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The SeriouslySensual guide to vibrators | SeriouslySensual

Do vibrators make you anxious, confused and embarrassed? If the answers ‘YES’ then you’ll want to read on. We have heard so much negative feedback on the subject of vibrators and how to use them, we thought we’ve put together a quick ‘how to use’ guide.

The ultimate vibrator 'how to use' guide

Vibrators are here to stay so let’s get used to them right? There’s no need to be embarrassed or overwhelmed by them. You can use them on your own or to enjoy them with your partner, both very satisfying indeed. We hope the points below will help you feel more comfortable and for the pros please let us know if we’ve forgotten anything.

1. Create the right atmosphere

Firstly and most importantly reserve some privacy in your day. Turn all mobiles, landlines and computers off or anything that might interrupt that special moment. Put some relaxing sensual music on, lower the rooms’ ambiance, maybe watch a little porn and get in a sexy mood.

2. Start with your hand

Begin by warming up your erogenous zones with your fingers and a little saliva or lubricant. Discover what feels nice and what feels amazing without the buzzing of a vibrator. It’s also good to understand the contours of your clitoris, vulva and vagina; it’s amazing how easy it is to get the juices flowing.

3. Learn your vibe

Don’t jump in before you understand your vibrators speeds, vibrations and patterns. Your areas will be sensitive and allowing immediate contact might do more damage than good. Start with the softest setting and rest it on your inner thigh and wait until you feel the sensation. Once you feel accustomed, then try a faster more vigorous setting. Like it?

4. Take the next step

Gently lay your vibrator on your vaginal lips, spend a little time moving it around as an extension of your fingers noting the sensations that are enhance by the vibrator. Once comfortable locate your clitoris and run the vibrator around it several time before teasing it with the tip of your vibrator. Feel your body react and the relaxed feeling kick in.

5. Time for a clitoral orgasm

Rest the tip of the vibrator and explore your different setting and speeds. See what if feels like when you add a little pressure and find what works for you. You’ll feel the arousal intensify and whilst this is building ensure you allow yourself to relax, take slower deeper breaths and let your mind start to wonder. You'll feel the sensations start to intensify.

6. Simulate intercourse

When the time feels right, slide the vibe down over your labia to the entrance of your vagina. On the slowest setting slowly insert the tip of the vibrator into your vagina, simulating sexual intercourse. In a slow motion begin to slide the shaft of the vibrator in and out and enjoy the pleasurable experience and sensations. The next step is to locate your g-spot and tease it with the tip, remembering not to forget your clitoris and other erogenous zones.

7. Introduce your partner

Although this is the natural progression, make sure you're completely comfortable with your vibe. Communicate what you like most and let them understand what you like and what you don’t like. Remember, for the best results; create a connection between you, your vibe and your partner.

8. Use for foreplay 

Just as you did, let your partner experiment with the vibrators settings. Let them become familiar, as this will prevent any clumsy mishaps. These could set you back and loose the moment. Once you're both familiar you’ll start to enjoy the most intense sensations at the hand of your partner. Begin to explore together all of your erogenous zones through good communication. It’s an adventure and together you’ll discover the ultimate orgasm. The more you practice the better they will become.

9. Penetration

The vibrator is designed to create both clitoral and vaginal orgasms. During penetration try resting the vibrator against your clitoris whilst your partner thrusts, you’ll feel the pleasure everywhere. Another way is to insert the vibrator inside your vagina whilst your partner gives you oral stimulation to the clitoris. Both these methods are amazing and it’s now time for you to be creative together!

Now you understand your vibrator, take a look to see all the different varieties of vibrator on offer, each with different characteristics and see which ones might tickle your fancy. >>


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