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Ultimate Guide to Foreplay | SeriouslySensual

The Ultimate Guide to Foreplay

Is your foreplay becoming repetitive and a little boring? Yes? That’s not good! Foreplay is by far the most important part of getting in the mood for lovemaking. Don’t panic though, we’ve spoken to a broad selection of sexperts and put together the ultimate guide to foreplay that will ensure your next experience will be a SeriouslySensual one.

So firstly, remember that sex should be fun, exciting and anything but boring. Spend a little time perfecting your techniques and strokes, as these will ultimately affect the outcome. The most successful element of foreplay is the tease and how close you can bring your partner to orgasm but watch out don't go too far.

So here’s our Top 10 list to help you achieve the ultimate foreplay session: 

1. Grinding is best

Grinding against your lover will get you both worked up into a frenzy. Instead of jumping straight into full penetration or clitoral stimulation try a little grinding, better known as 'dry humping'. Grinding stimulates your pubic mound and much more of your clitoris than usual. The best part is that it works with clothes on and off.

Whilst grinding, ask your man to give your breasts a little attention. It’s amazing that most men love breasts and yet almost always forget to kiss and caress them as they are too rushed to move to more obvious parts of the body. A mans fingers and lips against your breasts, particularly your nipples will feel amazing and something you’ll both be able to enjoy.

2. Swirl & Poke

Once the foreplay has begun and you’re both kissing and caressing, a fantastic technique for your man to try is where he relaxes his lips and runs his tongue around the tips of your nipples. He then changes the sensation to a poking motion and uses the tip of his tongue to now poke them, then alternates both actions. After a while he can then move down and show you oral pleasure using this same technique.

3. Grip and Release

This one will drive him wild. Lube up your hand and instead of sliding up and down, slowly grip and release. This technique is a great way for you to keep going on for longer. Run your thumb up and down his frenulum (the thin bit of skin running from the head to the shaft) and massage it slowly whilst gripping and releasing. Just as you feel he might climax, stop and start over, guaranteeing a seriously intense ending.

4. Whisper Whisper

One of the mans overlooked erogenous zones is his ears and earlobes. You can create new and intense sensations by kissing and stroking this area. If you have long nails try gently scratching and tickle behind his ears, then run your tongue down the ear lobe and whisper naughty thoughts into his ear. Just the warm breath alone will drive him wild.

5. Hot and Cold

Enjoying hot and cold sensations is one great way to intensify your foreplay. If you suck on an ice cube for a few minutes and then place it over the tip of his penis or sip on a hot drink and envelope it, you’ll give him a blow job that’s more mind blowing than ever before. Try using cream, chocolate or honey on him, just like a lollipop. Slowly lick and suck it off. Now for your nipples, gently smear them and ask him to slowly lick it all off clean. The slower the actions the more teasing the foreplay will be.

6. Something New

It’s so easy for couples to get to comfortable sticking to what they know best but it’s important to add new things into the mix. Why not test out a new toy, one that you can share the excitement together. Place your love eggs inside you before leaving for dinner or your night out on the town. Watch your man go wild when he sees your sexual pleasure intensify. The element of hidden public pleasure heightens your sensory experience and therefore intensifies the feelings.

7. Mind Blowing Oral

Great oral sex for a man is all about how you tease him. There’s no rush to get it all over with. Begin by catching his eye, kneel down and spread his thighs and slowly kiss and caress with your tongue his inner thigh and groin area. Try blowing the area you’ve just caressed with your tongue, it will create a different sensation. Kiss and lick over and over, slowly getting closer to his most sensitive areas. Apply a contrast of light and firm pressure on his hips, thighs and bottom, building in the anticipation. Only then must you allow yourself to indulge any further! Be warned, done correctly and you may need to be ready for a mighty explosion.

8. The Feelings Mutual

Mutual masturbation isn’t for everyone but for many it’s a massive turn on. To put you both at ease try a little sexy music, some candles and even some sexy lingerie to make you look and feel sexy. You both will need to be comfortable, ideally sitting across from each other. Begin by running your hands over your body, from your neck to your ankle, as you do so why not offer him a cheeky smile. Just as you're ready to start touching your most intimate places, look him directly in the eye and show him exactly what it is you're doing. In doing this you’ll convey an inner confidence that will drive him absolutely wild. To add to the pleasure why not introduce a male masturbator for him and a clitoral stimulator for her. This can sometimes add to the delights of watching each other masturbate.

9. Play with the Senses

When your blindfolded you’ll notice other senses are heightened. Try blindfolding each other and caress and tease each others body with different textures; feathers, ice, silk, paddles, whips etc. You’ll notice the sensations feel amazing and your touch will feel very different.

Taking it a step further, try heating up a glass dildo or cool a silicone vibrator in the fridge, these can feel wonderful when used around your clitoris and nipples. Remember to enjoy yourself and experiment together.

10. Show time

This one is aimed at the man. As we all know, men are aroused by being visually stimulated, so stripping for him in your own sex show will drive him crazy. Make sure he cannot touch you and only ensure all he can do is watch. Refer to our Ultimate Guide to Stripping article for help in how to strip sexily for your man.

We're always looking to improve our foreplay tips, so please let us know if we've left any off the list.


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