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Top Tips for Surprising Your Boyfriend This Valentines Day | SeriouslySensual

The special man in your life may not feel the need to be romanced and treated like a king Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the effort to do so!

It’s often assumed that Valentine’s Day is a celebration just for women, but it’s a day that’s about celebrating your love for each other.

This means that guys deserve to be shown as much love as the gals, which thankfully most women are more than happy to do. However, knowing how to surprise him is often a challenge because men and women have quite different tastes when it comes to gifts. 

But Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love and passion to each other, so there are many great ways you can surprise your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day - check some of them out below! 

Valentines Ideas for him this Valentines Day

Treat Him with Sexy Lingerie 

Now, this doesn’t mean you’re buying sexy lingerie for him to wear (unless that’s what he likes!) but rather something naughty that you wear for him to enjoy. You can be certain he’ll love the sight of you wearing something sexy and you get to enjoy the feeling of being worshipped by him - it’s really a win-win situation if there ever was one! Shop sexy valentines lingerie here >>

We’ve got a huge selection of underwear to suit all preferences, whether you like bra and panties, a corset, or skimpy negligée! 

Better still, why not leave a little trail for him when he finishes work? Write out a message to follow the trail that leads into the bedroom, where you’ll be waiting in your sexiest lingerie. His reaction will be certainly be surprise - among many other things!

Send Him a Video Message 

Guys love to be adored. You may feel he doesn’t enjoy a heart-filled message full of soppy remarks, but we 100% guarantee it’s something that he will appreciate more than any expensive gift. Plus, cards are so boring these days that we think a video message is the best way to tell him how you really feel about him.

Just record something on your phone and send it over to him - he’ll love every minute of it and be pleasantly surprised when at work. 

Send Him Naughty Photographs 

Guys love naughty photographs of their girlfriends, so why not treat him to some irresistible snaps of yourself? These don’t need to be X-rated to be a good gift, even suggestive photographs where you’re at your flirty best works well. 

Think about your clothes that turn him on. It could be sexy lingerie, yoga pants, or a cocktail dress - anything that’s going to excite him will be a welcome gift. 

Leave Him Love Notes 

A love note doesn’t need to a multi-page sonnet declaring your unwavering love for your boyfriend - something as simple as a few random post it notes work well to get a romantic message across. Again, guys love to hear they are adored, so why not write out various little love notes and leave then around for him to find on Valentine’s Day! 

For instance, you could leave one in the bathroom mirror, one in his car, or anywhere else you know he’s going to see it. Personalised notes are one of the most thoughtful gifts ever and will be greatly appreciate, whether male or female.

Treat Him to an Experience 

There are various experience packages that are designed with men in mind and they make for a great surprise gift. Experience events such as driving a sports car around a track, brewhouse tours with beer tasting, and football stadium tours are all great ideas for a surprise gift this Valentine’s Day.

Prices vary for these events so it should be easy enough to find something that he likes that is within your budget. Also, you can either join him on the experience or let him take a mate along if its something you won’t enjoy - either way he will love the gift and you for getting him it!

Give Him a Sensual Massage 

Massages are not just a great form of foreplay they are also very enjoyable for the recipient! So, if you want to give him a special Valentines surprise you could treat him to a sensual massage. You can make this erotic if you want but he may just enjoy having his body relaxed and worked over for 20-minutes. 

Light some candles, put on some sexy music, and dress as naughtily as you wish for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day Surprise!


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