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Christmas Lingerie 2020 | SeriouslySensual

While the weather outside may be frightful, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look delightful! Christmas is upon us and it is the season of goodwill, meaning spending time with loved ones, good food and drink, and lots of presents being exchanged!

For us, there are fewer better gifts for Christmas than lingerie. It is one of those presents that you both get to enjoy, and you will probably find it gets plenty of use long Christmas, which can’t be said for all those classic festive gifts!

After all, is there a better present to unwrap on Xmas than your partner as she adorns gorgeous Christmas lingerie? We are struggling to think of any!

Of course, finding the best Christmas lingerie is not easy. There are a few things you need to consider, otherwise you may end up with Christmas lingerie that the women in your life does not like - that is the last you want!

Christmas Lingerie - What You Need to Know Before You Buy

There are a few things you need to know before buying sexy Christmas lingerie for the women in your life! The best Christmas lingerie for one women is not the same for another, so you need to determine few things about who you are buying it for.

Always Try to Get Her Size - Don’t Make the Mistake of Guessing

This is important for obvious reasons. Erotic Christmas lingerie needs to fit properly, otherwise she won’t feel comfortable, meaning she won’t feel as sexy. When buying lingerie as a Christmas present, the minimum information you need is her sizes.

Sizes vary from each retailer, so you may find you need different sizes of Christmas underwear depending on where you shop. Never guess this - you could get it wrong and that is the last thing either of you want.

Instead, look through her underwear drawer next time you get a chance - you can also sneak a peek when doing laundry. Check the size labels of her bras and panties. Bottoms are easier to remember as it is usually standard sizes (e.g. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 etc) but bras are a bit trickier.

Make sure to note down the number and letter on the label. The number is the band size and the letter is the cup size (e.g. 32C), so take them both down and use the sizes to help choose the right sex Christmas lingerie.

Of course, if your relationship is newer you may not feel comfortable rummaging through her belongings, no less her underwear. For this situation, you may want to play it safe and choose Christmas lingerie that uses traditional female sizing - think things like a chemise, bodystocking, or teddy.

Use Colours to Help Narrow Your Search

When buying sexy Christmas underwear you may think of choosing festive colours but that is not always a good idea. Yes, red, and white are popular colours for lingerie and happen to be festive colours, but you don’t want to choose something she might not like.

Remember - the more she likes the lingerie the sexier she feels!

So, while you are looking at the underwear drawer take note of the most common colours you see. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to lingerie colour, so check what is there and use this to guide you when you are shopping.

Think about the underwear you see her in too. What colours are her sexiest lingerie? These are what she feels the most confident and sexy in, so use these to help you find something that she will love.

Also, consider what the colours of the lingerie suggest. For instance, soft white lace and satin underwear evokes sensuality and romance, while slinky black or red lingerie may be more suggestive. The colour can make the difference between what appears as classy and slutty Christmas underwear - not that there is anything wrong with the latter, some people love this look!

Xmas Underwear - Always Consider Shape

Size and colour are two of the easier things to identify when buying Christmas lingerie for women. The last and perhaps most difficult thing to consider is her shape, as this influences the styles of lingerie that she likes most.

Buy something that doesn’t complement her shape and she won’t find it flattering. If she doesn’t find the lingerie flattering, she won’t feel sexy, so it is vital that you consider her body shape and the lingerie styles that best compliment it.

She will already have clothes and lingerie that highlight this, with certain garments helping accentuate while others aim to hide things. Some women are self-conscious about their shape, so it is important that you take the time to find something that you know she will appreciate.

Certain types of Christmas lingerie will cater to all body types. For instance, a teddy is suitable for most shapes, with the lingerie one-piece available in various styles that work well for all shapes. Similarly, the chemise is a cute short dress draping from the shoulders, with a simple design allowing it to complement all body shapes.

There are other types of lingerie that work better on a certain body type. For instance, a balconette, bralette, or push-up style of bra favours women with a smaller bust. Larger busted women require more support to stay comfortable, with full-coverage and full-cup styles being good for this.

Pants and thongs can be harder to choose based on body-shape, as it mostly down to personal preference. Petite women often like the shape offered by a thong, which accentuate the bottom by giving it a curvier appearance, while taller ladies may prefer high-waisted garments

Those with a pear-shaped body may favour briefs, while you may find garments like a baby doll or chemise compliment plus sized bodies most.

Again, this is mostly down to personal preferences, as women see their bodies in many ways, so there is no one glove fits all solution. Try looking at stuff she already owns to help you understand what parts of her body she likes the most and parts she may not wish to draw attention to.


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