Buying sexy lingerie isn’t always easy.

With such a huge range of garments to choose from, knowing what will look good and what should be avoided is often a case of trial and error.

However, understanding the different types of lingerie styles makes buying sexy lingerie so much easier. After all, sexy lingerie is like any other type of fashion – not everything you love necessarily suits you!

Thankfully, there is simply an endless selection of sexy underwear out there, so it is certainly possible to find some products that will leave you feeling and looking sexy. Whether you’re buying it as a treat for yourself or for someone special, check out this complete guide to sexy lingerie for everything you need to know!

Remember your measurements!

The golden rule for sexy lingerie is the better the fit, the better it looks. So, to ensure you have the best fit possible, you need to know your precise measurements.

Start by measuring your hips and waist. This is easily done using a tape measure, so wrap it around both the smallest section of your waist to get the measurement. Then, take the tape around your hips while standing with your feet apart, which covers your hip measurements.

This is the easy part done, but measuring your bra size is more difficult. Therefore, it’s best to go to any store selling lingerie that offers free bra measurements. They will give you the most precise measurements possible and it’s always free of charge – so why not take advantage?

Guide to buying Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie Styles Glossary


The sexiest nightgown lingerie on the market, the babydoll is a gorgeous item that will leave you looking irresistible. A sexy night dress, babydoll's happen to very comfortable as well, with the lightweight dress typically made from the softest fabrics so they glide across your skin.

There’s a range of babydoll styles, so you can easily find a style that suits your needs. They cover as much – or as little – as you want, with their designs typically covering most of the upper body.

You can go for sheer materials to be the ultimate tease, or opt for classic sexy lingerie colours like pink, white, and black that leave more to the imagination.


Bodystockings prove that sexy lingerie doesn’t need to reveal all your skin – although they certainly leave little to the imagination!

These styles of uk sexy lingerie are form fitting, with a style to suit every type of body, and are usually made from sheer and lace materials that results in a very alluring style. Bodystockings come in many styles, with some that cover the entire body while others reveal your arms, legs, or parts of your torso.

This makes it possible to find a stunning bodystocking that accentuates the curves of your body. A fine choice for anyone that is looking for an alternative to the classic bra and panties combo.


Short and loose-fitting, the chemise is another sexy underwear item that will certainly go down a treat. Not too unlike a babydoll, a chemise is much tighter, especially around the hips and waist, while also being sleeveless.

Better still, a chemise helps to really draw attention to your breasts, hips, and waist. So, anyone looking for sexy underwear to accentuate the hips and waist can’t go wrong with a chemise. Materials vary, so you can get a chemise that reveals as much as you like, and there are many cute designs to choose from.


Corsets are all about highlighting those curves. This sexy underwear garment is form-fitting around the torso, helping to achieve the much-desired hourglass shape.

Designs vary, from burlesque inspired styles to more a more traditional sexy lingerie look with lace, sheer, and floral designs. As a form-hugging garment, they are great for getting a desired shape around the waist, which will be maintained as long you wear the corset.


Pretty much the same as a corset, but with the added benefit of enhancing your bust. As far as women's sexy underwear for cleavage, the bustier is up there with the best.

A bustier tends to be less form-fitting than a corset too, as it focuses more on increasing the bust, so if you don’t want to be too constricted by a corset, then a bustier is a fine alternative.

Best of all, a bustier works with virtually body shape. Whether your curvy and want to highlight it in all the right ways or want to achieve a more curvaceous appearance, the bustier is a fantastic piece of lingerie.


A teddy is a single garment that makes for a stunning alternative to bras and panties. It usually covers parts of the torso and crotch, although there are more revealing designs available if you want something more seductive.

This erotic lingerie is often made from more delicate fabrics, with a strong emphasis on sheer to get that truly alluring appearance. 

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