proceeded to get dress silently as if she was processing the entire situation. Jess seemed in a trance, maybe she was thinking of leaving or worse how to explain this to my parents. 

We both headed down the spiraling staircase and the anticipation was killing me inside. My mom and dad sat waiting on the couch for us to join them. The moment we seated ourselves I was taken by surprise when Jessica began the conversation.

"Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore how are you?" She asked sincerely.

"Good and yourself?" My dad responded for himself and my mom.

"That's great to hear." Jessi was so cheery all of a sudden.

An awkward silence passed over us as my mother, father, and I looked at each other. Finally, I decided to speak.

"What's going on mom? I asked cautiously.

"It seems Leslie has gone on a drinking binge and is spiraling out of control ever since Jessica left her. It is getting bad but it seems no one knows why this is happening. Based on what I've seen this morning maybe you might know or she would like to elaborate. I know you explained that you two have formed a new bond of some sort but I would like a full and truthful explanation this time."

"I can elaborate." Jessica said quickly before beginning her story.

I wanted to stop her but I could not lie to my parents and I did not want to hide my love for her anymore. I was afraid but I had to face it.


I was beyond nervous but I had to break these lies and reveal the true reasons for my actions. I glanced at my young lover before asking Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore if they wanted the entire truth from me. They nodded in unison and waited for me to begin. I was somewhat afraid to tell the true nature of Leslies ways when it came to our relationship but it was time for me to woman up as I had been doing for the past few weeks.

I inhaled deeply and began. "Though you may have heard many great stories about the time your daughter Leslie and I shared it was all a ruse to keep people out of our business. Leslie is controlling, mean, and hurtful. I tried my best to make it work and to believe her promises of change, but I couldn't bare the pain anymore. Her attitude was one thing but once she cheated with my college lover, I couldn't hold on any longer. I'm sorry to have to tell you these horrid things but it's the truth and that's all I want people to know at this point. Out of all this there is one truth you should absolutely know and that is that I am in love with Desari." I held my breath.

When no one said anything I continued. "I've loved her since the day I met her which may sound wrong but it's true. I realized this was not a short time ago but I have embraced it in that time." I looked at Desari. "At this point Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore I'm only sad that I didn't meet her first, because all the time that I've spent with Desari has been the best moments of my life."

All was silent for what seemed like forever until Mrs. Fillmore spoke in the softest, sweetest tone I'd ever heard. "Sweetheart we do not think I'll of you because of all this, we were just confused on how it all came about. This was a surprise to us because we had no clue these things were going on. In spite of Leslies distasteful behavior we tried to believe that she had changed for the better, we even went as far as thinking you were helping that change but we were wrong. Desari has had a thing for you as well for quite some time but she was only 17 at the time and knew it was highly inappropriate to make advances at her older sisters lover. Phil and I love you just the same." Her words flowed from her lips as if she had been holding this in for ages.

She smiled and glanced at Mr. Fillmore who was preparing to speak. "Young lady, you have been nothing short of wonderful since we met you, which are more than I can say for most people we have had the misfortune of meeting. Our little princess tells us more than you think she would, actually all of them do, but Leslie has been this way for a long time. You could say it's my fault that she is the way she is. Once we decided to adopt the girls it was a good idea to everyone including Leslie. Due to medical issues during delivery and pregnancy Leslie was our only child but we knew we wanted more. Leslie changed after we adopted the twins, Jamie and Roxy and when we brought Desari home she turned into the most beautiful devil of a daughter I'd ever come to know. 

Keri was easy to handle because we brought her home at the age of 7, so when Leslie was born and had come of age Keri was in her wild teens pretending we were her worst enemy, running away, or spending countless days with friends. Leslie in a sense was a lonely kid due to Keri's absence during her phasing years. Adopting more kids seemed like the perfect solution but we later realized we were wrong. Margaret and I loved the girls too much to give them back and too cope with it all Leslie got her way in everything. I know you probably think we are crazy but therapy didn't work, favoritism is not tolerated, and we had done all we could with her to help yet nothing prevailed. I'm sorry you endured it for so long." Mr. Fillmore's voice began to crack with emotion.

I sat there in awe at what had just been explained to me by the Fillmore's. I didn't know what to say at this point and it seemed that I wasn't alone in the matter. Desari stared at the clock and back at me with a smirk on her face. "I think it's time for us to head to brunch, don't you think so mother?"

After realizing they all had this sinister smile I became nervous and very afraid. I felt as if I was in a horror film and the family just figured out what they were going to do to me and the perfect way to destroy my remains.

"Yes I believe so." Ms. Fillmore agreed. "Let's just get this all over with now so we can get all the bickering and competitiveness out of their system."

"I'm a little confused here, what's happening?" I asked puzzled.

"We know two of our daughters will blow a gasket and the other two giggle with high school cheer." Mrs. Fillmore said to me softly before continuing with, "And I want to get this out of the way so I can have my ears for next weeks poker game."

I hid the shock under a blank stare at the older couple. How often did shit like this happen for them to have down to a science so well that they know it will be solved and bitter by the end of brunch. I wasn't sure I was ready for this repetitive rivalry between sisters. After getting ready we made the short walk down the block to the Fillmore's home. Once inside they evaluated their living room seeing that not only were the girls coats, sweaters, hats, sunglasses, and scarves were scattered recklessly across couches and coffee tables so were their company's belongings.

"We often bring dates or close friends to these little family gatherings." Desari chuckled. I guess she read the look on my face because it looked as if there had been a frat party in there, "And sometimes siblings from our bio family." She continued. I nodded and continued to the backyard were they held this bi-weekly ritual. Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore had made it out there far before we had and everyone sounded excited and chipper. Before I could make it through the sliding door Desari grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. She led me through the thick panned glass with a proud and fearless demeanor like she was ready for whatever was waiting for her, for us. 

I heard a gasp then a scream shortly after. I looked over at the source of the sound; it was the twins Roxy and Jamie. The scream caused all eyes to fall on Desari and I and if looks could kill I'd be 8 feet below right now. I had been so caught up in the many gazes I hadn't noticed that the twins were talking to me.

"You guys are so cute. So Jessi is this where you've been hiding out all this time?" Roxy asked with a wink.

I laughed before saying, "No I was actually at a friend's house before I decided to show up at her door."

"Oh so you pursued her?" Jamie smirked.

"No we pursued each other." Desari answered all of a sudden.

"Well mutual interest is always good." Roxy's remark had a hint of cruelty to it that made me believe she was speaking of Leslie.

