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Why you should have a bodystocking in your lingerie collection | SeriouslySensual

So what are bodystockings? well they are similar to stockings but they cover the complete body surface. They are usually made from sheer or lace fabric and typically feature long arms and legs.

Depending on the style they are there to be as revealing or as concealing as you require. All styles reveal those sexy curves that will drive your partner wild.

They are incredibly easy to wear and offer the complete sexy outfit for the bedroom with the added benefit that you don't need to find your matching bra and suspenders. Sizing is easy as they are generally very tight and expand to fit all shapes and sizes not to forget that they're also a reasonably cheap solution for a big impact.

So why do i need one?, we hear you ask…

Well, they are perfect when you're conscious of any lumps and bumps, cellulite and blotches. They give you that extra little confidence when you most need it. As there is a huge selection of styles, colours and crotchless or not you'll find the perfect one that makes you feel on top of the world.

As there are many designs that are crotchless you won't even need to take it off, who likes a pause in the action just as it getting hot.

Your partner will love it…

Although we are all different we can guarantee your partner will not be able to turn you down. They will love your new look and the added confidence it brings you. Plus, it's the nature of bodystocking is to tighten and hide all your bad bits…so how can they not like it.

Some of our best selling bodystockings:

Open Crotch Bodystocking

Provocative Bodystocking in Black - PR4126

Provocative Bodystocking - pr4160

Provocative Bodystocking - pr4160

Provocative Bodystocking in Black - PR4126

Provocative Bodystocking in Black - PR4126 


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