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Types of Sexy Lingerie: Quick Reference Guide | SeriouslySensual

Why is Lingerie thought to be more sexy than everyday underwear? Well to start with, the word 'Lingerie' even sounds more extravagant. It portrays a vision fo femininity, confidence and power.

It's very confusing, but there are so many different styles of lingerie on the market. Getting it right will empower you, give you a boost of confidence and an increase level of sexual prowess.

Wearing sexy lingerie under a smart suit worn at work gives a feeling of naughtiness whilst keeping the conservative look. This lingerie quick reference guide will go through each of the styles on offer, wether worn underneath your garments or at home on full view.


Types of sexy lingerie

Preparing for a fun night out begins with the feeling of confidence with your figure.
Since there are so many different types of sexy lingerie on offer from camisoles to corsets and all the options between these. Sexy lingerie has the ability to promote all your curves whilst giving you a huge surge in confidence.


Here are all the types of sexy lingerie


1. The Corset/Basque

Red corset and stockings

Corsets are typically made up of one piece and most of the time include both bones for strength and support and laces for adjusting the correct fit. They typically cover the area above the hip bone all the way up to just under the breasts. They pull in your waists tight and accentuate the hips and breast shapes. A great way to manipulate your curves and make you more voluptuous.

Years back, the corset (or basque) had laces at the back and really tightened but this is very uncomfortable. Nowadays, recent corsets are much more comfortable and are also worn for the beautiful ribbon pattern down the back. Usually worn to be on show alongside a nice tight pair or jeans.

The ribbons aren't always on the back, you will also find designs that have the ribbon featuring on the sides and front. sometimes the ribbons are replaced for clasps. These tend to be much easier to take on and off. Well a lock quicker anyway!

The corset introduces a classical look and feel to your attire. you'll feel very feminine and you'll love the way it exaggerates all your curves, 

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2. Bra & Panty Sets

White Lingerie Set | Bra and Panty Set

Lingerie isn't just matching a sexy bra and panty together. It's so much more than that, it's the art of style and opulence. Lingerie sets can be bought as separates or as full sets. Typically, a lingerie set will include a matching bra and brief or thong. It's not as simple though, there are many types of bras, such as balconette, push up, soft cup strapless etc.

Then there are several types fo bottoms such as briefs, thongs, boy shorts, hip huggers and more. Each separate builds your perfect set. You then have to choose which colour makes you feel the sexiest!

On top of the varies styles of sets and then the colours of offer you then have the types of material on offer. There's sexy lace that will add glamour to your look or there's pretty ones with embroidered patterns and detailing that will make you feel feminine and youthful. Every female has the chance to feel sexy and empowered.

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3. Bustier

Black bustier

Ok, so now we have the bustier. It's a style of lingerie that's in between a bra and a corset and accentuates the bust nicely. They lift up the breasts to provide you with lift giving you the impression of a bigger and fuller breast line. Perfect for ladies with smaller cup sizes.

Similar to corsets the Bustier typically has bones sticked into the seams and come in at the waistline to provide you with an overall hourglass contour. If you're looking to create an impression of a thinner smaller waistline then this is for you.


4. Teddies / Bodies

Pink Teddy | Magenta Body

Although this type of lingerie sounds innocent and sweet you would be wrong in thinking this. The teddy is in fact very seductive and tantalising. The teddy or also know as body is a one piece style that accentuates your figure to look longer than it is. Its material stretches all the way from the shoulders down to the crotch acting as a built in brief.

Teddy lingerie comes in various materials, cotton, mesh, silk and also lace. They don't shape the body but rather conform to the shape, enveloping all your natural curves. Especially exaggerating your hips. A very sexy look. 

There are many different cuts to a teddy, some having less material around the hips that highlight the shape and extend the legs to make them look longer than they are.

Om the top half, the teddy can have a plunge neck line that also promotes the breast where as others  can be simpler and more conservative. Out of all the different lingerie styles, teddies are the most sexy and teasing. If your confident in your figure then the teddy can be the most flattering.