"Why do I get the feeling you two knew this was coming." I said curiously.

They looked at each other and smiled.

After the twins praised our new found relationship I felt more confident about this situation. I gazed at her when a daring thought passed through my mind, we can accomplish whatever we wanted to. My trance was broken when Mrs. Fillmore began screaming and the twins began running passed me in panic and Mr. Fillmore face made him look like a raging bull. My eyes finally settled on what everyone was so worked up about and I got pissed fast. I gazed behind me to find Leslie had attacked Desari from behind. 

Though Jamie and Roxy were trying their best to pull the two apart I knew I could end this now, in one swift motion I grabbed Leslie by her arm and swung her against the Fillmore home making the glass shake. I pinned her to it before the shock of it settled in. The one thing that was highly developed about me was my defensive skills, the only safety I had growing up on the streets. I had never thought of putting my hands on Leslie but enough was enough.

Desaris voice was soft in my ear begging me to let her go and that she was ok. I hadn't realized I had Leslie by the throat and was holding her to where she was on her tip toes. Everyone was staring at me in fear as if I were a predator in the midst of devouring prey. I relaxed and released her from my grip, stepping back to give her space I watched her fall to the ground grabbing her neck and coughing. I glanced around me and no one spoke I don't think they could. I had never been violent towards Leslie before but everything in me screamed 'protect her'. I ran into the house and into the kitchen and if my hearing was correct someone called after me and someone was following me. When I stopped at the sink I heard light footsteps behind me.

"Get out of here now." It was Keri.

"Okay." Was all I had to say.

I didn't care anymore I was ready to leave. As I turned Mrs. Fillmore had entered the kitchen with tears in her eyes, great her mother was about to tear into me too. I brushed passed Keri and apologized to Mrs. Fillmore as well as thanked her for inviting me. When I went to move passed the older woman she caught a grip on my shirt.

"You are not going anywhere young lady, running is not the Fillmore way." She said to me with her gazed fixed on Keri

"Keri asked me to leave so I was on my way out."

"Keri can order no one out of my home but she will be leaving this kitchen this instant."

She was going to protest but knew the battle was lost and exited the kitchen. Mr. Fillmore motioned for me to sit down. I obliged her request and took a seat at the table. I wasn't sure what was coming but I felt a hint of fear, fear only a mother could instill into you, a feeling I've never had.


After trying my best to give my mom and Jessica their private moment I couldn't bare it anymore. I snuck into the glass door and peeked into the kitchen trying to hear what my mom was telling Jessica. Whatever it was it had her smiling and giggling like a schoolgirl. I smiled but then Jessicas face flushed a deep red as if embarrassed and before I could hide she spotted me. My mother laughed long and hard, I could see she had just amused herself. Jessica seemed to be asking her a question which caused her own smile. My mother's answer caused her to blush even harder then glance back at me. I stood in full view, now I was beyond curious at what was taking place before me. As I approached the duo my mom stood, smiled, and hugged me and whispered in my ear for me to go for it and that Jess was worth it in every way. I pulled my mom into the living room to ask her some questions. Before I could ask she knew.

"I assured her that all was well and no one was upset by her actions. It is obvious that she loves you and wants to protect you and she should express it soon." Her voice trailed as she left me standing there. I walked after her as quickly as I could, I hugged her back and waited until she was no longer in view to grab Jessis hand and pull her upstairs. 

I dragged her to the end of the hall where my old bedroom was. She took me by surprise when she opened the door and pushed me inside pinning me to the nearest wall kissing me forcefully and passionately. That turned me on to no end. I had never seen her behave this way but it was incredibly sexy. She pulled my dress off, unhooked my bra, damn near ripped my panties from my body, and forced me to the bed. Taking me by my hair she kissed my neck and nibbled at my ear. Telling me how bad she wanted me. Bending me over, she slid her finger up and down my slit feeling my reaction to her sudden dominance. She gripped my hair again but tighter and rougher; an involuntary moan escaped my lips.

I had never felt so helpless before and it felt amazing. How she was treating me alone was enough to make me come but the way she spoke to me made it so much better.

"You like this don't you?" Jess asked me.

I nodded my head.

She gripped my hair tighter, "That's not an answer."

"Yes I like it."

"Youre so wet," I felt her finger slip deep inside of me and as fast as it was in it was gone. "And so sweet." 

I moaned in frustration, she was teasing me.

"You want me to taste you?"

"Yes." I whimpered.

She loosened her grip and told me to beg her. I did. I was on fire at this point and she knew it.

"Come on I know you can do better than that. Beg like the dirty little whore you are."

I felt my body get hot, I felt my pussy get wet, and I had never been called that before. At that moment I completely submitted to her. She smacked my ass, told me I was a good little whore, spread my lips, and licked up and down my opening. I moaned softly as her tongue entered me I couldn't help but rock into her. Her tongue felt so good swirling around my center.

"Jessi... that feels so good... punish me...." I moaned softly. I looked at her, those piercing blue eyes staring back at me as she kissed my outer thigh making her way back up. I gasped in shock as her tongue rolled over my most sensitive hole. She rimmed me slow and hard and I felt my orgasm building. 

She eased two fingers into me, causing my legs to get weak. I rocked hard into her. I was in such an orgasmic haze I wasn't sure if what I saw was real or an illusion but it looked as if Shannon had been watching us for quite some time. She was leaning on the railing smiling at me, apparently she was amused. I stood and shut the door but before it closed she winked at me. What the hell did that mean? I wasn't about to find out now I had other things to worry about. Jessica scared the shit out of me because when I turned around she was standing right behind me. 

"You scared me."

"I'm sorry you got up so suddenly," She chuckled. "But you seem confused."

Should I tell her? Of course I should. There should be no debate about that. "Oh um, Shannon was kind of taking in the show."

"I saw that, she had been there a while actually. I'm not sure what the purpose of her spying was."

"Why didn't you say anything nor do anything?"

"She was fixated on you, why is that?"

The look of lust and desire was now gone from my lovers' eyes. She seemed angry but I wasn't sure. "I have no clue, I don't really know her. She is here with Keri."

"Oh ok. Are you ready to go back downstairs?"

"No, you still have work to do."

"Are you angry with me?"

"Why would I be angry with you?"

"For not doing anything about Shannon."

"I was a little upset but I saw that there was a reason behind it. I don't want you to think I'm seeing her or fucking her. I love you that's it that's all. Shannon's voyeurism is the last thing on my mind though I will investigate her strong interest in me later."

"No, let me."

