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It's not the size that matters it's what you do with it that's important. | SeriouslySensual

Men are too hung-up on if their penis size is big enough to stimulate their partner in the way they would like to.

It's such an awkward subject to discuss. It'm more about how the two of you connect with each other thats important. You'll discover that you both can have amazing orgasms without any consideration of penis size. We've put together 5 of our top tips that will show your partner that size is irrelevant.

Firstly and most importantly, don't forget the foreplay.

A little exploration will pay off. Don't assume the women's only erogenous zone is just between her legs. Your time will be rewarded when you discover that other parts of her body are also very sensitive. Try concentrating on the back of her neck, her inner thighs and be sure not to forget those nipples. You'll be able to enjoy the introduction of these new zones along with the addition of some new sex toys to aid in their new found enjoyment.

The second on our list is to tease and tantalise with your tongue. 

Men forget that their penis isn't the only way to stimulate their partner. The time initially invested in oral foreplay will mean the sex will be much better for longer. Women tend to take a little longer warming up for the main event and a sensual session of oral sex is the best way to make her want more…

Third is the discovery of the Women's G-spot.

The women's best keep secret is the women's G-spot. This little gem can provide her with the most mind shuddering orgasm known to womenkind. It's so important that you take the time to investigate her and locate it. She will help you discover her g-spot and the whole process will bring you both incredibly close and enhance your whole sexual experience. Oh, and you'll know when you're there when you see her pleasure increase with every increased pressure, change of speed and increased depth.

Fourth on our list, a little help from a friend.

So, now the heat has been turned up and it all starting to flow why not introduce a sex toy into the equation. A vibrator for couples can stimulate both the mans penis and the women's vagina simultaneously. It will put a whole new spin on your sex life. Just when you thought that intense feeling couldn't reach a whole new level, it does. The best part of introducing a toy into your sex life is the fun and enjoyment you both can have learning how to get the most out of it together.

Last but not least... Be confident!

This one is always overlooked, but it's one of the most important points to remember. Great sex comes from confidence. The more confident your are about your body and the more assertive you are with what you do with it, the more your lover will respond to it and enjoy great sex with you. By showing your lover how much you enjoy the intimacy with her the more you will be able to enjoy the benefits ten fold, leading to the most explosive love making sessions you'll have of ever experienced.

So, as long as you communicate with each other and listen to your partners likes and dislikes you'll be guaranteed to have explosive sex and you'll be able to put your size issues finally to bed.


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