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Body trends may sound new and exclusive to you, but they’re already well established in the world of paparazzi and celebrity photocalls.

Following the ‘one-leg reveal’ (as flaunted by Jennifer Lopez in Kaufman Franco in 2013.) and the ubiquitous side-boob (we blame Peter Griffin for that one!) we now have...the sidebutt.

According to Cosmopolitan, flashing a side-on glimpse of your underwear-free derrière is the latest look to hit the fashion runways and red carpets – and we apparently have one daring actress to thank for it.

Now OK, you might think that sultry Westworld star, Angela Sarafyan, looks pretty damn amazing from just about any angle, but pulling off a sexy sidebutt is actually not that hard.

Side Butt Image


Even better, you won’t need to shell out on body sculpting or catwalk labels to try it out. In fact, here are just a few affordable options from our own collection – and you won’t have to reveal it to anyone other than your partner:

1 - Teddies with sidebutt

Teddies with sidebutt

Did you know that the Teddy has been around since 1910 but the popularity they gained in WW2 has continued to grow. Today, they’re one of the most affordable ways to accentuate the sidebutt. Check out the Anais Blink Teddy - for a fantastically flattering look at a properly bargain price!

2 – Nightgown showing a little sidebutt:

Nightgown showing a little sidebutt:

If you’re feeling a little less daring, the right nightgown can still flaunt a perfect sidebutt whilst revealing almost nothing. The Ambrosia Black Gown, for instance, was tailor made for the yummy mummy.

3 – Accessories: 


Just because the classic sidebutt look is supposed to be as deceptively naked as possible, doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. The right piece of body jewellery (or even, heaven forbid, a Vejazzle!) can transform the sidebutt into something far more provocative. We recommend something like our Magnifique Metallic Waist Chain for a subtle but deliciously suggestive finish.

So there you go – one of Hollywood’s hottest body trends that you can easily recreate for yourself. We don’t promise it will get you invited to any red carpets, but it might spice the bedroom a bit – and we’re all in favour of that!

In fact, while you’re here why not pick up something seriously seductive for someone in your life?


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