"Are you sure Jessi?"

"Yes, now get your ass over here I want to taste you again."

I smirked and strode slowly over to my bed. She lay back on the bed I knew what she wanted. Climbing atop the bed I straddled her chest hoping she would assume the position of dominance. She pulled me toward her lips and sucked my clit into her mouth. 'Mmm this is amazing' I thought to myself as Jessi sucked harder. She ate my pussy with vigor licking, sucking, and putting her tongue as deep as it would go causing me to roll my hips. Shit I was so close I wanted to scream. Fuck, I was going to scream.

"Jessi... Oh my God... Jessi... Right there... Don't stop... I'm coming... I'm... Coming..." I exploded.

I eased off her and lay back on the cool sheets but I could see she wasn't done with me. She kissed me softly as she placed the soft humming between my thighs. I tensed at the strength of the vibration. I moaned in her ear, the one thing I knew drove her crazy, telling her how good it felt. Whispering breathlessly how I was going to come for her must have sent her over the edge. Pushing the toy deep inside me and increasing her speed I screamed.

"Slow down."


"Youre hurting me."

"You like pain don't you?"

I bit my lip in guilt and nodded.

"Show me how much." Jessi demanded.

Once on all fours Jessi placed it back inside of me with the same force. Taking in a sharp breath I braced myself for pure pain, my pleasure. 

"Harder... Mmmm like that... Faster... Fuck... Fuck me Jessi... Pull my hair... Pull it tighter... Oooo yes... Spank me hard... Don't stop... Yes baby... I'm coming Jessi... Harder... Harder... Fuck... Bite me."



"No where do you like it most?"

"My thighs and my neck."

She continued her assault on my sensitive pussy as she knelt down and nibbled at my thighs.

"No... Bite... Me."

Her teeth sank into my flesh. It was a firm but gentle bite but it wasn't enough.

"Bite me harder." I growled.


I had never seen Desari so aggressive but if it was what she liked and what she wanted I didn't care. I found the courage to bite her harder and with that a low purr escaped her lips. She screamed louder than expected as her orgasm consumed her. She was spent I'd have to wait until later to get more of my sweet lover. As we gathered ourselves and began to dress I couldn't help but wonder how Mrs. Fillmore knew so much about Desaris sexual nature.

Waiting for Wednesday - Part 1

Author - MissReynolds
Published - 18/08/2020

Monday morning

Every morning I awake to the faint sound of the news on, the smell of fresh coffee for us both wafting up the stairs, my clothes lovingly set out. You’re a man who understands how investments yield returns…in every sense. You’ve been working extra hard lately and your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. One thing I love most about us: no one we interact with in our workplace would ever in a million years suspect the animals we turn into at nighttime. You and I both are poised and respectable business people in a corporate world. Sometimes I daydream of their reactions if only they knew…for now it’s our little secret to keep from the world.

I’ve made it my personal mission to go to great lengths to show you with my body how much I appreciate you. As they say, actions speak louder than words. You have this youthful enthusiasm about you and your eyes light up at every surprise I whip out. I suppose some couples put in extra effort for holidays and anniversaries, but me, I like to rock your world on a random Wednesday that bears no significance. I like to keep you on your toes…This one you won’t see coming.

I can hear the water running in the shower through the closed door and I’m jealous to be missing the show. I take advantage of the opportunity of having just a few minutes to myself to check the shipping tracking on the package I’ve ordered. I’ll be sure to intercept it before you arrive home. I smile to myself as I review my purchase. As always, I’m confident I’ve yet again picked out a winner.

Tuesday morning

I’m at work when I see the notification pop up across my lock screen: my package was delivered. I wonder if anyone notices the change in my demeanour: the slight smile that I can’t seem to keep in check, my deep breaths to keep my heart rate down, my constant fidgeting to keep the ache between my legs under control. I’m a typical overachiever, but today I’m leaving the office as soon as the minute hand signals 5 o’clock.

I speed home to ensure I have enough time to beat you there. I swipe the package from the front door and sprint to the bedroom, ripping the package open and dumping the contents onto the bedspread. I delicately slip into the lace bodystocking I picked out for you and it fit’s like a glove. I can’t help but break out in a smile ear to ear imagining your reaction. I gingerly run my fingertips across my chest, my nipples hardening and rising to meet my touch. I watch myself in the full-length mirror in the bedroom and admire myself. I turn around and lean over the bed looking over my shoulder, imagining you bending me over and pulling my hips back into yours. Your hands will slide up my sides, your fingernails scratching into my spine on their way back down. The crotchless design gives you easy access and ensure you don’t have a need to rip yet another pair. Lace turns you savage.

The sound of our garage door opening snaps me out of my fantasy. I snatch up the evidence and scamper into the bathroom, quickly stripping and stuffing everything way back in the cabinet under the sink where you won’t find it. I smirk to myself thinking that tonight you’ll brush your teeth inches away, not knowing what is happening tomorrow.

You go through dinner, some television, and our nightly routine as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, I am garnering every ounce of willpower I have to refrain from jumping your bones right now or going to the bedroom to take care of myself. The wait will be worthwhile. I spend the evening secretly gyrating my hips whenever you’re distracted only millimetres to keep pressure from the seam in my thick denim jeans against my clit, eager for relief. I am an incredibly disciplined person, but my self-control is wearing thin. I feel like a child awaiting Christmas morning; I suggest we go to bed early so that tomorrow arrives sooner.

You’re fast asleep and I’m careful to make minimal noise as I touch myself through my satin nightdress. I want you so bad. You’re so close and I could easily reach over and rub you awake. No…I want you pent up and frustrated by the time tomorrow comes, eager for release. Instead I close my eyes and rock my hips against my hand until I cum, covering my mouth with my spare hand to muffle my moans. My wetness drips onto our sheets and knowing I can’t wash the sheets without waking you, I relish in the dirty knowledge that my scent is drying into the fabric. What you don’t know won’t hurt you.

Wednesday morning

My morning routine is extended for the special occasion. I take extra care in the shower, rubbing soap deep into my pores and shaving my skin smooth. I lift one leg up onto the side of the tub for easier access to dip a finger into my pussy and press my other hand against the shower wall to steady myself. I add a second finger and maintain a consistent pace, emulating your rigid cock when you tease me. “Nice and slow” you say as you push up inside me and slowly pull out, knowing I want you thrusting recklessly up into me. I allow myself to get close to the edge but stop before tipping over. There’s nothing as good as the real thing.

