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Plus Size Lingerie is Here to Stay | SeriouslySensual

Plus size Lingerie - People seem to be trained to never show signs of weakness or vulnerability.

We’re almost hard-wired to showcase nothing but strength, and that displaying anything other than this is viewed as a negative.

But the simple truth is that every person has their vulnerabilities - it’s only natural to have imperfections and be fully aware of them.

There are fewer places where vulnerabilities seem almost forbidden than the world of fashion.  How many times have you spoke with a friend or colleague about fashion and someone claimed they could never work that outfit or style because of their stomach, thighs, boobs, or any other part of the body they are self-conscious about.

It’s a reasonable assume that many plus size women have developed insecurities out of a fear of showing their vulnerability, especially when it comes to their underwear. After all, there is such a strong stigma surrounding carrying weight that it’s almost taboo for curvy women to want to wear revealing clothing.

From swimsuit season to Valentine’s lingerie, there are many instances where showcasing nudity is almost frowned upon. The concept of wearing a cute skimpy bikini or slinky bra and panties set are met with fear, one that is clearly driven by a fear of vulnerability.

Nothing quite brings vulnerability to the surface than wearing lingerie, which is why so many plus size women feel they shouldn’t bother buying anything sexy.

Even if buying it solely for themselves, there is still a vulnerability to adorning a sexy item of underwear. Seeing your body in its most natural form is a daunting prospect, so if you don’t like what your body looks like, what’s the point in buying lingerie to show it off?

Well, buying lingerie as a plus size women should never be scoffed at. Yes, it may involve showing vulnerability to yourself or a partner, but this is something to be celebrated rather than scared off, because being vulnerable doesn’t need to be a weakness - it can be something that strengthens you instead.

Yes, putting parts of your body you are not comfortable with on display is terrifying, but it is also empowering. Deciding not to be dominated by your fears and insecurities, but to instead face them head on and show them that they are not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength, is incredibly empowering.

It may be quite difficult initially, but there are ways to make yourself feel more comfortable and confident in your own body. Have a part of your body that you like? Then make the effort to show it off!

Is there something you can’t bare to look at? Why not shine a light on it and see if it is really something you dislike, or whether you are driven by the fear of appearing vulnerable or scared by displaying it?

It can be a hard balance to strike, but taking the risk is often worth the reward, especially if it helps us start to love our bodies more, imperfections and all.

Even if you are only showing that vulnerability in the mirror, it makes a big difference going forward. As soon as you face those insecurities, they begin to have less power over us, eventually becoming something that we are proud of.  

Here at SeriouslySensual, our goal is to make every women feel comfortable, confident, and sexy. Everyone can get there, and it’s often a hard ride for some, but the reward for taking a leap of faith pays off.

We’ve got plus size lingerie for all bodies and personalities. Whether you’ve conquered your vulnerabilities or are sick of being controlled by them, we’ve got something that you can be proud to wear.  

By putting yourself on display, even just for yourself, you take on step closer to overcoming the fear of showing your vulnerability, instead choosing to embrace it. After that, everything else becomes that bit easier


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