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Nothing can quite heighten your libido than the daring act of having sex in a public place, away from the safety of the sheets. For those who have tried it they can admit to just how exciting and tantalising it can be.

Knowing you may get caught, the rush of spontaneous sex and just the down taboo nature of sex in public make it well worth it. Even those who have never had sex in public have at least though about what it might be like; with a lot more have it as one of their top fantasies.

Whether you enjoy the thrill from experiences or fancy trying it out to see what all the fuss is about, a good way to test the waters or simply add some more promiscuous behaviour into your sex life is to try using sex toys in public. An often overlooked fantasy, there is a lot of pleasure to be gained from using toys when you are out an about in the public, much of which can be compared to having sex there too. There is so much excitement and pleasure to be had from such a naughty experience that is definitely worth trying for the more adventurous out there.

So it does beg the question – which sex toys are the best to use in public?

MIA 2 Pink

Small and discreet, this is a little bundle of fun that can be carried around in your purse, ready to use for any occasion. It provides a strong yet very quiet vibration when used, allow you to have all sorts of fun when you are feeling daring enough. Much of the find from public promiscuity is how spontaneous it is. You may be out for lunch or a drink with your partner and feel like have some extra special fun. If so this is the choice for you. Take a closer look at the LELO MIA 2 Petal Pink Lipstick Vibrator here >>

Luna Bead Noir

Image showing Luna Bead Noir in it's packaging

Luna Bead Noir offers a something a little different in your sex toys, but in a way that works perfectly for fun in public. It comes with a set of two balls connected through a black silicone holder which allows them to be removed through the chord attached. These are inserted into the female, offering a new and exciting pleasure that can test how well you can resist the amazing sensations as you move about. This is thanks to the design of the balls, which holds a bead inside that moves to the motions of the users bodies. Meaning the more you move around, the more enjoyment you can expect from the balls. Great for playing naughty games in public – why not work up the intensity by upping your movements before you cannot take the pleasure anymore and need to scream out for joy and stop moving while you recover? That’s sure to get pulses racing. Take a closer look at the LELO Luna Beads Noir here >>

LYLA 2 - Cerise

 LYLA 2 in pink presented within it's packaging

Most of the fun from sex in public, as well as using sex toys, comes from the excitement and enjoyment from each partner. Your pleasure could be driving your partner mad, who themselves are getting worked up just from being the only one knowing what you are up to. It’s a hell of a turn on a perfectly good reason for enjoying sex and sex toys in public as it spices up your sex life in a massive way. A toy that goes in hand with the joy of sharing your passions in public with your partner is therefore a brilliant idea, and just what can be achieved from the LYLA 2. A remote control vibrator, the user can put complete control of their pleasure levels in the hands of their partner, with endless fun possible. Again, a subtle design allows for this to be used out in public, including sitting down. What more of a fun game to play than seeing how long you can last out in a restaurant for lunch while your other half sets the pace for your pleasure? Speed and vibrations can be altered to suit, giving complete control over to someone else, which is a thrill in its own right. Take a closer look at the LELO Lyla 2 Cerise Remote Control Egg here >>

So, don't find yourself without ever again. Take a look to see all the different varieties of sex toy on offer, each with different characteristics and see which ones might tickle your fancy. >>


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