I do my best to stay occupied all day at work. Despite my best efforts, the minutes take their time ticking by. I begin to regret working myself up this morning. I can barely concentrate on anything; I’m reading emails three times before actually retaining any information. My thoughts keep drifting to tonight and my body aches with anticipation. I decide around lunchtime to start planting the seed in your head.

Tonight? Please? I text you. I stare at my phone waiting for a reply.

Hm? What about tonight? You reply back within a few minutes. I’ve given up hope of being a productive worker today, for the company at least.

Need it. Bad. By now you’re well familiar with my insatiable sex drive and speak my language fluently.

Yes. I imagine you in a conference room sending me this quick text between meetings. Simple and to the point, it provides all the confirmation I need. I want you to feel the same tension that I do. I want you to spend the second half of your work day struggling to focus on anything except burying yourself inside me. I make a mid-day trip to the ladies’ room and wait until all the stalls are cleared out before vigorously rubbing my clit through the panties. The pads of my fingers press firmly in small circles and I clamp my spare hand over my mouth to prevent any noise. The ladies’ room door is thrown open and I have to stop for fear of being caught. Frustrated, I immediately collect my items from my desk and call it a day.

At home, I slip into my sexy stockings and black heels, and throw on a satin robe to cover myself. I throw some loose curls into my hair and fasten small, diamond stud earrings. I meticulously doll myself up, applying mascara to my eyelashes and bright red lip gloss to my lips. There is something so magical about getting dressed up for you, just to know that by the time we’re finished I will look like a complete hot mess, mascara running under my eyes, lip gloss smeared across my chin, my hair matted from your fingers yanking it. My confidence is through the roof and I’m ready for the grand performance.

Buzz me Hank

Author - Anonymous
Published - 21/09/2020

Eliza had spent countless nights tossing and turning, aching for more. She loved her husband, but he hadn’t been capable of pleasuring her for years! The young wife was desperate for an orgasm, desperate to quiver with the king of sensual delight she had experienced when she was in college.

She had struggled with the decision, but finally, Eliza knew she needed the help of another man to reach once again that blissful, mind-blowing delight that only a devoted lover could provide her with.

Hank was handsome, charming, and oh so tempting. Every single time that she saw him smile at her, eating her up with his intense stare. They flirted every single time she walked into his coffee shop, more and more often as time went by.

It became her little relief of tension during her long days, and yet soon enough, Eliza realised she needed more, far more.

The dashingly handsome dark-haired man had begun haunting her dreams. She imagined him wrapping his strong, muscular arms around her petite hips. Pressing her against him, pinning her against his chest, kissing her until she breathlessly lost herself in their passionate kiss.

And so when he asked her to go back to his house for a drink after he closed up the coffee shop as he did every time she waltzed inside, Eliza said yes. She had never agreed to it before, but the need for sensual relief had grown too intense to bear.

They had barely made their way inside his home when Hank finally did what she had been dreaming about for months upon months: He had wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her so deliciously close, kissing her with all the passion that had been piling up after weeks and weeks of bantering and flirting.

“You are gorgeous,” He whispered against her lips, his fingertips raising her dress inch by inch, pulling the soft fabric up her long legs. “Mmm, your skin is as soft as I had imagined, Eliza.”

She grinned sweetly, kissing him all over again, their tongues dancing an intense, arousing tango.

Soon enough, they were stumbling onto the bedroom, hands tugging at clothes, undressing each other with increasing desire, with growing passion.

“Oh, Hank!” She moaned as they rolled onto the massive bed, his fingers exploring every inch of her curvy, feminine body. She felt aroused, delighted, relieved. He seemed to notice at once how her skin flushed oh so sensually, how she tensed and gasped as if she had been lacking this kind of pleasure for too long.

And so, as his lips brushed teasingly against her long, pale neck:

“How long has it been since you exploded with pleasure, Eliza?”

She didn’t reply, too embarrassed to admit that she didn’t remember. He didn’t insist either, but the answer was there, lingering between them in her silence.

Eliza stared up at him in confusion when Hank stood up and walked toward a large, wooden closet. The intense, playful spark in his eyes told her he had a plan, and she tilted her head to the side, golden locks of hair cascading over her shoulder.

Her curves were oh so tempting, oh so dangerous; round hips, firm buttocks, long and smooth legs. Her skin was unblemished, her arousal noticeable at first glimpse.

“I think you’ll enjoy my treasure box, Eliza,” He cooed hotly, showing her the closet’s content. It was filled to the brink with all kinds of sex toys. Oh, she couldn’t believe it! It seemed like a store, so many female sex toys, vibrators, love eggs, and so much more!

He clearly collected toys for women, tools to fill his lovers’ bodies with the pleasure they so achingly desired.

She blushed furiously, but smiled, nodding in silent approval. She felt breathlessly excited about what was to come! He was clearly quite experienced with his adult toys, while Eliza had never dared try any before.

He returned to her, and as his hands rolled up and down her gorgeous curves, as his fingertips found her nipples and pinched them sensually, he pressed a tiny love egg between her thighs. Eliza gasped, unable to believe that such a small toy could make her quiver all around in mere instants!

It buzzed merrily against her sex, stimulating her in ways that sent bolts of powerful pleasure up and down her curvaceous body.

“Oh, Hank, yes, yes!” She moaned, thrusting her hips up, kissing him with mounting pleasure and desire. It continued to spike further and further, as he inserted the egg deep within her core. Waves of pleasure continued to expand, traveling through her and making Eliza moan again and again. It had been so long since she experienced such arousal, her arousal flowing freely between her legs, her breath heavy, her breasts heaving up and down hypnotically.

Hank’s lips and fingers continued to explore her body, kissing, nibbling, caressing. She was soon breathless with pleasure, and yet he did not stop. He upped the bet, adding a new toy to their sensual game.

He pressed the tip of a powerful vibrator right between her legs. While the tiny egg continued to pulsate deep within her, this new sex toy stimulated her clit as she had never experienced before, making Eliza shudder with arousal and delight.

It didn’t take Eliza long to lose herself in the throes of passion, screaming her lover’s name, wrapping her arms around his muscular body filled with relief and desire.

“Oh, Hank, yes, please… please don’t stop!” She moaned, thrusting her hips up as he pushed the tip of the vibrator harder between her thighs. She melted in a symphony of gasps and moans, losing herself in the pleasure he offered her.

