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Top Tips for Surprising Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day | SeriouslySensual

Many guys are known for struggling with ideas for Valentine’s Day.

It’s understandable given how every woman has different tastes, so knowing what to buy her and ideas for how to spend the day together are often hard to come by.

Many guys are known for struggling with ideas for Valentine’s Day. It’s understandable given how every woman has different tastes, so knowing what to buy her and ideas for how to spend the day together are often hard to come by. 

Yes, you could just get a nice card, flowers, and a box of chocolates, but that’s hardly an original idea and you should want to give her the best day possible. Knowing what that entails is a whole other matter, so we’ve created a list of tips for ways to surprise your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Valentiens Gifts and Ideas for her this Valentines Day

Make Her the Centre of Attention 

Now, we may have said that flowers and cards are quite unoriginal gifts but there are ways to be more inventive with these Valentines Day staples. It all involves giving her the attention that she wants and deserves -unless you know she doesn’t like being the centre of attention, in which case skip this idea!

But for the most part women love to feel special and the centre of your thoughts, so why not send her a fancy bouquet of flowers to her work where everyone will see the lovely gesture. Her co-workers will certainly be impressed and it will be the talk of the day, making her feel that bit more special.

Create Her Perfect Day 

The main way to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day is by doing something she doesn’t expect you to do, which for most would be planning an entire day around her. Take the day off and plan her perfect day by organising to do some of her favourite things, such as going to her favourite restaurant, buying her favourite flowers, presenting her with an enjoyable sex toy, taking her to her favourite bar, cooking her favourite meal, and watching her favourite movies. 

You’ll know better than anyone what her perfect day would entail - it could be something simple like lazing around and watching her favourite TV show while eating junk food! Remember, the more you plan to do the more it will cost, so try to blend free and easy ideas with those that will cost money.

Make Her Something Thoughtful 

There is a common misconception that guys aren’t the best at making thoughtful handmade gifts. While this may be the case for some, don’t let yourself fall into the stereotype as there are countless ways you can create an original gift that will surprise her to no end. 

For instance, writing something meaningful is a great homemade gift. Yes, it’s a little soppy and you may feel silly writing out all your feelings, but it is something she will deeply appreciate because of the thought and effort that went into it. 

You can make her romantic notes and leave them around the home, create small gifts that have personal meaning to her (favourite childhood movie, the ticket stub from the first move you saw together etc.), or create a photo album of all your memories together (check her Facebook and Instagram for photos of you together) - anything thoughtful always goes down well on Valentine’s Day.

Take the Day Off Work and Spend it With Her 

Adult life is hectic. You both work hard and have lots of commitments, so spending all day together like a couple of lovestruck teenagers isn’t the easiest thing to do on Valentine’s Day. So, why not take the time off work and spend all day with her?

While its nice to buy her gifts and take her out to a fancy restaurant, your free time is more valuable than anything money can buy. Showing her that you have the entire day together is one of the easies and most effective ways to surprise her on Valentine’s Day!

Spend the Day Shopping 

If your girlfriend loves shopping there is a good chance you hate it yourself, as men and women tend to have very distinct shopping habits. So, by showing her that you want to spend the day with her shopping and buy her some nice things is sure to go down well. 

Carry her bags, enjoy some cocktails together and even go for a mani-pedi - she’ll love spending time with you and appreciate the fact you’re taking the time to do something she enjoys.

Do Something She Loves 

Should your girlfriend not be a shopaholic you can still spend the day with her doing something she loves. The idea is to show her you want to spend time with her doing an activity she enjoys, which is the most important part of the gift.

It could be going out dancing, taking a fun class together, cooking a meal with each other - anything she loves to do that you may not normally enjoy tougher is certainly going to a nice surprise for her.


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