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Feather Ticklers – How do you use them? | SeriouslySensual

Looking to excite your partner? We’re all looking for ways to stimulate our senses during foreplay, so what do we do once we’ve used every part of our body? It’s a problem, but we have a few suggestions for you:

Feather Ticklers

Firstly there’s sensual massage, soft spanking and temperature techniques that all have the ability to enhance the moment but if you’re a newbie, you might think of trying a little less daunting such as tickle play. The senses play a huge role in foreplay and a little delicate tickling can kick those senses into play. The best part is that tickling doesn’t take much skill and can be experimented by all. As your confidence builds you’ll know the subtle techniques that will have your partner moaning with delight. It’s often overlooked but it’s soft, delicate and fantastic to experiment together with your partner.

Feather Ticklers, what are they?

Feather ticklers are products that aid in sensory awakening. Although these kinds of products fall into the category of bondage, they have the ability to enhance the foreplay in the bedroom and not as intimidating as BDSM or bondage. There are many couples out there that benefit the electrifying feeling they can achieve together using these simple but effective products. They are extremely easy to use and not very expensive, so everyone can consider using them as part of their bedroom antics. The Feather tickler is made from several feathers that are collected together and bound together in a handgrip, from head to toe.

The idea of a feather tickler is to stimulate the sensory system, heighten the feeling across your erogenous zones and enhance the full body experience by increasing the blood flow to the surface of the skin. The feather tickler is not complicated to use and can be the perfect aid in any sexual experience and a great way to explore the senses together with your loved one. You might even find it adds a little fun and laughter into the mix.

How do you use a feather tickler?

Well, take hold of the grip and use the tip of the feathers to softly stroke across your partners body parts, starting at the less erogenous and slowly teasing more and more until you see them react. They will tingle from their head to their toes, you’ll see goose pimples all over their body whist they enjoy the feeling of their skin becoming more and more sensitive.

Try and experiment with different combinations of delicate strokes and longer harder strokes to see what works for your partner best. You’ll begin to notice what is working and what’s not. By doing this you’ll control the 'ups' and 'downs' of their heightened pleasure, teasing and tantalising them in the build up of your foreplay session.

Every sex toy collection should contain at least one feather tickler but they also maybe accompanied by adult toys that are a little more daring such as restraints, whips and paddles. It’s all down to how comfortable you are with each other. We like to think of it as a journey of sensual play.

Feather ticklers and teasers - A great combination

To set the mood and enhance the experience, you may also benefit from adding other elements to the mix.

You might think of combining an eye mask or blindfold, such as the SeriouslySensual Lace Mask here >>  By adding a blindfold you’ll notice that by taking one of the senses out of the equation the other senses are heightened. A blindfold or eye mask will enhance ever stroke, making it more exciting and stimulating. Your ultimate goal is to increase your partner's exhilaration and provide an unimaginable ecstasy.

With the addition of restraints, you’ll stay in control by stopping your partner from escaping the teasing. Just enjoy watching your partner wriggle around, begging for you to stop.

Choosing your Feather Tickler

Lelo Tantra Feather Teaser in black

The Travel Friendly Teaser

LELO Tantra Feather Teaser – Black

The Tantra Feather teaser designed by LELO will heighten and arouse the pleasure of your partner. This amazing and beautiful feather tickler is perfect for slipping into your travel bag and will ensure your weekend away is full of surprise’s. It’s beautifully packaged and the feathers are extremely soft and sensual. It has a sexy chrome and glass, giving it a top quality feel and would make an amazing gift for that someone special.

***** Tantalizing tickling session Review by Naughty nymph

"Tickling is a form of sensory stimulation that can be used in conjunction with foreplay. Whether you are applying soft gentle strokes to arouse your partner, or using a form of tickling torture, the experience can be very rewarding for both participating in the act. The Lelo Tantra Feather Teaser is a great product for anyone who is into tickling, especially for those naughty weekends. My product arrived quickly and discreetly"

Check out the LELO Tantra Feather Teaser here >>


Sex & Mischief Black Rubber Tickler

The Precision Tickler

Sex & Mischief Black Rubber Tickler

Softly caress your partner into submission with this more precise tickler from Sex & Mischief. This is a feather tickler everyone should add to his or her bedroom play set. The main feature of this particular tickler is the length, which is great for teasing from a distance. It has black beautiful feathers that will create a tingling sensation in an instant! Perfect for couple wanting gentle tactile sensations during foreplay.

***** First Tickler I’ve used - Review by Little Miss Innocent

"When I spotted this in an offer, I grabbed it immediately along with a couple of other toys. The feather looked lush in the pictures and I couldn't wait to try it out. The packaging is simply lovely as expected from Lelo, a thick and good quality black cardboard box with Lelo on it. Overall, this is a beautiful and luxury feather tickler in a lush colour that is soft and sensual to the touch. Simply divine!"

Check out the Sex & Mischief Black Rubber Tickler here >>


Lilly Fringe Whip

The Luxury Tickler:


The Lilly Fringe Whip is a must have tickler for your bedroom collection. It’s ideal for those soft and sensual intimate moments. Tickle your partner into submission with its soft delicate red feathers and create the ultimate sensation. The grip is comfortable to hold and will leave you in full control over your lover. To finish off the look the black feathers add an element of heated passion to the mix. Ideal for all levels of experience.

***** Wow, achieved amazing tingles - Review by Mandy Peters

"My boyfriend and I have recently got into bondage and wanted to doing things slowly and not jump into the deep end. We are enjoying it very much. I got this for slowly brushing it across his body, starting from his toes up, and at the same time slowly kissing. Don't use it on the body if beforehand you've been using massage oils and cream. That ruins it. I got the black because of my love of all thing black. If you want to try something different in the bedroom or get into bondage, this is a great way."

Check out the Lilly Fringe Whip here >>


For our full selection of feather ticklers, click here>>



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