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It’s that time of the year again. The season of goodwill is upon us once more, which means good food, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying all manner of awesome presents. While not for everyone, we simply love Christmas here at SeriouslySensual!

Of course, we believe in celebrating things a little differently to most, especially when it comes to gift giving. Yes, you can go for the traditional Christmas present offerings, but you’ve done that every year so why not change things up with some naughtier presents? Buying a Christmas present for the special man in your life is often tricky.

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Yes, aftershave, alcohol, underwear, and video games are all solid picks, but why not go completely outside of the box and get him a kinky gift from SeriouslySensual? You can be certain he won’t expect anything like it, and some of the gifts we have in mind can be enjoyed together, which is really what the festive season is all about!



There are many ways to a woman’s heart but none are quite as effective as an orgasm. With that in mind we recommend treating the special lady in your life with this incredible clitoral vibrator from Twenty One. It’s one our top selling clit vibrators and for good reason! For instance, did you know that two thirds of women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm? While your hands may have worked in the past its time to give her some professional assistance with this vibrator - you even get to enjoy it together! Featuring a gorgeous diamond design, 7 vibration modes, 3 vibration levels, and 1-hour of battery life, this toy gives you everything you need to have her repeatedly climaxing this Valentine’s Day - and every day after!

BKK Virtual Reality MAsturbator Device

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What better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day together than passing around a cheeky vibrator? This fantastic P and G-spot vibrator is a versatile sex toy that is suitable for both male and female use, letting you share quite the night of passion this Valentine’s Day. The shorter end of the uniquely shaped vibrator targets the female G-spot with very effective results, while the longer end can be used as a prostate massage to find the underutilised male P-spot, ensuring both of you get to enjoy all kinds of pleasure. Whether you’ve experienced prostate massages before or simply want to try it out for the first time, buying a sex toy that you can both enjoy is certainly a great way to treat her (and you!) this Valentine’s Day!

TENGA Flip Hole

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Sexy time and chocolate? Valentine’s Day doesn’t get much better than that! The Poême Body Paint range is a great way to introduce some sexy fun in the bedroom for your Valentine festivities, with this dark chocolate offering being delightfully decadent. Body painting is as sensual as it gets, letting you douse each other in luxurious edible paint where you discover all kinds of new pleasures across the body. It’s one of the best types of foreplay available, encouraging you to slowly explore the body, softly kissing and licking as you go. Nothing quite builds the excitement than eating chocolate body paint off each other!

REV1000 Male Masturbator

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Why not take a unique twist on the classic Valentine’s Day perfume gift by treating her with the Aphrodisia Body Mist? It’s a popular gift on our site but not everyone is fully aware of the joys of a sensual body mist. Basically, it provides an irresistible aroma that your girlfriend spreads across her entire body, with the result being it drives you utterly wild with anticipation. She smells amazing and you get even hornier - it’s a win-win! This can be used to great effect when doing some roleplaying and teasing. Let the amazing scents lure you in while she teases you with some foreplay before leading into the real fun in the bedroom - we guarantee she’ll love the thought of teasing you!

Monogamy Game

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For those looking to treat their girlfriend to a kinky night in, we highly recommend the very popular Happy Ever After Valentines Set. It’s a basic starter kit for getting your kink on, with a set of satin handcuffs, satin pasties, and a feather tickler. Whether you’re restraining your girlfriend and teasing her with the tickler or letting her cuff you to the bed and take control, we guarantee this gift set will go down an absolute treat. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your love and lust for one another, so why not celebrate in style with this naughty gift set? You both get to enjoy it and add some spiciness into your sex life - what more could you ask for on the most romantic day of the year?

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