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Top 10 Best Sexual Fantasies 2015 to Rock Your World | SeriouslySensual

For all you out there that have been together for 5 years of more, you’ll know keeping passionate in the bedroom gets harder and harder. Sexual fantasies are a sure way to stay happy in your relationship. Communicating what you like and what turns you on is so important in keeping things fresh and adding a little creativity will go a long way both in and out of the bedroom.

A little creativity in the bedroom never hurt

Over 90% of couples say they have sexual fantasies and according to studies women have romantic fantasies on a more regular basis than men. However men fantasise more frequently about sex parties, threesomes, swinging and sex orgies. No need to worry though, there are many fantasies that you can try with your loved one. You can share your desires, experiment and discover together to see what works best for you as a couple. You’ll be surprised how easy it will be and how amazing it is to be reconnected again with your partner.

1. You and your boss

Over 50% of us girls and over 60% of men fantasise about an intimate experience with our boss or office co-worker. This is all about the power play. Dress up in your work dress or sexy costume, sit behind a desk and re-create that fantasy that’s been playing on your mind. One acts out the more dominant role of the boss and the office the office junior. The more creative you can be in playing out the detail the more powerful this fantasy is.

2. Dominate a little or a lot

This is a hot topic due to the film ‘Fifty shades of Grey’. Power play is one of the most sexiest fantasies and releasing your inner dominatrix is one fantasy that’s great to let go of in the bedroom. It’s a simple one to explore; all that’s needed is trust and communication. Try releasing your inhibitions and allow your partner to take complete control, using some props such as handcuffs, whips or blindfolds can make this even more exciting. This one only gets better with practice and trust.

3. Have Sex Outside 

Love a little risk? Then this is definitely one for you. If the idea of getting caught in the moment turns you on you’ll love this one. Find a secluded area outside, maybe woods, fields or in the car and get hot and steamy with your partner. This can be fun and exciting, knowing that any minute, you might be spotted by a passer buy.

4. Be an Exhibitionist

Just fewer than 20% of couples fantasise about being watched whilst having sex with another 5% loving the idea of being naked in public. Love the risk? Then find a window in open sight and let yourselves free and put on a show for the curious public. You’ll be surprised in how naughty this will make you feel.

5. Be Voyeuristic

If being watched isn’t for you then why not try the other side of the coin. Do you love spying on your neighbours? Looking on from the sidelines is a popular fantasy and watching another couple from afar will definitely get the blood boiling. Waiting for this to happen might not be that easy, so start by tracking down the nearest nudist beach or perhaps a sex show. It’s a great opportunity to tell your loved one what you like and what’s turning you on.

6. Watch Each Other Masturbate

Fancy a little more privacy? Then bring it back to the bedroom and hold your own private voyeuristic fantasy by masturbating in front of your partner. This is a great way of letting your partner know what turns you on and you’ll probably find that they will join in on the fun. It’s an immediate turn on that will definitely make an instant connection. The longer you can keep your partner form touching you the more intense this fantasy becomes. Adding sex toys into the mix makes this even sexier. The women could try using a LELO vibrator and the man could try a male masturbator such as a Fleshlight.

7. The Stranger Fantasy

This fantasy is one of the best and easiest to act out and both men and women love this one. The unknown is extremely sexy and what better way of fulfilling this than acting out a mysterious affair with a stranger. Each of you pretend you’ve not met before, try new names, new hairstyles an even personalities. Wearing some very sexy lingerie under your dress and going out to a bar to do this helps get into your new role. It’s easier said than done but just make sure you don’t break character ad this is where the magic happens.

8. Make A Sex Video

We all know that men are more visual, but women also love a little porn. In fact the average women is at her horniest after only 2 minutes of a sexy movie. It’s not just the rich and famous that love to make sex tapes, you may be surprised to hear that over 40% of women love the idea of making a sexy movie with their loved ones. The numbers are quite staggering, in 2012 over 25% of women have made a naughty movie with their man and this number is predicted to grow to over 50% in 2015. So why not join in on the fun and make your own. Now remember, just make sure you keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes.

9. Threesome Fantasy

Have you ever thought of adding another man or women into the mix? A really popular fantasy is a threesome and it is becoming more popular than ever. Over 20% of women have participated in a threesome, as they love the excitement of adding something new into the mix. This fantasy needs lot’s of communication and clear boundaries and trust. But with that all clarified, let yourself go and enjoy the extra set of hands. If you want to spice it up any further try using a strap-on and ensure you have lot’s of lubricant close to hand.

10. Sex Toys

Enhanced orgasms are where it’s at and what better way than adding a sex toy or two. Over 70% of women like using toys with their partners and the good news is that over 80% of men like using them. There are many different adult sex toys on the market and the only choice left will be choosing which will it be? A popular choice for women is the rampant rabbit vibrator as it caters for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation and the man could try a little prostate play.

So here's out Top 10 Sexual Fantasy Ideas, but maybe you have some of your own. We'd love to hear how your experience went or if you have any other additions that we may have forgotten about. Good luck and have a fantastic time.


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