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Why It’s Important to Get Regular Bra Fittings | SeriouslySensual

Wearing a perfect fitting bra is always important. In fact, many women don’t quite realise just how important this is for their health, as wearing the wrong size of bra causes a wide range of issues that can be easily avoided.

Despite this, a whopping 80% of women may be wearing the wrong bra size! So, it’s clear that more women need go for a bra fit to ensure they have the correct size. It makes all the difference and couldn’t be more recommended for women of all ages.

Why Your Bra Needs to Fit

The most obvious setback of wearing a wrong size bra is the lack of support. All bras should offer support beneath the breast, but when the cup size is wrong this goes out the window. In this case, the straps offer more support, which strains the back and shoulders over time. From something as simple as wearing an incorrect bra size, you may end up dealing with shoulder ache, back strains, and even headaches! These are all very avoidable by getting the correct size of bra, which is often easier said than done, especially without a bra fitting!

Getting a bra fitting is recommended for everyone, as it ensures you know your exact measurements without any guesswork. As a result, you know exactly the right size of bra to get, leaving you feeling great and looking even better! Yet many women believe that once they’ve been measured properly, they never need to get another bra fit again. This is very incorrect - you should be going for a bra fit at least every six months!

Check your bra size every six months?

This is quite the revelation for many, as it’s easy to assume that one bra fit is enough, unless you’re a teenage still expecting to go up a few sizes! Well, the truth is that regardless of your age, you should be getting a bra fitting every six months. Now, while not many of us expect our boobs to grow, there are many instances where bra sizes change, and it often goes unnoticed! As a result, bras that once fit perfectly may not be doing the trick!

How could my bra change size?

The truth is that a women’s bra size fluctuates throughout her life. That means that bra fitting you got in high school may not be doing the trick anymore, so you may be overdue a new fitting. In fact, you should be going for a bra fitting every six months, as these changes can occur throughout the year for most of your life! Let’s take a closer look at some reasons why your bra size changes, highlighting how important it is to get regular fittings.


For anyone using female contraception, there is a chance that your breast size might increase. For instance, ‘the pill’ is a common form of hormonal contraception that has estrogen and progestin, so taking this may cause your boobs to grow a bit bigger! It’s not just the pill either. Contraceptive injections, implants and coils may all cause breasts to change size. In most cases, it’s down to the fluid retention caused by added hormones, making breasts get larger. So, if you’ve recently started using new contraception or are using for the first time, there is a chance you might go up a bra size! While great news for many, it means your old bras might not be up to the task, so be sure to head out for a free bra fit - don’t forget to do this regularly!

Your Time of the Month

The time of the month causes changes throughout the body, and you can be sure your boobs are in for the ride. Not everyone is aware just how much their boob size changes during a monthly cycle. For instance, when approaching ovulation, breasts tend to get a bit perkier. After this point, they go up in size a little, before going back to their normal size at the end of the cycle. So, it’s important to have a selection of bra sizes to accommodate the different points in your cycle. This means regular bra fittings! You want to get a few sizes that ensure you remain comfortable throughout your time of the month. A bra that offers plenty of support makes things that bit easier!

Losing (or Gaining!) Weight

A more obvious reason to get a free bra fit every six months is simply down to changes in your weight. Whether you’ve shed a few pounds or put some on, changes to your weight has a knock-on effect on your boobs. When losing weight, your breasts will likely decrease in size too, while the opposite occurs for weight gain. This means your bra size might change a few times over the year, highlighting the importance of regular bra fittings. Not only this, but the types of food in your diet may impact your breast size. For instance, a diet rich in carbohydrates might see breast growth due to the levels of insulin produced. This leads to fluid retention and bigger boobs, so be sure to consider getting a bra fit if you’ve change your diet recently.

So, if it’s been six months or longer since your last bra fit, be sure to head to your local lingerie store for a free fitting! Wearing a bra that fits properly makes the world of a difference, leaving you feel comfortable and pain-free - and your boobs will never look better! If you find you need a few new bras as a result, be sure to check out our stunning range of sexy bras at SeriouslySensual. We stock both standard and plus-size bras, making it easy to find that perfect-fitting bra for every woman!


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