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Have Better Sex Tonight: Sex Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life | SeriouslySensual

Nothing makes a great relationship go sour than boredom. Ever look at your partner and wondered where all the passion, love and excitement have gone? Well, you’re not alone. The flames in a passionate relationship usually fade in as little as 12 months.

So how do you turn the heat back on? What are the steps to reignite the passion? Here are some useful tips on how to spice up your bedroom.

  1. Try New Sex Positions

An easy yet effective way to make your sexual life sizzle. If your man is not interested in trying new things, then you may have to take the bull by its horn. You don’t need your man’s permission before trying it out. Just lead and he will follow suit. If you’ve never taken charge in bed before, do that now. Experiment with a new sex position to spice up the heat in your sexual life.

  1. Explore Your Fantasies

Every single soul has sexual fantasies. For the fear that their fantasies may sound weird to their partner, some people keep mute. Partners should learn to talk about their sexual fantasies. You don’t have to feel ashamed! The truth is that your partner also wants to explore his fantasies. Consider role play with different sexy costumes that you think might turn you on.

  1. Take a Shower Together

The next time your man goes into the shower, give him a little surprise and join him 1 or 2 minutes later. It doesn’t have to be sex. You can give him a deep sensual kiss or wash him. To make this tip more effective, it must be used sparingly.

  1. Introduce Sex Toys

One way to achieve new insight into your sexual life is to use sex toys. You can spice things up in the bedroom using a sex toy. No matter your preferences, there is a sex toy for you. Make the bedroom a lot hotter by using sex toys during foreplay. All you need do is to find that toy that you both find comfortable. For those who don’t dare to walk through the door, you can get high quality sex toys from at discounted price and delivered directly to your doorstep discreetly.

  1. Sensual Massage

What more could be better than ending your day with a soothing, sensual massage. This is one way to spice up your sex life. Make your partner feel relief from the day’s tension and stress by running those soft, gentle strokes across her skin. Don’t forget the candles and soothing music at the background. Where your hand goes afterwards is your decision alone.

Boredom will not only mess up your sex life but also your love life. Try something new in the bedroom today. Use these tips to make your sex life and relationship fun.


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