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Not everyone is a fan of the bodystocking | SeriouslySensual

Not everyone is a fan of the body stocking. It’s quite a unique type of lingerie, being a one-piece item that covers much of the body while still being quite revealing..

Yet the look is rarely the issue when it comes to buying bodystockings - sometimes it’s just a nightmare to put on and take off! Like a playsuit, a bodystocking is a single garment worn over much of the body. It includes bottoms and a top in one item of clothing, although there are often revealing parts throughout - a sexy bodystocking is lingerie after all! Yet as anyone woman that’s worn a sexy bodystocking for their partner, taking off the lingerie is quite the challenge - just like a playsuit! Plus, the more unique style of bodystockings makes them less popular than other types of lingerie, but we are here say bodystockings are awesome!

In fact, we believe sexy bodystockings are one of the best lingerie garments available. Attractive, versatile, and available in countless styles, there are many bodystockings online that are sure to leave you looking stunning!Still not buying into the hype? Then continue reading on to find out why you should buy body stockings from!


Bodystockings - Sexy and Versatile

Bodystockings are incredibly sexy. They look stunning on any figure, working to complement all your natural contours in the best way possible. Whether you have a butt you’re proud to display, perky boobs that always catch the eye, or long and luscious legs that drive people wild, there is a body stocking that will compliment the favourite parts of your body.

But not only that, a body stocking is one of the most versatile lingerie items available. In fact, we are confident in saying you won’t get as much varied use from any lingerie than with a body stocking, as it works with countless looks. There are also many different styles of bodystocking available, making it easy to create that perfect look every time.


Bodystockings as Lingerie

Of course, the first and most notable use of bodystockings is for underwear. This is a seriously sexy piece of lingerie that can be worn for any occasion. For instance, if you’re treating your partner to a sexy look in the bedroom, a sultry bodystocking is a fine choice, but it can also be worn as underwear for a night out or even going to work.

While different to put on an off with much speed, which often makes trips to the toilet quite the hassle, a bodystocking is a very comfortable piece of underwear. Typically made from soft materials, the lightweight feel of a bodystocking offers ample comfort for any situation, from long days in the office to a wild night of clubbing.

Also, bodystockings contour nicely around the body, giving you that perfect look without much effort. Even the tightest outfits that are tough to breath look flawless with a bodystocking beneath - not a loose or jiggly bit in sight!


Tips for Wearing Bodystocking as Lingerie

  • Sheer and fishnet bodystockings are the best options when using as underwear. They are more breathable so should keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day and tend to sit better under clothes.
  • Crotchless bodystockings are worth considering when using as lingerie, as they make those stressful visits to the toilet that bit easier, although the style isn’t for everyone.
  • Be mindful of the style you choose, thinking about the outfit you’re wearing it with. For instance, when wearing a bodystocking as lingerie, chances are your legs are still on display, so why not try garments with cute suspender design?

Plus Size Bodystockings

A great thing about bodystockings is how they are perfect for curvier women. They are naturally designed to contour the body, meaning all the best parts are highlighted while not drawing attention to areas you’re self-conscious about. 

So, if you’re looking for the perfect piece of plus sized lingerie, we highly recommend checking out our stunning collection here at SeriouslySensual!

Bodystockings as Outerwear

Now, wearing a bodystocking as part of an outfit isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of women out there who are more than happy to embrace their inner goddess side with an alluring outfit. Nothing is quite as eye-catching and seductive as a bodystocking, which is why many decide to use it as part of their outerwear.

Granted, there are occasions where this may not be the most appropriate - such as your workplace - but there are many instances where a bodystocking is the perfect outfit. Hitting the town for a nice of drinks and dancing is once such instance, and if you are looking to catch the eye of someone cute, then a bodystocking is certainly one way to do it.

Another great time for wearing bodystockings as outwear is on holiday. From a sun-kissed paradise to wild weekend in a new city, there is plenty of times where wearing a sexy bodystocking is fantastic idea. Proudly showcase every inch of your body like never before with a stunning bodystocking outfit!

Tips for Wearing Bodystockings as Outerwear

  • Get the right style - whether sleeveless, fishnet, sheer, or opaque make sure to choose the right style that compliments your body. Remember to keep things a bit more modest, so a crotchless bodystocking is probably a miss!
  • Think about your look - bodystockings create various looks depending on the style, so make sure you know what you want to achieve with the outfit. For instance, do you want it to be slimming or highlight certain parts of your body?

Bodystockings in the Bedroom

Now we get the main attraction for a bodystocking - seducing that special someone. Sexy lingerie is a great way to enhance things in the bedroom, and there are fewer outfits more effective than a bodystocking. A welcome change from bras and panties, a bodystocking offers a very unique look that is sure to go down well. This makes sense when you consider the more alluring nature of the body stocking, espiecally when buying an erotic style.

There are countless alluring bodystocking styles out there that will drive your partner wild with passion. Black fishnet bodystockings are a popular choice in the bedroom, as they are seductive and don’t leave much the imagination. Another sexy look is with crotchless bodystockings. There is nothing more suggestive than showcasing your body in all its glory while wearing a tight-fitting bodystocking - unless that bodystocking is crotchless!

It’s something that is sure to set the pulses racing, and even allows you to keep the outfit on during your sexy time. There’s nothing quite like it, and you can be certain that such a look will result in an unforgettable night in the bedroom. You can also use it for those more spontaneous encounters. If you have a hot date and are unsure of where the night might go, a bodystocking offers a comfortable yet sexy piece of lingerie that will be a welcome addition to the bedroom - should things get there!

Tips for Wearing Bodystockings

How much do you want to reveal? There are many styles of bodystocking available, all of which reveal varying amounts of the body. For instance, a body stocking that covers the arms, shoulders, and legs will cover more in most cases, but they can still be revealing is made from sheer or fishnet.

Designs - With countless designs available, take the time to consider what style you want for your bodystocking. Strap styles are quite popular, as fishnet and sheer style bodystockings. Some cover all the body while others not so much, so be sure to check out many styles to find something you love.

Don’t be shy - A bodystocking in the bedroom doesn’t need to be modest; it can be outright kinky if you want! There are certainly more seductive styles out there, such as crotchless bodystockings, while certainly materials are quite tantalising, such as a black leather or latex.

Accessorise - Bodystockings don’t need to be worn alone in the bedroom! Don’t forget to accessorise your outfit, as there are many additions that will complete your stunning look. From garters to heels to body jewellery to G-strings, there are many looks that can be created with some shrewd accessories.

Take Your Time

Regardless of how you want to use a bodystocking, remember to take the time to find something you love. You can buy bodystockings from today if you want, but we believe it’s worth taking the time get the perfect garment. Think about what you want to achieve with your bodystocking and how versatile you want it to be. It’s possible to find something that works for lingerie, outerwear, and for in the bedroom, but you may only want it for one of these. Have fun browsing and take the time to think about what you might wear with your bodystocking, especially if using it for lingerie or outerwear.

Remember to check the different materials and styles - you’ll have the perfect bodystocking in no time.


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