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The Ultimate Guide to Striptease | SeriouslySensual

The Ultimate Guide to Striptease

From sexy lingerie to sexy music to sexy atmosphere we have created the ultimate guide to striptease ensuring complete perfection on your exciting night ahead.

Choosing the right bra

You’ll need a bra that pushes your assets up, make sure it’s not over padded and one that has straps attached. Ensure it has the perfect fit and enhances your shapes from every glance. You don’t want your breasts to overflowing the sides and top and they also shouldn’t escape if your lean forwards. Now the fronts sorted ensure the bra doesn’t find itself too high at the back either, so check out a bra fitting guide to get your sizing just right and visit our bra and panty section >>

Choosing the suspenders

If you’re the kind of women to wear garter belts during the day you’ll probably find that the wider styles are better at holding your stockings up throughout the day. But for stripteases it’s better to choose something sexier and more delicate. Try this panty set that comes with suspenders >>

If you get the striptease right you’ll hopefully end up with a rather immediate erotic encounter so the choice of garter belt is imperative. A garter belt must have the real metal clips rather than the silly metal alligator clips. You may need to practice a little first but you’ll be pleased you made this choice. 

Choosing the right panties

So is it a thong or a brief? What’s your preference? When strip teasing it’s sometimes best to cover as much as possible so when you reveal at each stage it creates a bigger impact. The look on your partners face when you take off your panties to reveal your naked cheeks will be priceless. So panties are better than thong in this instance.

Most importantly always wear your panties over your garter belt otherwise you’ll get your knickers in a twist and we don’t want that now do we. Plus what man doesn’t like to see a women just in stockings and garter. Here are our selection of women’s panties >>

Choosing the right top layer

When doing a striptease you mustn’t forget what goes on top of the sexy lingerie. You’ll be wanting many layers to take off so wearing a sexy suit or skirt and blouse will do nicely. Choosing items that you can unbutton and bottom halves that wrap around are ideal.

The most important thing to remember is whatever you choose needs to be easy and elegant to take off. So no zip back dresses or anything that has to come off over the head. Sorry, definite no no’s! We don’t want to mess up that beautiful hair do ad make up now. 

Then there are your shoes… You’ll most probably want nice high heeled shoes that exaggerate your proportions. Just ensure you’re able to walk in them without stumbling or falling over, not cool. They will also need to come off easily, so no buckles or straps. 

Choosing the right hair style

Using hair ties and a French twist allows you to bring your hair into the striptease and practice undoing it just at the right moment. Make sure you use pins that are not too difficult to release, not sexy look seeing you thumble around. A good idea is to brush through some perfume through your hair and down onto the top of your neck. 

Choosing the right lighting

This is the one of the most important elements within the striptease. Dimmer switches are great for setting the mood but if you don’t have dimmers then there’s no need to worry, candles and drapes will do the job just as well. Getting the right tones can help reduce the sight of any unwanted cellulite and reduce any insecurity’s you may have. You can find some beautiful smelling candles here >>

Choosing the right music

The best advice we have for you on this one is to choose music you love. You can’t go wrong with this. We can’t tell you what music gets you in the right mood for love but we have created a dedicated Striptease FREE Spotify playlist to make this easy for you. Just choose music that makes you feel sexy and matches your personality.

Now for the Striptease Preparation

Ok, your hair and maker up are done, you’ve chosen some sexy lingerie that make you feel sexy, now it’s time to iron out the last minute bits to make it the ultimate striptease.

Firstly, you’ll want your lover to be relaxed and comfortable in a chair or sofa. Serve him his favourite drink for this very special occasion. You might even want to pour yourself a drink, something that will calm those nerves and get you in the mood for love, just don’t get too tipsy, nothing is worse is worse than a drunk striptease.

So, is your lover a touchy feely kind of person? If so, you might want to tie their hands with a silk scarf, after all we don’t want them to cut the show short. Remember the ‘TEASE’ in Strip Tease.

Next you’ll need a chair directly opposite him around 5ft away. Make sure the chair you choose is solid, the prettier the better and one that enhances your lingerie.

Time to strip

Wow, we hear you say…. ‘All this prep’. Well it’s all in the prep. You’re now ready for the performance of a lifetime. We’ve created guide that if followed, the night will go exactly as planned.

Begin by standing by your chair and spend a little time allowing yourself to be engulfed by the music. Sway your hips to the music and play with your hair, neck, chest and hips with suggestive strokes. Grab his attention with your eyes and don’t let go.

Now, the fun starts. Tease time! Reveal the tops of you legs and then a little cleavage… in anticipation of what’s coming next.

The secret to the best striptease is to breath and be at your most relaxed. Don’t let anything put you off, smile and continue.

Once your top outfit is off and you're standing in front of your lover in tour sexy lingerie you can show off your stunning curves and slowly walk around your chair, bend forwards and tease with a little more cleavage. Undo your garter and follow the seam of your stockings with your finger whilst bending over showing off your beautiful derriere. Caress your curves in front of him. This will drive him wild.

Now take a seat, face him and spread your legs and then close them for the tease. Repeat a couple of times. Now, things will get a lot hotter.

Now it’s time for your bra to come off. Start by slowly sliding a strap down your shoulder. Caress your breasts gently and then slide the other trap down.

As you turn around unhook the bra whilst looking over your shoulder. Then let the bra fall to the floor or toss it gently over to your onlooker with a cheeky smile.

Time to get up close and personal. Give him a whiff of the delicious perfume you’re wearing. Brushing your breast against his cheek up the temperature once more.

Now pull away and stair back into his eyes as you slowly caress your hips and slide a finger or two inside your panty tops. Turn around with your back towards your lover and bend over as you slowly wriggle out of your panties. When they are down below your bum cheeks, look back over your shoulder and offer a tiny smile.

It’s time for your panties to come off. Hold onto the chair gently with one hand and slowly pull your panties down to your ankles just resting on your high heels. Time to take them and slowly walk over to your lover and drape them on him.

Where it goes from here is completely up to you and your imagination but we are pretty sure it will lead to a highly passionate experience.

If you need a little more clarity we've created a Youtube Playlist covering Striptease and Erotic dance.>>

We’d love to hear back from you so please comment below with your experiences.


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