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5. Suspender Belt

Red Suspenders | Red Garter Set

Suspender belts have a real purpose in life. They are specifically designed to fit around the waist with straps at the front and back that hold up your stocking with small clips. The suspender belt sits above the panties and add to the overall look of a bra and panty set.

It's main purpose is to hold up the stockings so they don't slide down. But, they also add an element of complexity to the overall look with it's straps overlapping the panties to create sexy lines around your waist and hips. It provides you with just another layer of lingerie to take off in front of your lover.

Suspenders are also known as garter belts. The different straps bring attention to the top of the legs and waistline, delivering the perfect look that highlights these specific areas. It's worth noting that they can also provide an area of interest between the bra and the panties, ideal for women with longer bodies.


6. Babydoll

Blue Babydoll

Babydoll dresses are a light and flowing nightdress that is normally cut off just above your thigh. It tends to have delicate straps over the shoulders that lead down to just above the breasts. One common element to most babydoll's is the beautiful flowing material, sometimes sheer that give it a really flirty and girlie look.

They work really well for women with small breasts as they tend to have pads and shaped cups, making the breasts look fuller.

Babydoll's are also a great choice for women that aren't confident about their hips. This is due to the flowing material from the breasts downwards and because it has delicate straps it makes the women's shoulders look narrower.

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7. Nightdress

Black and Red Nightdress

Nightdresses tend to be made from thinner materials that are light, for example silk, lace and synthetic materials so it can be word over the top of other sexy lingerie. They come in various lengths, from short little flirty skirts that finish just above the knee to the longer full height gowns that go all the way to the floor.

Peignoi is another type of nightdress that tends to be open with a wait-band that can be tightened to close or loosened to open and reveal the delights underneath.

They are very elegant pieces that convey a touch of romance, with the soft floaty fabric brushing against your body, leaving you feeling very sexy and full of confidence.

There are different lengths of nightdress and each is chosen depending on your figure. If you like your legs to grab attention then go for the shorter. If you're taller then you'll probably like the gowns with a belt to tighten around the waist to accentuate your waistline.

Anyway, take a look at our full nightdress collection and see what there is on offer.


8. Chemise

Chemises Lingerie

Chemises are quite similar to the babydoll dress but it's not as flowing and is more straight and body hugging. It's a mid thigh design made from light materials. Generally it's more conservative, reveals less and finishes just around the knee area.

The chemises neckline tends to differ from one chemise to another but they are all straight and and simple. They tent to have ornate embroidery around the neckline that gives it a very feminine feel.  You'll see there are ones with sequins, some with ribbons and some even sheer material

You'll discover the more you look around that the way chemises are referenced and how they look are becoming more confusing. We're now seeing what we would refer to as 'hybrid' lingerie that take a little bit of the babydolls design and a little bit of the slip design and mix them together.

It's best for you to take a look at our Chemise Collection for yourselves and see what we mean.


9. Camisole

Pink Cami Set

These are quite simple lingerie items that are generally worn under a low cut top. It's seen but not seen, if you know what we mean. there to tease a little with it's lovely detailing along the top edge that makes it very appealing.

Although not the sexiest style of lingerie the camisole is there to make your curves look amazing. They are pretty loose and the flimsy fabric can reveal contours underneath it, such as a the odd nipple here and there. Fabulously soft against the body. It's very flexible, it can be worn on it's own but it can also play part of a matching set with shorts, know as cami sets.

The Cami Set makes a great alternative to the standard nightdress. The great thing about the cami is that it compliments most body shapes due to it having two halves, the top and the shorts. If you want to tease by showing off your belly button then this is the one for you.

Have a look through our Cami Sets to see all the different kinds we have to offer.