Eliza understood then that she’d never been able to go without those toys again. Though she had never dared try them before, the experience had turned on a switch deep within her very core, and the way he used them on her sensual body was unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

“Don’t fight it, Eliza. Just let yourself go, just embrace the pleasure,” Hank whispered against her firm breaths, peppering them with kisses, flickering his tongue over her most sensitive spots.

Eliza followed his advice, letting go and embracing everything he was offering her, the vibrations from the powerful sex toys spreading further and further until she couldn’t take it any longer.

She tilted her head back, opening her mouth wide, letting moan after moan escape from her lips. Her thighs quivered, toes bent like never before in her young life, and the pleasure filled her to the very brink. Eliza trembled all over, her skin flushed like a bright apple ripe for eating, reaching the first orgasm in months upon months.

Relief washed over her, as the stunning blonde reached the peak of her orgasm and collapsed onto the bed once again a moment later. And yet, Hank didn’t stop. He grinned sensually at her, and she giggled with delight. He had plenty more sex toys to play with, and it was clear he wanted to try every single one on her.

“Brace yourself for round two, Eliza. Tonight, it’s all about your pleasure, just embrace it and enjoy.” He grunted with arousal, retrieving the love egg and turning it off. She missed it already, but Eliza knew that so much more was coming next, and was eager to let him show her his vault of treasures, one by one.

“Oh, Hank! I’ve been waiting for this for so long!” She moaned, still glowing from her first orgasm of the night. He ran his fingers over her firm thighs and kissed her full lips hotly, humming against her soft skin.

“This is only just the beginning, beautiful. By the end of the night, you will have made up for all those months of piled-up tension; you’ll never again go back to aching for pleasure again. These toys will always be available for you, gorgeous. And I can only imagine the adventures you’ll enjoy with each one of them.” He cooed playfully, kissing his new lover before helping her sit up. “It’s your time to choose. What would you like trying out next, Eliza?”

Spank me Silly

Author - Anonymous
Published - 26/09/2020

It was a month and a half since she met the man that completely changed her life. Mr. R. She knew his name, but to utter, it was an insult to their relationship.

To Holly, he was Sir, Master, or Mr. R. To Holly, he was the man who made her discover her true self and helped her explore a side of her sexuality she had always kept locked up out of shame.

With him, she could be vulnerable without feeling weak; submissive without losing her identity. He gave her everything she had ever desired in a relationship, and in exchange, he asked for her trust and devotion.

And Holly was happy to give him that and so much more.

She had never taken the best care of her appearance, too shy to wear makeup or try a new and stylish hairdo. Ever since she accepted her role as his submissive, that had all changed. Her hair was now soft and silky, a softer shade of brown. She wore a natural, flattering makeup style. Her Master didn’t like her covering her beautiful features with unnecessary accessories.

Holy felt beautiful, happy, fulfilled. Serving him, kneeling at his feet, made her wake up with a smile every single morning. He listened to her like no other man before he ever had, and she trusted him with her darkest, deepest secrets. Even though they had been dating for less than two months, her life felt better; she felt more confident and determined to face the obstacles ahead of her.

In the bedroom, she was his, body and soul, submissive to his every desire. Outside, she felt confident in achieving her dreams of taking on the world.

So when he arrived home early that evening, she rushed to the door excitedly, kneeling before him as he had taught her to. Holly lowered her gaze, never over his hips, not until he allowed her to, at least.

When Mr. R stretched out his hand and caressed the side of her cheek, Holly felt herself tingling with desire. She was wearing nothing but a flowing, pretty summer dress. No underwear was allowed in the house, and she was ok with that. It gave him easy access to her body, which was convenient for both of them.

“Good girl,” He praised her gently, and then rolled his fingertips down to her chin, motioning her to stare up into his face. His smile was wicked and sensual, and Holly immediately knew what he had in mind for her. “Go lay down on the bed, Holly.”

She knew full well that he didn’t mean the bed in his private room. That was only reserved for the nighttime. He meant the one in the special room where he trained and used her body, delighted her with pleasures, unlike anything she had experienced before meeting him.

Holly didn’t hesitate, not for an instant, and she crawled toward the room in question, swaying her hips from side to side and showing off her round, firm ass. She heard him chuckle softly behind her, and a moment later, Mr. R slapped her ass hard enough to make her wince.

“Hurry up, you little tease,” He reprimanded her without any real anger in his voice. She squealed and obeyed, climbing on the bed and assuming the position she had been trained to take by default.

She spread her legs wide apart and did the same with her arms so that he could strap her spread-eagle to the angles of the mattress. No matter how much she pulled and tugged, she wouldn’t be able to break free from the soft, padded restraints. And she loved that fact.

“Open wide,” He instructed, dangling a round, red ball gag in front of her face. Holly did as she was told, and soon enough, she was gagged, at his complete mercy.

Her Sir cruelly teased her for what seemed like an eternity, rushing his fingertips up and down her body, before cutting off the dress from her lithe, beautiful silhouette. She protested against the gag, yet nothing but an incoherent mumble came out.

“Shh, Holly, be quiet,” He reprimanded her, grabbing his favourite adult toy. It was a powerful dildo, the kind of vibrator that could blow a girl’s mind.

Mr. R began rolling the sex toy over her breasts, stimulating her nipples playfully, making her moan with delight, closing her eyes as he teased her mercilessly. He loved stretching out her pleasure until her skin was flushed and covered in goosebumps.

After what seemed like an eternity, he removed the vibrator, and she heard him walking away, toward the closet that possessed all the female sex toys he kept at his place. And Holly knew there were so many.

Her favourite ones were the love eggs, those tiny, powerful little bullets that could make her quiver with pleasure within minutes!

And much to her delight, Mr. R returned with that very female sex toy, making her hum happily against the ballgag.

“You’re such a beautiful submissive, Holly,” He praised her again, flickering her nipples between his thumb and index finger, staring straight into her eyes. She swooned for him a little bit; she couldn’t lie.

Holly felt him introduce the love eggs inside her very core, and then they began to buzz so merrily! She moaned and gasped against the ballgag, arching her back with desire, her entire body burning up for him.

And that was when he began to truly enjoy his dominance over his sub, pinching her skin cruelly, spanking her time and time again, leaving behind red marks that would fade away with time.

He never truly hurt her, not in a way that lasted, but the pain he inflicted managed to make the pleasure all the more intense. And he loved seeing her tense and tremble with that perfect mixture of ecstasy and aching.

“You like this, don’t you?” He asked, slapping her right breast and then the left one, as the bright red ballgag muffled her moans. She nodded at once, trying in vain to reply, ‘Yes, Sir!’.

