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Tips for Choosing the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type | SeriouslySensual

There is nothing better than finding that perfect piece of lingerie. You look amazing, feel unstoppable, and everything just seems that bit better.

The opposite can be said of lingerie that doesn’t fit. Your uncomfortable, your body doesn’t look as flattering, and it could even be doing long-term damage you’re completely unaware of.

Relax and Don’t Let Sizes Affect Your Mindset

First things first, we want you to remain nice and relaxed before buying. It’s easy to be put off by a size and think there is no way it’s right for you, but this often leads to going too small to compensate.

Avoid this at all costs and just remember that the size of the tag doesn’t truly affect you. We all have our own body types and you’d be shocked at some of the sizes that women should be wearing compared to what they do.

Have Fun!

Lingerie shopping shouldn’t be a daunting process - you should have fun and make the most of the time. When you enjoy the shopping experience you always find more things you like, so try not to get too serious or worked up if you can’t find the right thing - you’ll get there eventually!

Lingerie for Tall Bodies

Taller women have plenty of great options when it comes to lingerie for their body type. Garments with more fabric often work well to provide coverage without seeming frumpy, such as a pair of briefs for longer butts or a nice bustier for longer torsos.

Bra straps are also very important, as you need them to be as adjustable as possible, so always look for fully adjustable straps. Longline straps are also a great idea has they provide more support and coverage below the breasts.


When you’ve got a sculpted body, you want to show them off and provide good support at the same time. Push-ups and cut out bras are ideal for athletic builds looking for more curves, which is common due to a lack of fat in the breasts, while corsets and bustiers are good choice for creating different looks with your bust.

Thongs are a great way to show off your booty, which is usually a highlight of athletic builds, but make sure to choose stretchy materials like lace and spandex for a better fit. Also, don’t be afraid of going up a size with your panties if you’re sporting a well sculpted butt!


Plus size lingerie provides curvy women with many choices, and you should never feel embarrassed about choosing a plus size garment, especially if you have big breasts!

The main thing to do is always accentuate those curves. Anything that shows off the chest is a good idea, with low-cut necklines being a great option, but always make sure there is adequate support - you’re boobs always look best when properly supported by the bra!

Plus Size Babydolls offer a nice amount of coverage while also showing off your legs, while corsets and rompers are sure to leave you looking sexy. Make the most of sheers, laces, and other materials - there is no shortage of gorgeous plus size designs out there!


If you are working with a small frame then be sure to utilise bra and pantie sets, as two-piece lingerie really works well on a shorter body. You don’t need to focus on underwire and under-bands as much as other body types, so try experiment with bralettes and other delicate bra styles.

Much like a taller body type, adjustable bra straps are very important, as petite women tend to struggle with strap sizes due to their smaller frame. If you can’t find decent garments in the petite section, consider taking the lingerie to a seamstress that can take the lingerie in a few inches. 


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