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Top Outdoor Sex Ideas | SeriouslySensual

If you're looking for a spot of intimacy in the great outdoors then this one is for you. Imagine yourself in the middle of an open field or forest and you get that horny feeling come over you. It’s just you and Mother Nature.

Why try outdoor sex?

Well, imagine yourself in the middle of an open field or forest and you get that horny feeling come over you and it’s just you and Mother Nature. It doesn’t matter if you're under cover, in a tent or under the stars, outdoor sex will only increase your libido and make it all more exciting. The open countryside and fresh air will intensify any intimate experience; making you feel healthy and invigorated. But, remember it’s not legal to have sex in public where you can be seen, so you do so at your own risk! That’s half the fun right? Here are 5 of out top picks:

SeriouslySensual Outdoor Sex Top Picks

Viewpoints for outdoor sex

1. Viewpoints:

These viewing points always tend to be in the middle of nowhere and are ideal to be intimate with your loved one whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings. Silence, sun and sex make a great combination and you’ll feel at peace with Mother Nature and enjoy the sights on offer. We mean the view of course! 


Sex on the beach

2. Sex on the Beach:

You may think this is a cliché but this is one of the most romantic places to have sex. You’ll be surrounded beautiful images of the sun, sea and coastline. The sounds of the waves lapping against the beach will relax the most tense of us, just watch out for getting sand in the wrong places and any onlookers. Oh, and don’t forget to rub sun cream on those little exposed bits of yours!


Rooftop Sex

3. Rooftop Sex:

The stars make the perfect setting for a little romancing. It’s a definite night time activity that will make the ideal setting as long as you choose a roof that’s flat, we don’t want you sliding now do we. Well not the roof anyway. Choosing to have sex on a rooftop during daytime might be a little scary to anyone looking out of his or her apartment. Not a nice thought!


Driving Seat Sex

4. Driving Seat Sex:

This one might be a little tricky and isn’t as easy as you might think. For all of you out there that have ever tried this one, you may have found avoiding hard uncomfortable objects like gear sticks, dashboards and steering wheels can make this a little tricky. Your success will depend on what kind of car your talking about. This is more of idea for when you're too horny to make it home. Oh and watch out for the steamed up windows… always a giveaway! And avoid compacts at all costs.


Sex in the woods

5. Sex in the woods:

This is the only time when you don’t need to last too long. In fact speed might be a bonus. Unless you’re an exhibitionist you’ll probably want to find a quiet spot where your not worrying about dog walkers, last thing you want is to be discovered mid motion. Some essential will go a long way to making this experience more enjoyable such as a blanket and some wet wipes. Oh and don’t forget not to frighten the wildlife!


Now these are only a few of many different possibilities and we’re always open to hearing others you may have tried. Please share any of your favourites with us.


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