What came out was an incomprehensible, muffled string of words, followed by a loud, high-pitched moan.

She was so close, too close to the edge, and Holly needed to embrace that powerful and intense pleasure so badly it hurt.

Her entire being was burning up, and Mr. R noticed at once. He knew her well enough to read her body language in the blink of an eye. He turned up the vibration of the tiny love eggs buried deep inside her, making Holly quiver all over.

“You can let go, Holly, you can embrace your pleasure. Do it, just let go.” He whispered hotly, and to help her fall right off the edge, Sir turned the vibrator back on, pressing its head against her sex, sending shivers of delight toward every corner of her quivering body.

The ballgag beautifully muffled her moans and whimpers, and she obeyed him, reaching a powerful, blinding orgasm, bucking her hips up the few inches her restraints allowed her to.

When she finally collapsed back onto the bed, Holly truly believed she’d be given a break, but Sir had another plan for her. She could see it in the way he smirked, and how he continued to press the buzzing vibrator against her folds, insistently, not caring whether how overly sensitive the whole area was.

“Shh,” He whispered as she whimpered against her gag, trembling all over, somewhere between pleasure and intense aching. “You can take it, Holly. You’re my good sub; just ride the pain, it’ll melt away, and then you’ll be left with nothing but pleasure. Be an obedient girl; you can take it. Shh, just two more orgasms, and you can rest for a few minutes, I promise.”

Holly closed her eyes and inhaled sharply, feeling waves of pleasure rush up and down her lithe body. It was going to be a long, long night. Not that she was complaining!

Nips and Lips

Author - Anonymous
Published - 01/10/2020

Claudia had been aching for this very moment all week long! She was a bored and pretty housewife, stuck in a loveless marriage. Her days slipped by lazily among her many chores and responsibilities; cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, taking care of the children, keeping the house neat. Sure, it all kept her busy, but it was so dull, so mundane.

Everything changed on weekends, however. She told her husband she went out with her friends, always a new excuse in mind. A short trip to the countryside, a day at the mall, a little spa trip, whatever. Most Saturdays she was nowhere to be seen, and from time to time, she even managed to spend the night out of the house as well.

Claudia didn’t meet with her friends on such occasions, oh no. She instead took a cab directly to an elegant and expensive hotel downtown where her lover was waiting for her.

He was Anton, a handsome and wealthy businessman who knew her struggles with loveless marriages all too well. He was stuck in one as well, hostage of his wife in a way. She threatened to drag on a very expensive, very public divorce proceeding if he ever left her, so he simply decided it was easier to stay and pretend everything was alright.

They had met during one of Claudia’s real nights out with the girls, and the instant they had locked eyes through the smoky bar, they knew it was fate. They could barely wait an instant to begin flirting and bantering hotly, and that very night, they made love in the hotel room where they’d soon begin meeting weekly.

This was the one-year anniversary of their first encounter, and Claudia wanted it to be extra special. She knew he’d never leave his wife, and she loved her children and lifestyle too much to get divorced, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t enjoy a little romance and excitement on the side! 

She had bought an incredibly hot set of erotic lingerie, the kind she’d never wear around her dull husband. It was enticing, provocative, and it made her feel like a confident woman who could take on the entire world.

She adjusted her lingerie in the mirror, watching her long, silky black hair fall prettily over her shoulders. Her skin was a dark shade of caramel, and her body was curvaceous, with large breasts and an amazing, firm ass her lover couldn’t get enough of.

And with this new erotic lingerie, he’d be unable to resist her even for a heartbeat! She loved the way the cupless bra embraced the underside of her boobs, pulling them together, but failing to conceal her erect, huge, chunky nipples. They were already so firm, aching to be touched and licked by the handsome Anton.

And though she thought her boobs looked amazing in that little number, it was nothing compared to the crotchless panties she had chosen to match the top portion of her brand new erotic lingerie.

The whole set was made out of silk and lace, almost completely sheer, and sexy as hell. Claudia was sure she didn’t own anything quite as erotic!

The crotchless lingerie displayed her huge labia lips so beautifully, and Claudia knew for a fact that Anton would adore it. He always praised her pussy, and he could lick and lap at it for hours at a time, never getting bored. 

Her husband hadn’t pleasured her orally in years, but she didn’t mind any longer. Anton was so much better at it that her husband ever was!

Claudia felt like she was an actress in a sexy, provocative movie, her curves so dangerous and sensual. Every corner of her dark-skinned body screamed sex! She had applied a bit of red lipstick to her full lips, to add the finishing touch to her look.

Ready to show off her new purchase to her lover, Claudia sauntered out of the bathroom, proudly showing off her tits and pussy, barely covered at all by her new cupless and crotchless lingerie.

Anton was already naked, his sock stiff as a board, sitting on the edge of the bed. The second he caught a glimpse of the beautiful Claudia walking toward him, dressed in the sexiest lingerie set he had ever seen in his life, he grunted with arousal, jumping to his feet.

“You are truly a vision for sore eyes,” He whispered hotly, wrapping his muscular arms around his lover’s curvy figure. He pulled her close and kissed Claudia passionately, beginning to caress her up and down, leaving behind angry red marks. 

She moaned hotly, giving herself to him fully, but the instant he tried to remove her bra, she snapped his hand away, giggling warmly.

“Oh, no need to do that. You can play with my tits and pussy without taking my bra and panties off… that’s the fun of erotic underwear, Anton. So let’s have a little fun with it, what do you say?”

Anton agreed at once, aroused by the sight of the beautiful Claudia in that semi-sheer, sexy outfit.

He pushed her on the bed, and hotly began kissing her entire body, caressing her skin like there was no tomorrow. She moaned and panted, closing her eyes and enjoying the way he touched her. Her husband simply didn’t take the time for foreplay any longer. But Anton adored every second he spent worshiping her every sexy curve.

“Mmm… yes, just like that!” She moaned as his lips caught one of her huge, chunky nipples. They were already fully erect, and as he flickered his tongue over one, and then the other, without even needing to pull her bra down, she gasped hotly, moaning out his name filled with desire.

“You are stunning, Claudia, I can’t get enough of you!” He grunted as he continued to make his way down her sexy body, until he eventually reached that sweet spot between her thick thighs. He grinned deviously as he encountered her sensual crotchless panties, dipping his face against her hot cunt hungrily. 

Anton licked and lapped at Claudia’s huge labia, enjoying every single inch of her pussy, sucking on her clit and slipping his tongue inside her moist entrance. 

