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Choosing the Right Style of Lingerie | SeriouslySensual

The key rule to selecting lingerie that will make your girlfriend feel hot, confident and eager to bare it all is to make sure you select the right type of underwear for her personality type. You don’t want her reaction to be “wow, it’s like you don’t even know me at all” as she unwraps her daring, new corset. To make sure you get it right, we’ve paired up the perfect style for each personality type:

The Adventurer - Sexy Lingerie

The Adventurer: 

It’s impossible to get bored with this woman. She’s always spontaneous and prefers jumping on opportunities that come along to see where they take her rather than planning in advance. You won’t find long shopping lists and a carefully planned diary in this girl’s handbag! She loves trying out new things, both in and out of the bedroom, and always has fun discovering new hobbies, recipes and new people. In fact, she’s quite the people-magnet, always making new friends. She’s energetic and active, typically spending a lot of time jogging or toning her curves at the gym, trying out the latest workouts. She loves travelling and doesn’t mind going to unconventional places and exploring hidden gems. Although she’s often running late or forgetting things, her infectious optimism makes you forgive her in a heartbeat. Hmmm… late and forgetful but never a dull moment… sound familiar? Then your special lady’s lingerie style will most likely be: Playful: Pick something fun, flirtatious and relaxed. Forget about the classics and go for something a bit more unusual: a different shape or style that she wouldn’t normally wear. Think non-traditional, visual and colourful, here are some great suggestions to get you on the right track:

Yesx YX139 French Maid Costume >>
Irall Hot Nurse >>


The Dreamer - Sexy Lingerie

The Dreamer: 

Always finding your girlfriend deep in her own thoughts? She’s definitely the Dreamer type. She’s romantic, passionate and has no problem with expressing her feelings. She’s passionate about her hobbies and sticks with things she likes rather than trying new things, usually favouring charitable activities – her compassion for others never ceases to amaze you. She’s very loyal, not the kind of person to make friends and un-friend them just as easily; she takes pride in nurturing her friendships and your relationship. She’s great at reading other people’s facial expressions and body language, and she sometimes seems to know exactly what you’re thinking before you’ve even said it – she just gets you. Saucy: Go for a classic, warm and sensual look. Pick a traditionally romantic style and pay attention to the details, whether it’s her favourite colour or her favourite pattern – anything to let her know that you’ve given it some extra thought; the intimacy is extra important to her. Here’s a few examples to inspire you:

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The Boss - Sexy Lingerie

The Boss: 

This woman is not shy about speaking her mind. She likes to be in charge, both at work and under the covers. Always ambitious and strong-willed, she makes sure things get done and doesn’t like to leave projects unfinished. When she wants something, she makes sure she gets it. Whether you’re planning a holiday or a party together, you can always count on her to make sure things go according to plan – no nasty surprises here. If things, however unlikely, don’t go according to plan, she’s not the type of girl to mope about it; instead she puts her energy to good use, finding a solution. She’s tough and outgoing, and has no problem just being one of the guys. Daring: Try something powerful, dark and bold that makes her feel in charge. This is the kind of girl who easily gets restless, so no boring stuff! Don’t be afraid to pick something that requires confidence – she definitely has it: 



The Planner - Sexy Lingerie

The Planner: 

Count on her to always remember anniversaries, special days and your birthday – this is a woman who knows her diary inside and out. For her, keeping things in order means always staying calm and making sure she’s one step ahead. She’s one of the most loyal people you know, always finding time to fit in her family and friends in her busy schedule. And you of course! In fact, you may have put on a few pounds since you met as she’s likely to be a keen chef who loves to impress you with her Masterchef skills. She just loves to take care of you. This comes in handy when you’ve got the man flu as she would never leave you to fend for yourself. Sweet: Keep it simple and tasteful. Don’t go for something that is too different from the style she normally wears and watch out for asymmetrical shapes. An effortless style is the way to go. Opt for a classic, subtly sexy look – the ultimate feel-good lingerie set that flatters her body shape and gives her a confidence boost: 





Don’t forget that women are complex human beings and may be a combination if a few of the above. Confused? You probably should be! But now that we’ve given you the low-down and a point in the right direction, you may go forth and buy lingerie… and if still in doubt, buy more than one and give options! Start here and see what tickles your fancy >>


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