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There are fewer things more enjoyable about the festive season than buying presents for the people you love - unless you’re struggling for ideas. This is quite common when it comes time to buy gifts for the special woman in your life, as many people know just how challenging it can be without her dropping some subtle hints as to what she wants.

Here at SeriouslySensual, we believe gift giving is one of the best parts of Christmas, but we also believe that people are too boring with their gift ideas for women. Yes, you can go for traditional gift ideas such as perfume, pyjamas, jewellery, or a cool electronic gadget, but why not change things up with something kinkier? Sex toys are an overlooked gift idea for Christmas but we’re here to change that perception.

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They offer a great present that she will certainly get some use from, while its also something you can enjoy together, which is what the holidays are all about! Here are some naughty Christmas gift ideas for her:

Twenty One Clitoral Vibrator

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If the lady in your life is new to sex toys then buying her the biggest vibrator you can find isn’t a good idea. We always recommend dipping the toe in first, which is why clit vibrators are a great place to start. They aren’t too intense and offer a pleasant experience for all involved. In fact, most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so by giving her this amazing clit vibrator this Christmas you are giving her the best gift of all - plenty of orgasms! A diamond-shaped vibrator, the Twenty Once Clitoral Vibrator features seven vibration modes and three vibration levels letting her get the perfect setting for a pleasurable experience. Whether using it solo or together, it makes for a great first-time sex toy for couples looking to add some fun into the bedroom this holiday season.



Another great first-time sex toy is the Svakom Cookie rotating clitoral stimulator. It’s a clit vibrator with a few extra features that is sure to add some pleasure into her life this Christmas. For instance, it not only has vibrator for the clit but also a section that can stimulate the nipples too. This makes for some seriously intense vibrations across her body that are only going to contribute towards mind-blowing orgasms. She can use it on herself or you can take control of the toy for a lustful night of Christmas passion. The vibrations are designed to be sensual, so it’s a great toy for foreplay and it shouldn’t feel to daunting for women that haven’t used a vibrator before. There are three settings to choose from, so it should be easy to start using but difficult to stop!



Fifty Shades may get a lot of hate but personally we appreciate it for awaking sexual desires in countless women across the world. Many people are now exploring their sexuality thanks to the books or movies, which is fine by us because we have plenty of great toys like those used in the story. These remote-controlled loved eggs are an amazing toy that we guarantee will make for a wild night of festive fun this holiday season. With a choice of 8 patters and 12 different speed settings, these eggs will provide all manner of sensual vibrations she won’t be forgetting. Better still, it’s a discreet toy that is remote controlled, meaning you can venture outside while using the eggs and nobody will have a clue. It makes for great role playing and sex games whether used at home our out an about, and it’s something you get to enjoy together!

Doxy Massager Mains Operated Wand 

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If you want to give her an incredible sex toy she’ll get plenty of use from, look no further than the Doxy Massager. It’s wand vibrator that stimulates and massages with some seriously intense vibrations, which typically help build to earth-shattering orgasm whether she’s masturbating, enjoying foreplay, or even during sex. There are various speed options to choose from to get the right feeling for her, but we recommend playing around with the higher settings as they almost always result in intense orgasms. In fact, its such a powerful vibrator that you can massage muscles with it and stimulate other parts of the body too - talk about a versatile gift!

Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Vibrator

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Should she enjoy sex toys then we highly recommend gifting her one of the best on the market - the Jessica Rabbit Vibrator. Offering simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation, this all-in-one sex toy is a sure-fire way to leave her legless and breathless through nothing but pleasure. It’s got an incredible 36 different combinations to play around with, so it’s a toy she can expect to get ample use from, whether playing alone or with you. Also, it’s a waterproof vibrator so you can take into the bath or shower for a fun time!

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