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The Do's and Dont's of Camming | SeriouslySensual

The Dos and Don’ts of Camming One of the biggest misconceptions of professional camgirls is their work is easy.

After all, how difficult is it to just take your clothes off in front of a camera? The truth - it is quite difficult!.

That’s because there is so much more to camming than simply setting up a webcam and getting naked. From establishing a unique personality to knowing what to wear and use for each performance, there are countless considerations a camgirl needs to make on an average work day. Furthermore, there’s a lot that can go wrong, especially for beginners unfamiliar with the work. It’s not the type of job that comes with any form of training or mentoring, meaning a lot of beginner girls need to make mistakes in order to learn from them. If you’re considering becoming a camgirl, make sure you check out these dos and don’ts of camming:

The Do's of Camming

Choose a Good Site

This one is a no-brainer. The website a camgirl uses couldn’t be more important, as it is the main place to advertise and find new viewers. A popular site has a great number of viewers, meaning you have a better chance of making money, but at the same time there is more competition to deal with. Lesser known sites may be a good place to carve out a core following, but not all of these are reputable and could end up more hassle than they are worth. Therefore, it’s worth researching cam sites offering work, looking for the opinion of former or current camgirls. A good idea is to try out a few of the most promising sites and seeing which one you are most comfortable with.

Wear What You Like

A big first-time mistake new camgirls make is dressing up like a porn star. While this may work for some guys, more often than not the viewers are seeking a more authentic erotic experience, which means interacting with a camgirl that shows off her real personality. The best way to do this is your clothing and makeup. Dress like you normally would, wearing clothes you would on a date or hot night in the bedroom, and don’t feel the need to plaster yourself with heavy makeup. Of course, if you like getting dolled up and wearing your best lingerie for a performance then do that too! A webcam girl that feels comfortable in a t-shirt and cute pants is always going to be much sexier than a girl wearing exotic lingerie - always wear what you like most!

Show That Smile

A smiling camgirl is always a sexy camgirl! It’s one of the simplest yet most effective methods for looking more attractive, as guys simply love the thought of a camgirl having a great time with her viewers - it’s all part of the camming experience. You will be surprised how many more tips and follows you get from smiling!

Plan Your Shift

Camming is freelance work, and like any freelancer, camgirls need to be meticulously when it comes to planning your shift. Even if camming for a few hours each day, you want to have an idea of what you plan on doing during your broadcast. This is especially important for new camgirls, many of whom have no idea how to start their shift and are unfamiliar with how to time things. Remember, your goal here is to get money from viewers, and this requires strategic planning to keep viewers watching and paying for as long as possible. Plan countdowns to keep eyes on your broadcast, consider special incentives for high tips, and always have a plan for each portion of the shift. A lack of direction for a shift only leads to disorganisation and poorly paced broadcast.

Create a Unique Workspace

Sitting in front of bed in front of a bland wall is hardly inspiring viewing. You want to attract viewers in and keep them coming back, which means creating a unique brand, including where your performances take place. So, rather than keeping a bland workspace, try to add some props and decorations, using visuals that showcase your personality (think posters, artwork, tapestries, fairy lights etc.) Also, a whiteboard is always a good idea as it allows you to display highest tippers, giving more incentive for others to contribute.

Keep Moving

Some guys enjoy a camgirl lazily lying on bed as she reads her laptop, but it’s never a good idea to remain too inactive. Even those that cam sitting or lying down should consider moving around, whether it’s swapping the bed for a couch or even leaning against a different object. For those standing up, you always need to keep moving, otherwise you may look quite awkward. Try practicing sexy dance moves or alluring poses to keep eyes on you for as long as possible.

The Dont's of Camming

Use an Internal Webcam

Most laptops come with a webcam, and while this seems a great option for beginners, the picture quality never makes it worthwhile. A poor picture quality means fewer viewers and tips, which is only going to frustrate any newcomers. A better-quality web cam makes a significant difference to your broadcasts. Nobody wants to look at a grainy, pixelated camgirl broadcast, and you can certain all the other girls are using external cams with quality video, so don’t bother using the build-in webcam on your laptop - buy a new one!

Be Afraid to Say No

This one goes without saying - never do anything you aren’t comfortable with. A great thing about camming is that you are complete control of every aspect of the work. IF you aren’t happy doing something on cam, even if someone pays to request it, simply tell them no in a firm yet polite manner. Don’t accept any threats or irritating behaviour - block people that cross boundaries and don’t take no for an answer.

Drink Too Much

Starting out as a camgirl is quite nerve-racking, leading many to have a few tipples during their broadcasts. While it never hurts to get a bit of confidence flowing, drinking too much is a recipe for disaster. Yes, after a few drinks you will feel sexier and more daring but getting wasted on camera is the last thing you ever want to do. Bear this in mind if offering drink-based incentives, such as a shot for every tip, as you don’t want to get blackout drunk during a live broadcast.


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