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SeriouslySensual Bra Fitting Guide | SeriouslySensual

Girls, there are a million and one suggestions on how to measure your bra size, but is there one that actually explains correctly? No there isn’t!. Well that’s why we’ve created the ultimate bra-fitting guide that will help you no end.

Bra Fitting made easy

When buying sexy lingerie you want it to fit correctly. Even the manufacturers are getting it wrong. Some will tell you to measure around the top of your boobs or to add several inches to your band size. These are definitely not the ways to do it. Follow these simple rules and you’ll never go wrong again. Firstly it’s a great help if you can ask a friend or loved one to do the measuring. If you can’t or don’t feel comfortable then measuring in front of a mirror will help identify whether or not you're holding the measuring tape correctly. The best type of tape to use is a non-elasticated cloth measure with inches displayed on it.

1. Choose your best fitting bra, avoid anything padded and an element of moulding is fine.

2. Firstly measure from underneath your breasts your rib cage. Ensure your measuring tape id nice and tight and straight. It must be tight but not so that it marks you or pulls you in like a corset would do. Once you’ve done this record the rib measurement.

3. Next, measure the size of your breasts, but when doing so make sure it’s more loosely. We found leaning forwards makes this easier, now record this measurement.

4. So, the rib measurement you took earlier is know as your band size. If you found this to be an uneven fraction you’ll need to round it up to the closest whole number. So let’s say your measurement was a 33 then try both 32 and 34.

5. So once you’ve done this now refer back to the breast measurement and subtract your band size form this measurement. So let’s say your measurement was 31.5 and you were going to start with a 32 band and you measured 38 inches around your bust then the answer would be 6.

6. Each number refers to a cup size and you’ll find it goes something like this: A,B,C,D,DD,E,F,FF,G,GG, H,HH,J,JJ,K,KK... You may find that some manufactures have other options, for example some brands may leave some out or replace DDD for E, so please always make sure you're choosing the right size that you need. You may also find that some brands go higher or lower than these.

7. So, don’t be surprised if you thought you were a size 34c and you find out that actually you are a 38d you're not loosing the plot. There are many women who have the wrong size bras and so many of us have the wrong idea of what ‘Normal’ is.

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Remember, this is only a guide, although one of the most accurate, you may find that if you're still finding you have a poor fit you’ll need to look at going up or down a cup or band size. Some bras are even incompatible with certain body sizes. The world is not a perfect place. Good luck anyway and happy shopping.


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