Lingerie Glossary

Babydolls, Babydoll Dresses, Sexy Lingerie

Baby Doll Dresses

Babydolls are generally treated as nightwear and are predominantly sleeveless with either a bra style top or spaghetti straps and loose flowing lower part. They usually cover the upper thigh and sometimes shorter emphasising the legs and the breasts. The baby doll is often trimmed with lace, ribbons or fur and made out of a sheer fabric such as chiffon or silk. Some babydoll dresses have an open front and are quite similar to a peignoir. These days the babydoll has been classed as a very erotic item of sexy lingerie. Find yours here >>


Bridal Lingerie, Wedding Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie

When choosing your bridal lingerie you need to ask yourself, is it to be worn during the day or is it for the wedding night? The difference being that for on the wedding day you'll want it to be comfortable and supportive with sleek lines. In the evening you'll want to slip into something sexier for your new husband when the gown comes off. This lingerie will have more detail such as lace trimmings and ribbons and possibly be made out of a more sheer material. Either way, your only colour option has to be virgin white. Find yours here >>


Corsets, Basques, Waist Clinchers


Corsets have been worn to shape the upper body into a particular form. Recently, corsets are being used as tops and not as shaping garments. Corsets slim the body and it's outline, exaggerating the women's breasts, hips and bottom. There are two variants of corset, an underbust which starts under the breasts and continues down towards the hips and then overbust which extends from just beneath the arms toward the hips. Some varieties of corsets also include garters to attach stockings for the complete look. Find yours here >>


Erotic Lingerie, Cupless Bras, Crotchless Panties

Erotic Lingerie

Erotic Lingerie is lingerie that reveals more of your beautiful private areas. Generally there are two styles. Cupless bras and crotchless panties. Cupless bras are also referred to as half-bras, quatercup-bras and open cup bras. They all have one thing in common, they offer minimal great coverage revealing the nipple and areola. The second style of erotic lingerie is the crotchless panty, a normal panty or thong that exposes the most intimate areas, heightening sensitivity and making these a very erotic option to go for. Find yours here >>


Lingerie Sets, Bra and Panty Sets

Lingerie Sets

Lingerie sets mainly consist of a matching bra and panty colour and style and occasionally suspenders can be added to complete the look. Women wear bras for both comfort and for appearance and the panties are broken down into briefs with good coverage around the rear or thongs that reveal more over the buttocks. Suspenders have slings attached each side that allow stocking to be attached. Lingerie sets can be worn underneath more formal clothing such as work dress, making them feel sexy and empower them. Find yours here >>

Shapewear, Control Body

Shape Wear

Shapewear is also known as shaping wear or control wear and it temporarily changes the women's body shape to look smoother. Instead of enhancing the shapes of the body it smoothes out and controls the areas. Shapewear offers different levels of control, light, medium and firm. There are different styles offering different benefits, the main styles being bodysuits, leotards and hot pants. They all tend to be made out of a much higher Lycra content than usual lingerie, giving them maximum support and shaping. Give it a go! Find yours here >>



Bodystockings, Body Suits, Body Stockings


A bodystocking is a single piece of skin tight material covering the body, legs and occasionally the women's arms. They are mostly made out of see through, opaque or even a lace material revealing every curve and contour of the womens body. Since bodystockings are made from a stretchy material they are mostly one size fits all. When used as underwear it's generally not worn with other underwear and because of the sheer materials, bodystockings are very revealing and treated as very sexy lingerie. Find yours here >>




A chemise is a woman's garment that is typically delicate and revealing. Chemises are a loose-fitting, sleeveless types of lingerie that are open at the hips. They're very similar to a short sleeveless dress that hang from the shoulders and fits loosely at the hips. A chemise often doesn't have any buttons or fittings and is worn by either stepping into it and pulling it up or slipping over the head. Chemise are very similar to babydoll dresses but typically, babydolls are much looser flowing and revealing lingerie. Find yours here >>


Costumes, Sexy Outfits, French Maid


Are you looking for ways to spice up your special night? Then sexy costume is the perfect place for you to start. Breaking up the routine in the bedroom and pretending to be a sexy maid, nurse, schoolgirl or office secretary will do it for sure! The naughty maid is our best seller as men love the sense of authority and taking the risk of being caught. There’s nothing sexier than acting out a secret fantasy. There are plenty of different roles you can play, so whats stopping you… who will you be tonight? Find yours here >>


Large Cup Bras, DD+ Bra Sets

Large Cup Bra Sets

Bra sizing up to now has been a big issue for women with larger breast and smaller backs. Bras that fit snuggly, lift your breasts and stopping overhang are now becoming more widely available to women and less of an issue as there are brands that specialise in larger cup sizes. The standard DD+ sizes are now being enlarged to larger cup sizes such as G and even H cups. So it's good news all round as the bra market is now listening to women looking for everyday bras that make them look and feel sexy. What are you waiting for? Find yours here >>


Panties, Thongs, Briefs


There are several different types of panties, the main three being; shorts, briefs and thongs (Also known as G-Strings). Shorts have material that cover the top of the thighs, briefs have less material over the thighs but cover the buttocks and then last but not least the thong that covers only the most intimate parts of the women. Over the years we seem to be opting in for the less is more option pushing even further to the crotchless panty where the most inmate parts are on view. Which style and colour is more you? Find yours here >>


Teddies, Bodies

Teddies & Bodies

The teddy can also been known as a body or camiknicker. They cover the main body and crotch in one garment and are similar to a bodysuit or one-piece but are more sheer. As they are tight fitting and sheer they are one of the more erotic lingerie styles. They tend to have buttons to allow visits to the toilet but some of the more erotic styles can be more provocative and are crotchless. The added benefit to the teddy is the reduction in visible panty liens underneath tighter fitting clothing. Are oyu feeling naughty tonight? Find yours here >>


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