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How Students Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget | SeriouslySensual

While there is a lot worth celebrating on Valentine’s Day, there is also a lot of pressure to spend money on your partner.

Not everyone feels the need to spend lots of money on lavish gifts and date ideas, but at the same time its nice to show your partner that you care even when you don’t have much money come Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re a student living on a tight budget, payday doesn’t arrive until after Valentine’s Day, or you simply lack enough money to do anything special, there are still options for celebrating with your Valentine.

Here are some top tips for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget!

Valentines Day Gifts and Ideas for Students

Crafting Your Own Card

Some people think that making your own Valentine’s Day card is cheap but it’s actually an incredibly thoughtful gesture. In fact, we’d argue that making your own card is even more impressive than buying some random card with a generic message.

With your own card you can create a very personalised message while also showing you’ve taken the time and effort to make something from scratch. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Creating a Personalised Gift

Much like the card, you can certainly create a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift without spending much (or anything), and it’s still going to be a fantastic present. Again, this is all about personalisation and putting the effort into making something your partner will love. They likely don’t care how much a Valentine’s gift cost - its about the thought put into it.

So, what type of Valentines gifts are thoughtful but affordable? A great idea is to create a personalised photo album of your time together.

You can use current photos or print of snaps from your phone for a very low price, while a photo album can very cheap or entirely handmade. Look for photos of you together and try to choose any from special occasions such as a holiday, anniversary, wedding, birthday etc. Also, try using your unique talents to create them something from scratch. For instance, if you’re musically inclined why not write them a song? Those that are good at writing could create a nice poem or a poignant love letter. If you have an artistic flair why not make them a painting?  There are many ways to create a thoughtful Valentines gift without breaking the bank - you just need to think a little on it!

Making the Meal

Wining and dining your other half is one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day - unless you’re strapped for cash. However, you don’t need to take them out to a fancy Italian restaurant to show your love, as a home-cooked meal is arguably more impressive! There are countless websites online where you can find incredibly easy yet delicious meals to make for your partner.

Take full advantage of these, looking for meals that are simple enough to make and don’t require pricy ingredients - it’s easy enough to find a recipe for a three-course meal that costs a fraction of eating out! Wine is always a good addition to a home-cooked meal and there are many great bottles available for under £10 - choose one that compliments the meal for an even better result!

Setting the Mood

Now that you’ve got gifts and dinner out of the way it’s time to enjoy the evening together. While heading straight to the bedroom is certainly a budget-friendly approach, there are ways to set a very romantic atmosphere even on the most modes of budgets. Remember you don't have to spend a fortune on a set of sexy lingerie to spice up your Valentines Night. Take a look here at our collection of Red Hot Lingerie Valentines Lingerie >>

For example, sexy massage candles or body paint and incense are available for very low prices and work well to enhance the romantic ambience. A massive bag of tea-light candles works a treat, as you can spread them all throughout your home for a romantic setting that is sure to impressive - just remember your fire safety first!

You can also get a single rose for around £1, which can be used to dress the dinner table when you sit down for the home-cooked meal, while it should be easy to make up a playlist of romantic music for free - YouTube and a wireless speaker (if you have one) is a great idea for this.

If you’re short on cash for Valentine’s Day its certainly easy to enjoy a romantic day without breaking the bank! All you need is some creativity and we guarantee your efforts will not go unnoticed!


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