10. Body Stocking

White Bodystocking

It's all in the name! Bodystocking are made of fine stretchy materials that hug every inch of your body, from top to toe. There are many different designs ranging from crotchless bodystockings, low cut necklines, fishnet bodystockings and lace bodystockings with full arms and decorated on the edges.

Because the materials used are light and see through the bodystocking has to be one of the most erotic lingerie out there. They reveal everything you have to offer with some having panels to cover up your modesty.

The greta thing with bodystockings is that they can easily be worn underneath your everyday clothes or suits even. Only you know what a slut you are until it's time to reveal yourself to the lucky one.

Enough from us, take a look at our whole bodystocking collection and pick out one to wear on your next date.


11. Body Suit

Black Bodysuit

A bodysuit is basically like a one piece bathing suit. It's like a bodystocking but finishes at the top of the legs. Most of them have fastening studs in between your legs for easy access. In need of a quick visit to the WV, no probs just un pop those studs!

They are also very similar to the teddy or body but the body suit tends to be simpler, cleaner lines and can be worn as a top visible along side some jeans or smart trousers.

When worn underneath your other clothing it's main advantage is there are no creases or visible lines when wearing trousers over the top.


12. Bra or Brassiere

Black Lace Bra

The bra is a very traditional piece of underwear and although it is a functional piece, it's one of the most fashionable items to have fun with.

It's main purpose is to give you support and comfort, having the right kind of bra is important and if you get it right it will complement your curves and enhance the look fo your outer clothing.

A stunning bra can be shown underneath your blouse, teasing all who you captivate. It can finish off the look to a great outfit. there are some bras that have padding that push up your breasts and give you a much fuller cleavage.

Some have a wire underneath known as an underwire bra, these offer great support and give the breasts a healthier shape and a more rounded picture.

When you don't want straps on view there are strapless bras allowing you to have support and a cleavage whilst wearing a dress with open back. A very versatile approach to sexy lingerie.

Bras can be very complicated to buy as there are so many shapes and sizes to consider. It's really important that you measure yourself carefully and follow each product size chart carefully to find the right match. 

We have a bra fitting guide here for you to see what we mean when buying a bra.

Now take a look at our bra and panty collection.


13. Rompers

Cream Romper

A romper is very similar to a teddy and bodysuit but they tent to be slightly looser made of satin or cotton and have more room around the crotch area. Therefore a great candidate for bedtime.

You'll find all kinds of rompers on the market, some that are very plain but mainly you'll see more playful ones decorated with frills and lace. These playful little things are much more of a casual and practical style of lingerie whilst adding an attractive sense of romance.


14. Briefs and Knickers

Black Brief

There are many types and styles of Briefs/Knickers that each flatter a complete range of different figures. To be included as lingerie they would need to be more sexy and flattering and function would take a back seat.

There are typically two types of Brief, a low cut and high waisted, each having different cuts around the thighs. The high cut brief will exaggerate the top of the legs for women that have a hourglass figure.


15. Thong

Black Thong

Now lastly, one of our favourites.... the sexy little thong. The thong is the smallest of the panties and has a small triangle of material that covers the front and then this leads into a string that runs up between the women's bottom cheeks. They are ideal for women who are proud to show off their bum and hips.

When your wearing a tight skirt, leggings or trousers, the thong is the best style of panty for hiding unwanted lines. Better know as 'visible panty lines' (VPL). Not the look anybody wants!

We think the thong / g-string looks absolutely stunning when worn alongside suspenders and stockings or perhaps beneath a sheer babydoll when you can just about see their outline. Incredibly sexy.


Last thought.....

With a greater understanding of what lingerie styles are available and what each of the pluses and minuses are, you'll find lingerie shopping so much mote enjoyable and successful.

The most important thing that the correct style of lingerie can do for you, is confidence. The amount of romance sexy lingerie can infuse into a passionate love making session is truly incredible. You'll feel a millions bucks.


Why not take a moment to browse all of our sexy lingerie collection and start searching for your favourite. Happy Shopping.


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