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Waterproof Vibrators Explained | SeriouslySensual

First, what is it?

A Waterproof vibrator will be your ideal shower or bath companion. Take your plaything along with you next time it’s shower time, either on your own or together with your partner and there's no need to let the party stop due to a little splash of water here and there. Waterproof Vibrators are a superb addition to your toy chest. It's a type of vibrator that allows you to either immerse it in water and won’t be affected if it gets' a little bit splash of water here or there.  Just make sure you check the manufactures guidance on how much it can be immersed. (In the water, that is!)

Now I've bought one, what do I do with it?

Waterproof vibrators are similar to your regular vibrator but with the added flexibility they can be used in water. It’s important to remember that before you take your dip you make sure the charger is well out the way of any water and that the battery compartment is sealed correctly. You should be able to see a rubber ring around the compartment; this is what makes it waterproof. Just make sure it’s aligned correctly as we don’t want your new toy ruined on it’s first adventure!

For you lucky ones that have access to the ocean, why not take it out for a test run… the feeling of waves breaking against your body will only add to the experience. Just remember to give it a thorough clean when you get home… that salt can be lethal and corrode over time.

But, let’s not kill the moment… as long as you remember these few pointers you’ll be guaranteed a long and orgasmic relationship with your waterproof vibe.

Why buy a waterproof vibrator?

So why choose a waterproof vibrator? Well, apart from the above reasons it so much mote versatile to use. Your sexual enjoyment doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom. You can start to enjoy new experiences in new environments. After all, you never know when that magical feeling comes over you… Exploration seems to get the libido motoring and sexual stimulation outside is a guaranteed turn on. It’s really down to your imagination of when and where you could use it! You’ll probably find you start thinking of new and exciting places to take your new waterproof vibe!

Just remember these few pointers…

  1. Read the manufacturers guidance on if your vive is waterproof or just splash proof.
  2. Always check the batter compartment is sealed correctly before you use near water.
  3. As per all your other sex toys, rinse properly using a antibacterial cleaner after use
  4. Use it exactly as you would your other vibrators but experiment how being immersed in water can add to the sexual experience.

Now you're clued up, take a look at the different types of waterproof vibrators and see which one tickles your fancy.

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