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Cleavage. How much is too much? | SeriouslySensual

Wow, she has superb boobs” and “We get it love, put them away”. Usually this line is tough to get right with larger boobs, and you'll find yourself going either too conservative or too trashy.

We think the most effective gauge of whether or not you’re obtaining the balance right is whether or not you are feeling self-conscious regarding what quantity of cleavage you’re showing on that sexy dress. We think hi collar clothing makes us look boring and dowdy. We therefore invariably lean toward V-necks and lower cut tops that lend themselves to a small degree of cleavage while not making them the main attraction.

We have all been on nights when we have been fidgeting with our cami tops or dresses throughout the whole night, as we feel uncomfortable or we're having chest looks that linger that little too long. When choosing your outfit, consider where you are going, who is going to be there and how are you feeling with the bust you've got on show. You can always wear your sexy lingerie underneath.

Women with smaller boobs can get away with a lot of daring tops and dresses that shows off a lot of their chests and as a result they need less to show. Consider J-Lo’s 2000 designer dress that was weigh down past her navel (above). This was seen as terribly daring and pretty sexy, however if she had been sporting double F cups she would have been mistaken for a page three girl from The Sun newspaper.
What is acceptable for a few, isn't acceptable for all. To take part in fashion whilst not wanting overtly sexual and lacking style, you've got to remember what type of cleavage is suitable and be aware of what designs suit you?

If you've got an exciting event to go to you need to understand if you've got the cleavage balance perfect, then call your girlfriend and male friend over to see their reaction. A mixture of male and feminine reactions should allow you to recognise whether or not you’ve over-stepped the mark or fallen short of it by a mile.


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