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Need a little help in the bedroom, then look no further with our inspirational ideas...    

Looking for Accessories? Look no further, SeriouslySensual have just what you're looking for. Go for minimal coverage with our nipple pasties or consider seductive gloves to glide your hands over his body. Lace top stockings that make your legs go on for days and body jewellery that will adorn you like a goddess. With Seriously Sensual’s collection of sexy accessories, you’ll be ready to bare it all while keeping a little mystery ... Admittedly, just a little mystery...


Need a little inspiration in the bedroom?

Whether your wanting to spice things up in the bedroom or just want to treat yourself to something a little naughtier than usual, SeriouslySensual offer a wide variety of accessories for your every need. It might be something as simple as a pair of elegant stockings to make you feel that little bit sexier. Or maybe you fancy something a little raunchier, like a set of nipple pasties, whatever the need we aim to provide something for everyone and you can be sure your night will go exactly to plan. 

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Decorate your body with some of the finest body jewellery available from SeriouslySensual. Body Jewellery serves the purpose of adding that extra sprinkling of wow factor, they're quite minimal and don’t look tacky, in fact they will have you looking alluring and sexy. There are a number of different offerings to choose from, so why not try out something new and see how you like it? You could enhance your breasts to look mezmorizing with the simple additions of our body jewellery.

Let out your erotic side by adorning a nipple dangle, which comfortably sits on erect nipples, and gives the look of a body piercing without the discomfort! The same can be said for nipple shields, which cover more of the nipple area with intricate sterling silver designs made to add a little bit of shine to your assets. Not only do they decorate but they can also help add some new experiences to the bedroom, particularly nipple dangles, which can be used to tease and excite the delicate areas around the breast.

Maybe you fancy something a little more conventional, and what better way to decorate your gorgeous body that adding some sexy toe rings that will make your feet stand out; they will have your feet looking gorgeous no matter the occasion. Ear cuffs offer another sexy addition to your features, making you look even better than usual, they don’t have to be exclusive to the bedroom, make yourself feel great no matter where you are!

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Hosiery is so popular, so leave behind the plain old boring tights and pantyhose with something much prettier. We offer a broad selection of tights, one for every occasion, be it private or public! The pantyhose we have will leave your legs looking that bit more luxurious, which is just what they deserve!

Stockings are a great addition to any wardrobe. They look amazing on and will have you feeling totally irresistible. Whether you want to dress yourself up for the day just to feel that little bit sexier or you want to treat someone, sexy stockings a sure hit! Hold ups offer an equally tantalising look, just without the need for suspenders and can serve many purposes outside of just making you look spectacular. Help highlight your legs in all the right ways with the addition of stockings or hold ups; they are a great and easy way to feeling sexy in an instant!

The choices for hosiery are plentiful and considering how many different designs and colours we have on offer, they are perfect to help heat things up. Something as simple as a pair of cheeky hold ups can send anyone mad with lust, all of which are aimed at making you look and feel truly spectacular. 

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Why not try out something a little different? Our wide ranges of sexy gloves have something for everyone and are a lot of fun indeed! What better way to show how sexy and in charge you want to be than throwing on some soft lace gloves? Maybe you want your touch to be heavenly with some sexy velvet gloves on?

Sexy woman’s gloves are a sure fire way to change up things in the bedroom for the better, they are very popular. There's nothing more sensual in the bedroom than wearing a pair of sexy elbow high gloves. Our woman’s gloves are truly beautiful, but at the same time very raunchy and a great addition to any bedroom. Imagine the look on that special someone’s face when you stand there in elbow length gloves, beckoning them forward. They are known as sexy gloves for a reason! 

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Nipple pasties offer another unique look of seduction that some won’t be able to resist. Alluring yet teasing, nipple pasties come in two different versions, nipple covers and breast pasties. Both are very similar in design, with and adhesive sticker used to cover the nipple sections (or more) of the breasts. What better way to help enhance the natural beauty of your breasts than adorning a naughty nipple pasty?

They come in a variety of styles and designs to suit every look and fantasy, there's really nothing better to help tantalise things in the bedroom than nipple pasties. They can also works as great alterative to a bra; some subtle ones would be barely noticeable under clothes, so you can always tease what is to come by wearing them outside of the bedroom. They are cheeky and yet they are sexy, the perfect choice for anyone seeking new fun in or out of the bedroom.


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