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Dress Up for the Part You Want to Play | SeriouslySensual

It’s quite a liberating feeling, choosing what sexy outfits and lingerie you want to wear to create the sexiest, more alluring look possible.

But at the same time, it’s an extension of their character and personality, so how a camgirl looks couldn’t be more important.

So, it’s often a good idea to choose outfits that really work to reinforce your brand. We’re talking about wearing outfits and creating looks that are still part of you, but a somewhat exaggerated version for cam chatting. Your personality couldn’t be more important as a webcam girl. It’s what makes you appealing to your audience, and keeps people coming back for more. Without showcasing part of your personality, don’t expect to carve out a dedicated following, as you just won’t stand out among the crowd.

Therefore, any camgirl should always look to dress in a way that compliments her personality. Yes, bras and panties are worn by all girls, and guys certainly love the look, but it is all you can bring to the table? Of course, discovering more about your personality as you get started with webcam modelling makes this process easier. In fact, the more you work, the more likely you are to expand your lingerie selection to accommodate different looks.

After all, you may want to create a few personalities to suit a wider scope of audience. Your early looks will be dominated by more traditional lingerie, but as your following grows, expect to add more garments, outfits, and even a spot of role playing! However, let’s focus on the essentials for getting started!

Must Have Lingerie for a Beginner Camgirl

If you are looking to delve into the camgirl profession, you may already have some items in your underwear drawer that might work. However, it’s a good idea to buy a new outfit to really help get noticed.

This includes:

  • A sexy bra - Preferably a push-up to enhance your bust
  • Panties - Anything is fine for the most part but try to go for your favourite types to really showcase your personality
  • Stockings or Holdups - Thigh-high hosiery is a fantastic accessory to get started with
  • Sexy Heels - Less important than lingerie, but still a must-have when starting out 
  • Sexy lingerie - Skinny jeans and a sexy top are a simple yet effective outfit to wear 

The above items are a great selection for beginner camgirls. Your goal is to create a sexy look that really shows your character, and from there you can continue to add to and enhance your look. That said, if these items don’t feel natural, you can wear whatever you want, providing it’s sexy and meets the tastes of your audience!

Doll Yourself Up!

Another important part of your look is the makeup used. Not every girl likes to be plastered with heavy makeup, so try to apply makeup like you normally do. Don’t fall into the mistake of wearing too much just because you are camming - it often leaves you looking less than appealing. Too little makeup can be an issue too, unless you’re going for that freshly woken up look. It’s a style some prefer, but this is quite a smaller niche, so it may be worth applying the amount of makeup you normally wear.

Of course, as your personality is more heightened as a cam girl, it may be worth creating a sexier look with your makeup. Pay close attention to your eyes and lips, while also not forgetting about your nails! Browse our Cam Girl Sexy Lingerie >>

Don’t Forget Your Toys!

Every camgirl needs some toys to get to work, so make sure you have at least one dildo and vibrator to get started. It’s worth expanding your collection as your audience grows and remember that lube is always a must! Whatever you're looking for make sure you visit our cam girl collection of sexy lingerie and sex toys.


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