He didn’t need to pull down her sexy panties, having immediate access to the most intimate and sensitive corner of the beautiful woman’s body.

His tongue and lips continued to make love to her pussy until she couldn’t take the pleasure any longer, and she embraced the powerful orgasm that had been piling up deep within her. Claudia squirted all over Anton’s face, as he licked and sucked at her juices, loving every second of it.

Before she could even start to recover from her powerful orgasm, her muscular, handsome lover climbed on top of her, pulling her legs up in the air and pushing himself deep inside her tight pussy with a single thrust.

Claudia was so soaked already, still quivering in the aftermath of her powerful orgasm. Anton slipped right past the crotchless panties, fucking her while she still wore the sexy lingerie, pinching her nipples roughly.

She moaned and panted, kissing Anton passionately as they made love, tasting herself in his lips and tongue. Claudia didn’t much mind, however, and the kiss grew increasingly intense as they continued to move in perfect tandem, fucking each other’s brains out.

As she felt his cock beganLing to throb hard inside her, and his balls tensed with every new thrust, Claudia knew Anton was getting closer and closer to his own orgasm. She continued to push her hips up every time he thrust into her, and clenched her tight pussy around his cock, helping him go right over the edge.

They cum in tandem, as he impaled her with his huge rod, losing themselves in the throes of passion.

Moments later, he rolled off her curvaceous body, both of them covered in a thin layer of sweat, panting and trying to catch their breath.

“That was amazing,” He whispered, caressing her breasts, and playing with her nipples idly. “I think I’ll buy you five or six of these sexy crotchless and cupless sets, because I never want you to use the regular kind when you meet up with me.” He teased, making her giggle as she leaned in for yet another kiss.

“I’d love that, I don’t think I’ve ever felt sexier in my life!” She replied, and stared deep into his eyes as she grinned wickedly. “Ready for round two?” 

First Lesbian Experience

Author - Anonymous
Published - 06/10/2020

Lucy bit her thick, lower lip as her reflection stared back at her. She was standing in front of the mirror in the hotel room’s bathroom, feeling equal parts anxious and eager for what was about to happen.

The stunning blonde woman had gone shopping for this special occasion, her first time sleeping with another girl. They were both in their 20s, and though Lucy had been aching for this encounter for months, she hadn’t dared confess her feelings for Amy.

It wasn’t until her gorgeous red-haired friend asked her out that she finally admitted her secret feelings.

They had gone on two dates already, but hadn’t gone all the way yet. This would be her first, true lesbian experience.

Lucy had slipped into a sexy, dark blue nightdress that perfectly complimented her pale eyes. On top of it, just to add a bit of mystery and allure, she had thrown on a long, see-through robe, that tantalisingly revealed her sun-kissed skin underneath it.

Her long, silky blonde hair cascaded down her petite back, the nightwear’s cleavage revealed the top of her perky, round tits. She was a willowy young woman, while Amy was all curves and fiery sensuality.

“Lucy, are you ready, beautiful?” She heard Amy calling out to her from the bedroom, making her quiver with desire. Lucy needed this to happen, at long last, and though she was a bit jittery, she couldn’t wait any longer 

She walked back into the room, only to find Amy half-lying on the large mattress, clad in nothing but a white nightdress that barely covered anything at all. It was almost completely sheer, and her boobs looked amazing in it. So thick, so large, her nipples erect and magnificent.

“Fuck, you are even hotter than I though you would be naked,” Lucy mumbled, blushing all over and making Amy chuckle.

“You are such a geek. Come here, Lucy, I want to make love to you,” Amy cooed sensually, raising her index finger and making a ‘come hither’ gesture, which Lucy swiftly complied with.

Amy helped Lucy lay on her back, and leaned on top of her, their lips locked together in a searing, passionate kiss. 

Their tongues danced together like flames undulating in a fireplace. Lucy’s entire body was burning up oh so wonderfully, as Amy’s nimble fingers rolled up and down her petite figure.

“Mmmm.. you’re so soft,” Amy purred hotly as she began to kiss her way down Lucy’s sun-kissed neck, nibbling at it playfully, perhaps a bit harder than she could have. The blonde coed didn’t mind at all, in fact, she half wanted Amy to bite her even harder.

As they caressed each other’s feminine curves with growing desire, Amy and Lucy began to undress each other, tugging at the sexy gown, panting and moaning in the process.

Lucy couldn’t believe just how firm and sensual Amy’s tits were. She had never squeezed one other than her own, and those nipples tasted like the sweetest nectar.

And oh, how expertly Amy caressed her quivering, blushing body, how amazing her fingers felt rolling over her tits, her stomach, between her legs. She could do this all day long, do nothing but lay there and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

Touching a woman felt better than being with a guy ever could! Amy was so gorgeous, so feminine and curvaceous! And better yet, she seemed to understand perfectly what buttons to push to make Lucy go wild with desire.

Before long, Amy’s found her way between Lucy’s slender thighs, her lips softly peppering kiss after kiss on the beautiful blonde’s most sensitive spot.

Her tongue rolled over her southern lips, her clit, and even deep into her entrance. The way she licked, sucked and nibbled at her pussy drove Lucy insane with a kind of pleasure she had never experienced before.

“Oh, Amy, please, please don’t stop! That feels amazing! Oh, yes, yes, harder, please, do it harder!” Lucy moaned, arching her back so high, closing her eyes and losing her fingers among Amy’s long, curly red hair. 

Amy complied without needing to be asked twice. She nibbled harder at Lucy’s clit, sucking the petite blonde girl until her mouth and chin were coated with her arousal.

Lucy’s moans grew louder and louder, losing herself in the midst of a blinding, searing passion unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

Amy didn’t speak, she didn’t bother replying. Instead, she allowed her tongue and lips to do the talking instead, playing with Lucy’s pussy as if it was an instrument and she was first chair.

Lucy felt herself rapidly losing control, her thighs trembling hard, her clit quivering wonderfully, her tits raising and falling with each troubled breath. 

She moaned so loudly she was certain everyone in the hotel could hear them, yet she didn’t care, not one bit. It felt so amazing, and all she wanted was more, more, more!

“Yes, yes, Amy, I’m so close, fuck! Don’t stop, don’t stop!” She moaned and pleaded, even though it was clear the red-haired beauty had no intention of quitting before Lucy exploded all over her face.

Amy wrapped her lips around Lucy’s clit harder still, sucking at it like there was no tomorrow, losing herself in her date’s moans and sensual dirty talk.

