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Reasons You Need to Be Wearing Sheer Lingerie | SeriouslySensual

We love sheer lingerie here at SeriouslySensual. Nothing beats wearing sexy lingerie that feels as good as it looks, and sheer fabrics offer just that, which is why we believe everyone should have a few sheer garments in their underwear drawer.

There is a good chance you might already own some sheer lingerie, as it’s quite a popular material, namely for all the benefits it offers. From feeling like your wearing nothing at all to showing off gorgeous embroidery, sheer lingerie is as versatile as it is stylish - there countless different garments to suit all tastes. If you’re looking to get some new lingerie in your collection, we highly recommend adding some sheer garments!

Sheer is Seriously Sexy

For anyone seeking sexy lingerie, you needn’t look further than sheer. It’s one of the sexiest materials out there, namely for being see-through! It’s an odd sensation wearing see-through lingerie. You’re covered up but still showing plenty of your body off, creating a daring look without fully realising it. Many women don’t realise just how sexy they look in sheer lingerie, as those that cover a lot of your body (such as a body stocking) are still very revealing - it’s an alluring look for sure! So, whether you’re looking to impress a special someone or just want to feel sexy when you’re out and about, you can’t go wrong with sheer lingerie!

Sheer is Versatile

There is so much that can be done with sheer lingerie. Layering with sheer is always a great look, allowing you to combine sheer lingerie with your other underwear. For instance, a thin sheer body suit with bra and panties beneath works very well, revealing plenty while keeping you covered - some even use this look for outerwear! You can create many different looks with sheer lingerie, as every type of garment is available in sheer. Bra and panties are a popular choice for obvious reasons, while sheer bodysuits are very popular as both outerwear items and sexy lingerie, and that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Camis, corsets, teddies, chemises, sexy outfits, stockings and suspenders - if it’s lingerie it’s available in sheer! This great for finding styles and garments that you enjoy wearing, as we all have our own preferences when it comes to lingerie! It doesn’t need to just lingerie either, as sheer is a great choice for nightwear too. The lightweight and breathable design of sheer makes it ideal for sleeping in, and you get the added bonus of feeling very sexy at the same time.

Sheer is Comfy

Yes, lingerie should always look fantastic on, but it’s also very important that it feels comfortable too. In fact, it’s hard to feel sex wearing skimpy lingerie if you don’t feel that comfortable wearing it in the first place! And while many types of lingerie look good but isn’t comfortable, sheer lingerie is typically very pleasant to wear. The main reason it’s so great for comfort is how lightweight and breathable it feels.

This makes sense considering how thin sheer fabric is, and it results in a very comfortable garment, even when wearing a more alluring style of sheer lingerie. The fabric doesn’t cling to your skin, so it’s especially practical on warm and humid days, keeping you cool, fresh, and comfortable.

Sheer Can Be as Colourful as You Like

Sheer comes in many colours, although it is hard to deny just how amazing it looks in black, with this being the most widely available colour. That said, there is no shortage of colour options for sheer lingerie, from basic blacks and whites to vibrant reds and soft purples. Better still, match a colour to your natural skin tone for a wonderful style that perfectly compliments your skin - this is especially useful when wearing thinner sheer lingerie to get that wow-factor. Again, black is a classic colour for lingerie and works well with sheer materials, and we really love black sheer with lace and embroidery work too.

So, there you have it, several reasons as to why you should be wearing more sheer lingerie! It’s one of the most comfortable yet attractive garments out there for underwear, and the versatility of the material makes it even better. You should be able to find a sexy set of sheer lingerie in every shape, size, and style, with a diverse selection colours and embroidery also easy to find. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with some sheer lingerie - be sure to check out some our own favourite sheer lingerie from SeriouslySensual!


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