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Guys, feeling the pressure due sex? It's a well know fact that women ofter struggle to climax through penetrative sex alone, although men are always expected to orgasm overtime during love-making sessions. In fact it's presumed that once the man has ejaculated the session has cum to a finish. (excuse the pun!)

Well, let it be known, there are as many issues for men as there are for women not having orgasm. You mustn't give in and assume you can't have explosive sex. We've put together a list of some of the most common causes for difficulty in orgasming. Oh, and they can all be solved!


So just because you've decided to indulge in a little action doesn't mean the male organ is ready for it! Your penis needs to be standing tall and proud if you plan on having any penetrative sex and it's not something that's going to happen on request. Men have several hurdles to jump before this can happen, mostly psychological issues, such as; anxiety about your performance. Ironically, this is one of the most common out of all of them. Stress makes having an erection incredible difficult.

Although you may think you want to involve in sexual activity at a specific time, the male organ may not be ready for this kind of action. The penis needs to be erect for penetrative sex and this doesn’t just happen on demand! There are various reasons why men can struggle to get an erection and many of them are psychological; feeling anxious about performing well for your partner during sex is. Ironically, one of the most common issues.

Feeling stressed in general is likely to prohibit an erection. But don't worry, a little relaxation will go a long way to release you from your anxiety and before no time you'll be back in the driving seat. Relaxation can be influenced by smelling oils on the skin, beautiful scented candles in the room and sexy slow music playing in the background.

As well as psychological issues, impotence can also be caused by physical reasons such as alcohol, medications and most commonly an unhealthy lifestyle. Keeping fit will seriously aid your sexual appetite and performance. 
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Premature ejaculation

Now once you have an erection you don't want to loose it too early. One of the most popular worries for men is to orgasm too early. Ironically, thinking about it is more likely to make it happen. Premature ejaculation normally happens to the less experienced of us and then the men that are anxious. The good news is that actually the second erection normally will provide more action, so be patient, let your body recover and start over. 

If you would prefer you can masturbate prior to being involved in sexual activity. This way you'll be able to go on for much longer, providing more satisfaction to both parties when you both finally orgasm. 
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Delayed ejaculation

Not so well known, on the other end of the scale are the instances where men find it hard to orgasm during lovemaking sessions, even if they really want to. Both Alcohol, stress and anxiety are again all causes and therefore are not long terms issues. A great way to take your mind of this is to focus on your wife's orgasm and experience. This will take your mind off yourself and before you know it you'll benefit greatly.

You may also be feeling pressured to perform during lovemaking. This is a major excitement killer, spending more time on foreplay with your lover and focussing less on the intercourse will ease off the pressure tremendously, leaving the two of you closer and making the whole experience more intense.
Want to know more, then visit the National Health Service website for more info >>

So the good news to take from all of the above problems is that they are all able to be remedied. Stress and anxiety from your working day are normally to blame. Simply relax more in your private time together and you'll notice huge improvement in your sex life. If after trying the above remedies your problems still persist then its best to seek your doctors medical advice.


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