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Tantric sex is much simpler than you’d expect! | SeriouslySensual

Looking to speed up and slow down those sexual encounters? Tantric sex doesn’t need hours and hours of spare time to be beneficial. It’s a definite must for any couple who hasn’t tried it before. So, let’s explain Tantric Sex:

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is an old Hindu invention that’s existed for over 500 decades. Its name derives from the old meaning 'the weaving and expansion of energy'. It’s a slower form of sexual play that’s know to enhance the intimacy and sexual pleasure, creating a mind, body and soul connection that can provide the most powerful orgasms. It can also be know as Tantra and anyone wanting to invigorate their sex life can participate. It’s the perfect remedy in discovering whole new heights in your lovemaking sessions. Sounds confusing? Then allow us to explain… ‘A quickie’ would be the equivalent of fast food, whereas tantric sex is the 5 course gourmet meal, prepared with love and presented beautifully, making it all the more scrumptious due to the wait.


So why would you want to experience Tantric Sex?

Experts who have years of experience believe that if you invest longer periods of time into your love-making sessions you’ll experience heightened and more intense feelings during orgasm. Tantric sex must work, as famous celebrities such as Sting and Tom Hanks have both been known to promote it. You may have even heard Trudie Styler say how amazing here husband is in bed and how he has been known to make love for over five hours in a session.


So, how does Tantric Sex work?

The best bit of news is that tantric sex isn’t about achieving a particular goal, meaning you’ll not need to study to learn how to perform it. The secret is to not concentrate on the orgasm itself but rather enjoy the foreplay, make it spectacular and only then let it naturally take it’s course. The end will come. Delaying the orgasm is easier said than done, but there are all kinds of techniques to aid in the delay. The top 3 most popular techniques are meditation, breathing and massage.


When trying for the first time, start with these few pointers:

Firstly, set the right ambiance, reduce the light in the room and put on some sensual music. 
We’ve created a free ambient playlist here as an initial suggestion >>  

Make sure you have beautiful scents in the room that will enhance and relax. 
We’d suggest, any of these will do the job nicely >>  

Next, let your body go. Experts suggest shaking your arms and legs to unlock your system, reenergise and completely relax. Then, don’t be drawn to the bed as this will encourage a 'quickie' rather than seeking that close connection of the Tantric approach of lovemaking. Next, allow yourself to become comfortable. Lie on the floor alongside your partner and begin to slowly caress your partner, making sure you slowly work your way over every inch of their skin. You can use different effect in the touch. Try the firm touch, delicate feathery patters and delicate stroking. The ultimate goal here is to enhance your partners senses in an intense and slow progression going as close to the finish line as you can, remember don’t get carried away…don’t go to far! 

If you do this correctly you can make the pleasure of love-making go on for hours and hours. 
You might try using some beautiful smelling massage oils and lubricants that will help your hands glide over each other’s bodies >>  

Whilst you’re doing this, don’t forget you're breathing. If you find yourself drifting off, focus on your breath. Breath in whilst your partner breathes out. The purpose of this is to improve the connection and together focus on the moment in hand. Most importantly, don’t give in. In the beginning you might not make it past the 10 minute mark. Tantric Sex does take a lot of experience and it will take a little time too perfect. There isn’t the typical beginning, during and end that we’re all used to in The Western World. After many efforts you’ll be able to forget this structured approach and begin to enjoy lovemaking without focusing on the end goal. You’ll notice that as time goes on you’ll have much better self-control and the orgasms will intensify.


Try some of these Tantric Sex Exercises:

Since Tantra focuses on the intimacy, these exercises will help you learn the true benefits of Tantra.

Firstly, together align you're breathing. Try to stand upright, facing each other. Gaze into each other’s eyes and rest your palm on your partner’s heart. Your partner will then do the same crossing your arm and then focus on breathing together for roughly a 2 minute period. Then, change and sit on the floor facing each other. A good way to do this is for the women to site on the man’s lap. Place your arms around each other firmly and press your chests against one another, to allow as much contact with the skin as this enhances the intimacy levels. Lastly, make sure you breath nice and slowly during lovemaking. Avoid the usual positions as this will avoid premature orgasm and focus on slowly increase the intensity of the pleasure until you both orgasm.


How to introduce Tantric Sex to your lover.

Sometimes, Tantric Sex can be daunting to your partner, but don’t be overwhelmed, Tantra is really just like Yoga, but much more intimate. If they are still unsure remind your partner that Tantric Sex is beneficial, as it has no specific expectations. 

A little insider tip to Tantric Sex: 
As you’re about to achieve orgasm, reduce your breathing. Most people increase their breathing as they feel themselves nearing orgasm and their bodies’ tense trying to get there faster. In fact do the opposite let your stomach relax and take much bigger deeper breaths into your stomach; this will increase the intensity and length of the orgasm.


Tantra is ideal if you’re wanting:

 to try out new things in the bedroom
 to increase the intimacy with your partner.
 to reconnect with your partner..


If your interested to know more then check out our SeriouslysSensual YouTube Channel where we’ve collected a few great Tantric Sex videos in a playlist for beginners right here >>


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