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Top Tips for New Cam Girls | SeriouslySensual

Web cam girls offer online erotic entertainment from the comfort of their home.

From livestream broadcasts to selling photos and videos, there are many avenues of work for a camgirl, all of which pay very well when done right.

However, it’s important to remember that camgirls still need to work hard for their success. Many assume it’s simple work where you just get naked in front of a camera and the cash starts rolling in, but there is so much more to than this. Camgirls need to be friendly, flirty, and very comfortable performing in front of a camera. So, it always helps to know some tricks of the trade to better understand the industry and how to become successful. Check out these tips and tricks for camgirls below:

Confidence is Key

The first thing to remember about webcamming is you need to be confident. Yes, viewers want to know you and your personality, but they also come to see you without clothes on. So, you want to be as comfortable as possible with your body and be fully prepared to get naked in front of the camera. If you want to make a successful career from camming, then you’re going to need to take things further, using sex toys to pleasure yourself and provide an alluring show for viewers. Therefore, anyone without the confidence to use sex toys in front of the camera should stay well clear!

Face to Face

It’s understandable that some camgirls, especially those just starting out, would want to keep some anonymity. However, you won’t find much success hiding your face. Viewers love this as it helps to build a strong connection with the performer, so you really need to have your face on display. That said, there are ways to keep your identity less obvious when performing. Makeup is the main way to achieve this, with thick and heavy applications working well to hide your natural appearance. You could also wear a wig to really change your look, while wearing a sexy mask is another option that may work well.

Don’t Forget About Your Profile

Some girls forget the importance of a good profile when getting started. This is very important because your profile is usually the first line of contact viewers have. A good profile will lure more viewers in, while a bad profile does the opposite. So, make sure you upload a range of photographs and videos on your profile. The sexier the better, as those mundane photos aren’t going to cut it for a camgirl. In fact, some cam sites require dozens of photos to qualify for a profile, so keep this in mind! Also, camgirls make a killing by selling private photos and videos, so it’s always worth enhancing your profile with plenty of alluring photos and videos.

Dress to Kill

Any camgirl looking to make it big needs diverse lingerie collection. This should include a wide selection of sexy lingerie, while it never hurts to get a few sexy outfits in there too - sexy cosplay is a rather big niche! A sexy outfit is one of the surest ways to get more guys viewing, as the right outfit can really work wonders for your face and body. Remember, the more clothing you have, the more money you can make from a viewer by performing a slower strip tease, so a diverse wardrobe and lingerie drawer is recommended. First impressions go a long way, which is why dressing as sexy as possible is a must, but always be sure to wear outfits and lingerie that offer just enough of a tease to get the viewer interested in the show.

Get a Diverse Collection of Sex Toys

Every camgirl needs a good collection of sex toys. Given the nature of the work, you obviously want to have plenty of different toys to keep your broadcasts diverse yet still entertaining. This means lots of sex toys - preferably different types and sizes, along with accessories such as lube, body art, and anything else your viewers will like!

Work on Those Sexy Moves

Viewers come to a camgirl for arousal, so if you’re just lying around on a bed not doing much then you won’t get much of a following. Sexy moves are a must for any camgirl, whether it’s working on strip routines or practicing your twerking. The more seductive your moves the better, so always take the time to practice this. It not only helps draw in more viewers but helps build confidence for the performer. Consider recording yourself dancing seductively or get in front of the mirror and work on those moves!

Know What Your Viewer Wants

Many camgirl viewers are happy to enjoy a more relaxed encounter, where you get flirty, have a chat, and maybe a drink or smoke. However, the vast number of viewers come for erotic entertainment, so it’s a good idea to know what your viewers are looking for, so you can perform accordingly. Everyone has their own kinks and quirks - know what your viewer wants and give it them to make that money!

Stick to a Regular Schedule

Webcamming is freelance work, meaning you choose when to perform, which is one of big appeals for this line of work. While it is great to work whenever you please, it’s always worth maintaining a regular schedule. Frequent broadcasts help to bring in more money and a wider audience, so a few hours of camming per week won’t be too lucrative. Try to establish a regular work schedule so viewers know when to tune in, as you want to develop regulars that continue to come back for more.

Plus, more broadcasts tend to result in higher ranking on cam sites, so you will get more exposure from regular performances. Consider doing several short broadcasts each day, such as in the afternoon and again in the evening, working regularly throughout the week.

Never Go Further Than You Want to

Remember, as a camgirl you are your own boss, so you don’t need to answer to anyone. Never go further than you want to when performing, no matter the pressure from a viewer! Sadly, there will be viewers that request things you don’t want to do. When this occurs, try to be firm but polite when refusing - you’ll find most people should step in line.

Others won’t however, so if someone is being too forceful with their requests, simply say no and let him know there are countless girls out there that will be happy to do it.


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