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Erotic lingerie: How to impress your partner in one quick reveal? | SeriouslySensual

If you're looking for your erotic lingerie, it's in your bottom drawer.

You might have been given it on a hen do. Your ex might have bought it for you. Or, you might have treated yourself in the thinking it would make you feel super sexy on the next horny escapade. To be honest, it doesn't matter where or how you got it, this is the time it needs to come out and put on!

Every women deserves the occasional thrill of showing off her body adorned with sexy erotic lingerie in front of her loved one. Jut watch the expression on their face when you do the 'big reveal'!

Trashy Lingerie: Erotic Underwear at its Best

Initially there is the simple sleazy underwear. This includes anything from a red cup-less body to the nasty set of crotchless panties. These tend to be women's favourite kinky lingerie that's stuffed down the back of their wardrobe. 

Well let us say for the record that ladies, there is absolutely nothing bad about showing off your bod in these skimpy little sets that reveal all of your curves and more. To be honest they are the best lingerie styles for boosting your confidence and therefore your intimate time.

Dare to wear women's erotic underwear on every occasion!

If you're wanting to set your sheets on fire then there are lingerie sets that will certainly do that. You could try building a whole set, starting with a cupless teddy, some sexy stockings and a paid of nipple pasties to finish off the look. 

We're talking about lingerie that you'll need to send the kids off to your in-laws. there's no way you can fully enjoy it with any prying eyes around the house.

Now after saying all of this, there is one negative we may not have mentioned. Once you've enjoyed it once you'll definitely want more and this is where the problem come in to play. You don't have enough erotic lingerie to outlast your stamina.

But don't worry this is where we come in to help. Below are 5 of our best selling cup-less and crotchless underwear. We're pretty confident you're going to like at least one of them.




Ok, so for starters here's the incredibly alluring GINETTE BLACK CHEMISE. We've started with this sexy little number because we feel it's the perfect compromise between strappy revealing lingerie and a full covered babydoll. 

The Ginette features a cupless top design with straps that create an intricate design whilst serving the main purpose of support. This design acts as the main foundation for overall look. There is a sliding fastener at the back neckline that allows you to adjust to give you just the right amount of support without being restricted.

On the lower half there is a flowing tulle that is risqué, draping across your body. The see through material provides a sexy shadow of your curvesmakign this a very erotic lingerie piece.

It doesn't stop there, the back has an open cheeky open area that shows off the matching thong and / or bum cheeks.

It's worth mentioning that the nipple pasties are not included with the set but don't worry we have you covered! See our nipple pastie collection here>>

You will be glad to hear that the Ginette Chemise is also available in red and white. 





Now for the second of our best selling lingerie. The Ginette is a sexy teddy that's a seriously sumptuous. It has a strappy design on top thats made out of elasticated material for comfort. The complex pattern is a main design element to this gorgeous piece. The elasticated straps adorn the curves of your breasts revealing your breasts in the best way possible.

There is an adjustable fastener at the top neck line at the back which ensure a perfect fit. The straps are connected to a transparent tullle that covered the rest of your body. All your curves are exaggerated beautifully by this sheer material and will tease your partner into a frenzy.

The back is just as beautiful with it's open back and the lower area has the matching sheer tulle, making this piece very cheeky. This is why we've included this in this top 5 erotic lingerie list.

Unfortunately the nipple pasties are not included but don't worry you can buy the NC019 Red nipple covers here.

If red isn't your colour the Ginette Teddy is also available in Black and white.





Now for the exciting Erotic Skye corset. Although this is an oldie, it's also a goodie! This bright little number is one of our best sellers and we can see why.

The Skye corset has an open cup design with delicate lace straps that wrap around your breasts. The matching lace is continued around the edging of the main body area, decorated with little black bows.

The straps at the back are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit. Making this very comfortable and sexy lingerie.

The main body has suspender straps built in so all you need to finish off the look are a nice set of stockings.

The skye corset is completed with it's very sexy little (very little) matching blue and black lace thong. Absolutely stunning!





Next is the Loretta Set in black. The Loretta is a very tempting three piece set from the ME Seduce Gold & I collection.

The design of the Loretta is strappy. There's not much to it! The straps are positioned carefully to enhance your curves and exaggerate all of your best bits.

The top half is cupless with only a few straps that curve around your breasts. Then there is a look alike suspender that sits around your waistline decorated with little clasps in gold.

Finally there's the matching thong that has straps that sit on your hips. The straps are elasticated and easy to move up and down to sit comfortably on your curves.

Please note that the nipple covers are not included and are for photographic effect. We do however sell the Me Seduce NC017 black nipple covers here.

Lastly, if black just isn't your colour the Loretta also comes in Red and white.





Last but not least we would like to introduce the Sasha Teddy. It's a very hot piece of lingerie that will bring out the animal in you.

The cups are decorated with a red and black tiger print design thats semi opaque allowing your nipples to tease and tantalise.

The body is manufactured using elasticated wet-look material meaning it clings to all your beautiful curves. At the bottom edge of the body there is matching red and black tiger print tulle to complete the design.

Along the edges of the cups and body is delicate scalloped edging that brings a quality feel to this Sexy teddy.

At the back you'll find a binding Rouleau loop tie feature to ensure the best fit and there are also thin criss cross style straps for an extra level of adjustment.

The best part about the Sasha Body is the fact that it's been designed as crotchless making it incredibly erotic. The back doesn't let the side down either. It has been left open so your bottom is on view to all with a thong style back design to it. We love this and apparently you guys do to!


If you're teased but not completely decided why not take a look at our full erotic lingerie collection and browse a little more.


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