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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Partner Sexy Lingerie | SeriouslySensual

SeriouslySensual firmly believes there is no better gift than some sexy lingerie. Not only does it require a fair amount of thought and consideration, it’s a gift that both the giver and receiver get to enjoy - and for quite time too!.

SeriouslySensual firmly believes there is no better gift than some sexy lingerie. Not only does it require a fair amount of thought and consideration, it’s a gift that both the giver and receiver get to enjoy - and for quite time too! Yet buying lingerie for your partner isn’t the easiest, especially for any guys out there that are unfamiliar with how to choose the right lingerie. After all, there is a near endless collection of sexy lingerie to purchase for a loved one, from classics like bras and panties to more erotic garments.

While overwhelming initially, it’s actually a good thing to have so much choice. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to lingerie, so it’s possible to find something for every person out there. So, if you want to buy your better half some sexy lingerie but have no idea where to start, check out the guide below for all the info you need!

When buying sexy lingerie take your time

The first step to take when buying sexy lingerie for your partner is to take your time. Too many guys rush out at the first thought of buying lingerie, choosing one of the first things they see - most lingerie is very sexy after all! However, it’s important not to rush your purchase. There’s so many different things to consider before you buy anything and taking the time to plan everything out is well worth it. From sizes to styles to colours, there’s so much to consider, so never impulsively buy anything. Instead, take a few days to get all the necessary information to help choose the best lingerie your partner is sure to love.

Finding out her lingerie size

Buying lingerie isn’t that sexy when it doesn’t fit - so always find out her sizes first! It’s an obvious thing to remember, but so many people simply forget to check her sizes or think they know them when they clearly don’t. Remember, her boobs and waist are different sizes, so there’s a few measurements you need to find out. There are a few ways to do this, so be sure to try one of them out.

Ask her friends for measurements! This may be risky if you are buying lingerie for a surprise occasion such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, as her friends might let slip to her, but it’s definitely a great way to find her sizes. Another simple way to find this out is to check her current lingerie. Now, you feel a little creepy rummaging through her lingerie, but this is all for a good cause, and is often necessary for getting exact measurements. If you don’t have the opportunity to search her underwear drawer, consider having a quick nosy at her laundry. Bra sizes are often the more difficult one to determine, as you can find her waist size by checking her jeans or other bottoms.

Understanding bra sizes

For men looking to buy their partner lingerie, understanding bra measurements is quite difficult at first. However, once you know what the numbers and letters mean, it’s very simple to understand and will ensure you get a perfect fit. The first part to look for in bra size is the band. The band size is stated in numbers, so check for this on the label of the bra, with the numbers representing the inches around her back. Now, you want to find out the cup size, which is in letters. Both the cup and band size are on the label, although try checking a few of her bras to see if there are any differences in size. It may be a good idea to write these down!


Choosing the right style of underwear

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of choosing lingerie for your partner is finding the right style. Women tend to have a wide selection of underwear, with different styles for different occasions. From casual underwear to sexy lingerie, there’s plenty of style options worth considering, which is often overwhelming a first. Plus, you don’t just have bras and panties to choose from. There is a huge selection of lingerie garments available, including teddies, chemises, babydolls, body stockings, corsets and Basques - the list is near endless!

Not only are there different types of garments available, the styles can be drastically different. For instance, you might want something elegant and sophisticated, or perhaps you want to be a daring and go for some erotic lingerie such as crotchless panties. Also, you may want to accessorise. Bras and panties are certainly sexy on their own, but why not complete the look with some alluring holdups or stockings and suspenders? You could buy a sexy night gown to go with the lingerie, or even treat her to a nice set of heels to round out the outfit!

Of course, the biggest challenge is working out what is right for her. This is easy enough to work out, providing you do some detective work. For instance, you can get a feel for the type of bras and panties she likes by simply looking at what she likes to wear. If you find her wearing lots of booty shorts and pants, then a thong or a G-string may not be the best option. Furthermore, take the time to check what colours she likes, not just in her underwear but her clothes as well. If you find her wearing one colour more than others, try getting her some sexy underwear in the same colour!

If all else fails, consider going for the classic all-black lingerie - it’s a timeless look that never fails to look sexy.


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