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Christmas Gifts for Him | SeriouslySensual

It’s that time of the year again. The season of goodwill is upon us once more, which means good food, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying all manner of awesome presents.

While not for everyone, we simply love Christmas here at SeriouslySensual!

Of course, we believe in celebrating things a little differently to most, especially when it comes to gift giving. Yes, you can go for the traditional Christmas present offerings, but you’ve done that every year so why not change things up with some naughtier presents? Buying a Christmas present for the special man in your life is often tricky.

Christmas Gifts for Him from

Buying a Christmas present for the special man in your life is often tricky. Yes, aftershave, alcohol, underwear, and video games are all solid picks, but why not go completely outside of the box and get him a kinky gift from SeriouslySensual?

You can be certain he won’t expect anything like it, and some of the gifts we have in mind can be enjoyed together, which is really what the festive season is all about!


Monogamy Game

Now, your guy is probably never going to anticipate you giving in him a hard case masturbator for Xmas, but we guarantee it’s something he will greatly appreciate. It’s something he can have fun with himself and with you as well, making it the complete gift for him.

For us, we love the Doc Johnson Belladonna Pussy. Made from a soft and sensual UTRASKYN sleeve moulded in the shape of icon porn star Belladonna. It looks and feels like the real thing, with the squeezable grip letting him have the perfect sensation for every session.

While you can enjoy some foreplay with the toy together, he can certainly have fun with it himself, even using it to help train him to last longer, so its something that everyone benefits from this holiday season!

BKK Virtual Reality Masturbator Device

BKK Virtual Reality Masturbator Device

Taking things into the future is the BKK Virtual Reality Masturbator Device. This is a cool gadget with a kinky twist, letting him have some fun in the world of virtual reality with the help of a hard case masturbator device.

Consisting of a soft masturbator cup, VR headset, and compatible mobile application, simply download the app to get started with all kinds of VR fun. For instance, the app features a range of kinky cyber-babes to choose from, after which he slips on the cup and has himself one heck of a time.

It literally takes masturbating to a new world, giving the chance to have some weird and wonderful times with virtual reality!

TENGA Flip Hole

TENGA Flip Hole

The TENGA Flip Hole is another entirely different masturbator concept that any man will love trying out. While it looks like something out of a sci-fi setting, it’s very much a toy for the present, offering an incredible masturbator toy unlike anything on the market.

For example, most male masturbator toys are created with a sleeve that replicates a vagina, but the TENGA Flip Hole is something entirely different. It feels soft and sensual when you make contract, but there are all kinds of commands that take masturbating to a whole new level.

You can control the intensity and pressure of the insert according to your preferences, with a range of soft pleasure nodules, ridges and bumps, while there are options for different lubricants to change things up. All these features combine to offer mind-blowing sensations that he won’t forget any time soon.

REV1000 Male Masturbator

REV1000 Male Masturbator

We aren’t done with male masturbators yet, as we have another amazing take on these must-have gifts for men. This one differs from the others in shape, design, and features, but the outcome is much the same - an incredible time masturbating.

The REV1000 comes with a range of options that make it an advanced toy he’ll love to open on Christmas morning.

There are two textured internal sleeves that offer amazing sensations, a choice of lubricants to use inside, while he can switch between seven speeds and seven functions to get the perfect experience each time he uses it.

Controls are found on the handle to let him change it up in the heat of the moment, which can be great fun if you take charge and control the toy for him, making for some great holiday foreplay!

Monogamy Game

Monogamy Game

Who doesn’t enjoy a board-game on Christmas? However, this may be best saved between you and him, as the Monogamy Game is a very naughty board game that you can both enjoy over the holidays and beyond.

The two-player board game involves a race around the board where you pick up cards with fun and naughty challenges. Each challenge aims to bring passion, lust, and humour to the game, with various fantasies selected throughout the game.

Once you have a winner, they get to choose which of the fantasies collected during the game are going to be used that night, resulting in one incredible night in the bedroom.


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