Plus Size Lingerie: Get a feel for her favourite colours:

Before you even look at a lingerie set, you need to see what your girlfriend wears. This includes casual everyday clothes and her going out attire, as you can use this to see her preferred colours. Pay close attention to any colours and tones she enjoys wearing, as it will allow you to better understand what colours you should be looking for.

Buying sexy plus size lingerie


Find out her lingerie sizes without her noticing

Now, rummaging around your girlfriend’s underwear may seem a tad creepy, but this is necessary for getting sizes. Women often have different sizes depending on the style of lingerie and the make, so there is a good chance you’ll come across several sizes.

Bra sizes seem difficult to understand but they are quite easy if you know what you need. Look for the band size, which are numbers, and her cup size, which is letters. This is vitally important when shopping for plus size lingerie, as curvier women tend to have a much heavier bust, so the bra needs to provide ample support for her comfort. Don’t just look for underwear sizes however, you will want to know her general size for things like dresses, tops and bottoms, as this will be helpful for shopping for certain types lingerie. Write down all of these sizes as they’re going to be needed when shopping for plus size lingerie!

Look at what plus-size lingerie she likes to wear

When looking for sizes, also try to gauge what her most recent buys are for an idea of styles and colours she will like. There is a huge range of underwear garments, such as thongs, panties, shorts etc., so try see what she likes to wear for inspiration when shopping. Look for bra types – is there push-ups or plunge styles? What fabrics does she seem to enjoy most? Plus size lingerie is available in virtually every style and material, so it’s great to know what her preferences are!

Comfort is very important when buying curvy lingerie

It is easy for men to find the sexiest lingerie item and buy this, but you must think about how comfortable the garment is. Remember, you aren’t the one wearing it! While it may look incredible on her, if she doesn’t like the feel of it on don’t expect her to wear often! For plus size lingerie sets you want to see again and again, be sure to buy something that feels great. The more comfortable she is wearing the lingerie, the more confident and sexy she will feel! Therefore, you want to know what type of lingerie she likes to wear in general, as you can choose something you know she will enjoy wearing. Consider choosing soft materials such silk and cotton, but also think back to the materials she wears the most.

Know where to shop plus-size underwear

Buying plus size lingerie is much easier than it once was, yet finding high street specialists may be difficult. If you live in an area with a large shopping district, then you should be able to find lingerie stores selling plus size underwear, but if not, you may need to head online. There are many great online retailers that specialise in plus size lingerie. You’ll find a better range of sizes and many more style options to choose from, and buying will be simple enough if you’ve followed all these tips! Time to shop plus size lingerie


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