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Keeping your sex toys clean

Why bother we hear you shout! Well, take it form us, it's so important because the last thing you want whilst having sex is worrying about what germs you might be spreading whilst pleasuring your partner.

There's nothing more off-putting than discovering bad smells and dodgy mould on your latest sex toy. Urrrrrr!

But it's not all doom and gloom and it's not a massive hassle. It's pretty effortless to keep your little friends clean and safe to use.

All it takes is a little consistency. Just create a routine for cleaning your adult toys and it will become a habit before you know it. 

Below we will go into more detail but whatever the sex toy, wether it's a vibrator for women or and anal sex toy the guides set below are all relevant.

When sharing toys with your lover, it's worth remembering to clean it during intercourse or you could use a condom for classic dildos and vibrators. Always dry it off before you put it back in your goodies draw otherwise next time you get it out you'll find mildew on it. Also don't leave them lying around for days as bacteria can attach to the surfaces and this is not as easy to wash off. 

Everything you need to know about keeping your sex toys clean and stored away safely.

How to clean Toys without power

The most important step is to find out the correct way to clean your toy. To do this you'll need to know what material it's made out of, porous or non-porous? So why is this so important? Well a toy that's made out of a porous material needs more effort and time. Although the holes will be super tiny, they can collect bacteria, mildew and mould in the pours if you don't keep on top it. 

The following materials are porous:

     • Rubber
     • Elastomer
     • Latex
     • UR3 and Sensafirm

Generally you will find these materials in dildos that feel realistic, such as cyberskin and dual density. Placing a condom over penetrative toys is a great way to keep these clean and safe.

When cleaning non-electric, porous adult toys, always use a very mild and unscented soap (ideally antibacterial) along with warm water. Be careful though, if it is a realistic material, only use a little soap and this can damage the Realistic skin effect. Make sure you rinse off all of the soap and leave in a place that has a flow or air and is dry.

When your toys are non-porouus materials such as glass, metal, hard plastic or silicone, it's much easier. Just soap and water will do the job! Silicone and glass can also be immersed into boiling water for 3-4 minutes! This will ensure all the nasty bacteria is killed off. 

Cleaning your Sex Toys that have power

Toys that vibrate and aren't sold as waterproof, you'll still be able to use soap and water but just make sure you remember not to submerge it in water. Use a damp cloth with a little soap and rub thoroughly. Then leave on the side to dry off. This should do the job nicely! 

How to identify which Toys you Clean During Sex verses ones you clean afterwards.

Shared toys are the most important to consider. When sharing a dildo, butt plug or vibrator (anything that is penetrative) during intercourse it's always a good idea to use a condom. This will ensure your lover is completely protected from any nasty bugs. Always worth noting, avoid oil-based lubricants as these can destroy the condoms protection.

It's not that hard to clean your toy in between session with warm soapy water. We highly recommend this when the sex toy is an anal toy. When cleaning anal toys always make sure you've washed off all of the soap as this can cause irritations. Make sure the towel is lint free as anything else will leave small bits of fluff on your toy. Once you've done this you'll be able to get stuck in!

Male sex toys are fine to clean after your session and there are several special antibacterial solutions available from sex shops. If you want to save money then again, soapy water will do the job.

Storage Ideas for Sex Toys

Once you're done, don't be tempted to chuck your toys back in the sex drawer. It's a recipe for disaster if you do! you're bound to forget where you've thrown them and they could be discovered by unwanted eyes. But, most importantly, your toys will pick up all kinds of nasties lying around in the bottom of your draw!

These toys aren't cheap and if you've bothered to buy sex toys then look after them. they deserve it! Take the time to find a nice storage solution for them. They'll look so much more appealing too!

For example, a lovely silk and satin pouch is perfect for storing your adult toys. then from time to time you can chuck the bag in the wash! Voila! Nice and clean.

Another option would be to use a plastic container. We all have these lying around the house and they offer a cheap wipeable solution for storage. 

For the more paranoid of you, there's a lockable option, either with padlock or code.

So, there you are...

The moral of the story is just take a little time to protect and keep your toys clean.

Buy doing this you'll ensure your love making sessions are bug free, worry free and so much more pleasurable.


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