And finally, after what seemed like a blissful eternity, Lucy simply couldn’t take it any longer. The pleasure was too intense, too incredible. Her entire body was burning up, bolts of electricity stimulating every inch, every corner.

She let out a high-pitched, trembling moan, screaming out Amy’s name, squirting all over her lover’s face. She had never squirted before, not even when touching herself. No one had managed to make her feel such an intense, blinding pleasure until Amy.

The gorgeous red-haired woman didn’t quit just yet: She kept on lapping at Lucy’s cunt hotly, extending her pleasure, keeping her orgasm right at its peak for what felt like endless, perfect minutes.

Lucy collapsed onto her back, her thighs still twitching, her toes bent, her mouth open as she let out a last, lingering moan. 

She felt her entire, petite body convulsing in the aftermath of the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. Amy climbed up toward her lips, and she cheekily kissed Lucy, making the young blonde girl taste her own orgasm.

Her juices were slightly tart and amazingly sweet at the same time. It was so kinky to taste herself that way, but she didn’t mind at all. It was sexy and she loved the way Amy always pushed her boundaries, making Lucy try new experiences. 

“I think it’s your turn now,” Amy cooed sensually, winking at Lucy as she finally slipped away from the kiss.

Lucy blushed even further, and gulped, feeling suddenly insecure, and yet, excited to taste pussy for the first time. Well, at least pussy that wasn’t her own! After all, she had just discovered the taste of her arousal instants before.

“I don’t know if I’ll be any good at it,” She replied timidly, giving Amy an awkward, if eager, little grin.

“Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it, beautiful,” Amy replied.

Waiting for Wednesday - Part 2

Author - MissReynolds
Published - 15/10/2020

The floor beneath me vibrates with the opening of the garage door and I’m overwhelmed by a sudden sense of arousal. I toss the robe down the stairs for you to find when you come looking for me, and position myself centred on our bed, face down bent over two pillows, my ass high in the air waiting for you. I reach my hand back around and run a finger through my slit; I’m already dripping wet. I spread my lips open and the air is cool against my sensitive skin. I’m ready for you.

The door slams shut downstairs and I hear your keys clatter hard onto the counter. I can tell you’re as frustrated as I am. It must be difficult to concentrate on your work when you know your sexual release is mere hours away. You call my name from downstairs, but I purposely do not respond to only fuel your fire. I quiet my breathing to listen for your approach, and I hear your footsteps echo through the house, the floorboards creaking when you reach the staircase. Every second that passes feels like an eternity as I wait, completely exposed across the bedsheets. The footsteps stop completely as you reach the doorway to our room. I imagine the lust that will set across your face when you see my body.


Seconds pass by, then a full minute.

I don’t hear a single sound…I can’t pick up on any breathing besides my own; there is no sound of your clothes being discarded or movement. I don’t want to turn and peek but my patience is wearing thin. The throbbing between my legs is unbearable. I’m suffering in utter silence. Perhaps I was imagining you being so close? Desperate for a small ounce of relief, I reach one hand back around to touch myself.

My wrist is forcefully pulled back and pinned behind my back; I cry out in surprise. The sudden onslaught completely catches me off guard and within three seconds you’ve mounted my body; your weight paralysing me. With your spare hand you grab a fistful of my hair and yank my head towards you, arching my back. You lean in and speak into the skin beneath my ear, your breath sending me into a frenzy.

Did you hear me call your name downstairs? You whisper. I shiver knowing I’m in trouble.

Yes. I manage to choke out. The palm of your hand issues a hard spank across my ass as punishment for my disobedience. Your strength overwhelms me; it feels like my hair is being pulled out at the roots. You grind your hard cock against me and run your hands over my stocking-clad body, admiring the fabric.

I’ve been waiting for this all fucking day. You growl through gritted teeth. I whimper, in desperate need of your cock inside me. I wiggle my ass against you to feel your hardness; your breath catches. I love how, like a flipped switch, you transform into a raw, primal, feral animal. The calm and collected businessman whom everyone else sees disappears; only I know your most natural self.

You pull back the fabric of my bodystocking and release it so they snap back against my skin. I gasp and you chuckle at my reaction.

You like that baby? I nod furiously and utter a noise somewhat between a moan and a growl. You play with the fabric, pinching it between your fingers but denying me the touch on my bare skin I so desperately desire. I twist my body around to touch you, a futile attempt to bypass the foreplay and speed things along. You know me too well, and pull back. You have full control and you know it.

You need to calm down. Relax. You speak matter-of-factly, firmly punctuating each command and making me feel as though I am the sex-starved crazy one. I groan in frustration and buck my hips towards you. Before I even have the chance to thoroughly contemplate my next steps, the frantic words have already left my lips.

Fuck me. Please. I beg, pathetically. Please I’m begging. I need your cock. Please.

You don’t need to reply in words. You pause your movements and leave me entirely. I hear the bed creak as you remove yourself. Still bent over, I lean my head down to rest on the duvet, my loose hair falling around me. My ass is still up high waiting for you, and I shiver with anticipation. I feel exposed and dirty. You know what I want.

Instead of joining me on the bed, you roughly turn me over and pull my whole body to the edge of the bed, settling between my spread legs. In one swift motion you tear the fabric of my stockings and thrust your cock inside me. I gasp at the sudden intrusion.

Is this what you want? You tease me, rubbing my clit in lazy circles while you slowly push inside me, pulling out at an excruciating half pace. I maul my breasts with my palms and pinch my nipples hard.

More, I manage to choke out. After all the build-up, I’m chasing a toe-curling orgasm…one I’ve been on the brink of half of the day it seems. You pick up the pace, your fingertips roughly gripping my hips for leverage. You look into my eyes as you fuck me, and spit onto my chest, rubbing your saliva in, a blatant reminder of your ownership.

More? I don’t think you can take more. You challenge me, knowing my body is resilient. I nod and reach for you, pulling you closer and encouraging you to use me to finish yourself off. You frantically grab at my flesh and pound up into me, the room filled with our bodies’ sounds of impact and cries of pleasure. My orgasm catches me off guard, arising quickly and erupting with little advance notice. My whole body reacts, twitching violently, and you topple over the edge, shooting cum all over my chest and abdomen, even hitting my face.

You collapse next to me and we cuddle up, sweaty, the room smelling of sex. You stroke my hair, allowing me time for my heart rate to recuperate. I surely look like a hot mess. Your fingers toy with the fabric of the sexy bodystocking I planned for you.

I want this every Wednesday. You wink playfully. I can’t help but smile…wait until you see what I have up my sleeve for next time.


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