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Sexy Nightwear: Comfort is key but need not be lacklustre...

Bedtime lingerie doesn’t have to frighten your man away anymore, SeriouslySensual’s line of nightdresses, pyjamas, robes and slips will keep him wanting more even when you least expect it. Of course, we realise you want to be comfortable when between the sheets so expect soft, luxurious PJ’s and practical but surely a bit peek-a-boo robes that will have you both on cloud nine but perhaps for different reasons...

Women's Nightwear.

Why not slip into something a little more comfortable as the night winds down? That’s not say you can’t look great whilst feeling soft and snug. SeriouslySensual offer a wide variety of nightwear to suit your ever wants and needs. Some just want to feel cosy in their nightwear, others just fancy something a little different, no matter what you are looking for we have something for you with SeriouslySensual’s nightwear selection. From sexy little nightdresses that won’t feel out of place in any bedroom, to soft sensual pyjamas that feel amazing and look even better, we want to make sure all of your nightwear needs are met. 


Our women’s nightdresses are some of the most luxurious on offer, but that’s not to say we don’t have a simple nightdresses either! Our ladies nightwear is all about giving you something that you want.

For those who fancy something elegant to slip into during the late hours, we have some of the most gorgeous and ostentatious nightdresses available. Your beauty should have no time limit, which is why we pride ourselves in having women’s nightdresses for every occasion. Looking great shouldn't come at the cost of comfort either and even your most lavish offerings are sure to give you that perfect night’s sleep.

Not only will you look great in these, but you will feel at your most comfortable. The materials chosen for our nightdresses are appropriately delightful to touch, silks satin and lace are just some of the materials used to craft our gorgeous dresses. Some are short and slinky, perfect for giving you that alluring look; others are more modest, adding a touch of glamour and luxury to your nightwear. Whatever the look you seek from one of women’s nightdresses, SeriouslySenual has it.

Not everyone feels the need to dress up to excessively for evening, which is why our nightdresses come in more simple designs too. That’s not to say you won’t look great in them of course! We just want to make sure we cater our ladies nightwear caters every need, including comfort!

Womens Pyjamas

Our women’s PJs follow the same thinking as all of our nightwear - offer style and comfort. Sometime's you just want to treat yourself to something a little more extravagant, and there is nothing more of a personal thank you to yourself than wearing some of the most delightful ladies pyjamas available.

Woman’s pyjamas can take on many shapes and forms and we aim to meet that demand here at SeriouslySensual. There are so many different occasions that require different PJs. Hot weather will make you want something a little slinkier, perhaps some shorts and a cute vest. Maybe you need something a little bit cosier to get you through a cold night.

No matter the style you choose, you can be sure that your comfort will match your amazing look. Some don’t really care, but we take our ladies pyjamas very seriously here. We want you to look great at all times of the day and nothing will do that more than a cute pair of PJs. 

Womens Robes

What better way to cover yourself in something stunning and soft to touch than wearing some of the finest loungewear such as a divine dressing gown. Our women’s robes and dressing gowns are some of the best on offer, providing you with something beautiful and sexy to wear around the house.

Want to complete that sexy look with something spectacular? Why not get one of our luxurious black robes, they come in various lengths and styles, but all share the common trait of making you look fantastic.

Whether you have some fine lingerie underneath and you want something to help the tease, or you just fancy something sexy to wear around the house, we have a fine range of woman’s robes. We have dressing gowns that match with nightdresses, giving you a complete look to your nightwear. Most are made of the softest silks and satins, guaranteed to leave you feeling heavenly.

That’s not to say we don’t offer something on the raunchier side – plenty of our loungewear has a naughty design to it! It could be see-through materials just enough to tease, or some sexy designs made to highlight your body in all the right ways

Sleep Eye Masks

The sleep eye masks on offer here at SeriouslySensual can serve a few different purposes, all of which are for your pleasure. Sleep masks are a great way to ensuring you get the beauty sleep you need. They come in various styles and designs, with only soft sensually materials uses to make sure it feels perfect against your skin, and help you get the required shut eye. That's not to say they can’t serve other functions either!

The eye masks available are really gorgeous, with care given into each design. These are perfect additions to any carnal activities, and work as a great way of introducing new and exciting acts into the bedroom.

We have an array of gorgeous designs for all of our sleep eye masks. Soft silks and lush lace are only a few of the materials used on these titillating masks. No matter what you need them for, you can be safe in the knowledge that these are beautifully made and will help add much passion to your nightlife! 




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